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  1. Somehow, the journey of a bisexual is far FAR different than of a lesbian, but we respect each other in our differences, and that's what makes this community so magical. :)

  2. I went in this labyrinthine shopping mall where I saw a huge 24 dollar set of hair straightener, then when I stepped out of it, I saw the mercury retrograde symbol on the sky in burning neon purple, and the tine was flying backwards in a whirlwind of colours and cold rain...
  3. As a new comer, I have a lot of questions. I am all ears, and admit that I don't know everything I need to know, so forgive my ignorance, there is still some gaps because there isn't much LGBT+ related discussions in my place from where I could glean some knowledge. Moving into the topic. My main source of info have (so far) been the internet. I know, it isn't the most reliable of the sources, but I was naive and trusted everything on it. Came across extremely biphobic videos on youtube made by LGBT+ people themselves. Went in as a guest in some forums, and saw how repulsed people were by their bisexual partners, how insecure they were about our fidelity, and doubtful of our very existence. The one place I thought I'd be, I am shunned even there. I know...those aren't the majority, but we rarely think logically in such times.The thought of a honest, loving relationship was crushed in an instant, and I decided to never come out, because I thought I'd be forever alone and hated otherwise. I didn't know many bisexuals IRL. The sadness still lingers. Even if my current crush (a girl) turns out to be gay, won't she be disgusted by me, like MANY others?? Am I just an accessory in a straight couple's relationship? Just something dirty? I think about these a lot, and feel extremely alienated, and I wish I was just asexual, spared from other's cruel opinions. Do you guys have any advice regarding these? Thanks in advance!
  4. Found this site not too long after I embraced my bisexuality. And I have never felt happier. But I am still new to all these so don't hesitate to enlighten the noobie!