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  1. Fuzzbuzz

    Who Would You Love To Kiss In The Celebrity World?

    Katie Perry is my celebrity girl crush, she is hot! Andrew Flintoff (Retired English cricketer) is my male one. That would be some threesome...! ;0) xx
  2. Yep, thats exactly it. I think its called being an aquired taste x
  3. Fuzzbuzz

    Rock Playlist Please...

    Roughly the same age as me. (I am ever so slightly the other side of the dreaded 4-0) xx
  4. Fuzzbuzz

    Rock Playlist Please...

    I haven't seen your face, so I'm going purely on your playlists! Lets just say 21 & be done with it! xx
  5. Depends on the mood! I'm hoping there is a woman out there who can appreciate someone who looks like a girl, but acts somewhat like a boy at times - I've got lots of years of being in denial to catch up on! ;) At least I can come out at my own pace, as I doubt anyone would ever suspect I was anything other than ruler straight. xx
  6. Fuzzbuzz

    Rock Playlist Please...

    This is dangerous ground! Theres a lot of 80s-ish stuff on your lists, so I'm going to work on the assumption that people tend to be nostalgic about music from their late teens to mid 20s. I'm going to nervously say youre between 45 & 49? xx
  7. Fuzzbuzz

    Rock Playlist Please...

    Another day, a different mood & I'll be back with more! We could probably all guess each others ages from these lists xx
  8. Fuzzbuzz

    Rock Playlist Please...

    Right, I need a turn, although the 5 would vary dependant on my mood. Today I'm feeling like a little bit of... Skid Row - I Remember You Dan Reed Network - Rainbow Child Cheap Trick - The Flame Def Leppard - Love Bites Bon Jovi - Lay Your Hands On Me I'm loving reading these lists! xx
  9. Fuzzbuzz

    Inspiring Pictures Of Women With Women

    Wow, I just love this thread! So many lovely, positive images - women are truely beautiful to look at in all shapes & sizes. I'm under my duvet off sick from work today & this thread has been a lovely diversion from the monotony of daytime TV! xx
  10. I am very femme, a seriously girly girl to look at, but I have some habits & a vocabulary that could be fresh from a building site, hehe I also gravitate towards people who are full of contradictions & don't conform. x
  11. Fuzzbuzz


    Thanks everyone! Regarding how my husband feels about it, its complicated! Our marriage has been at deaths door for a good few years now, (hes in denial about it though!), so I think hes quite insecure about things. We dabbled in the swinging scene & thats where I had my first experience with a woman. I stupidly thought that maybe it would be a safe place to experiment & I would never be tempted to be unfaithful to him. However, I ended up sleeping with the same woman again - this time alone. He went mental, & I was angry that he doesn't mind me being bisexual as long as he can watch. The feelings I have for her are real & I don't want to be treated as his entertainment. As it is, shes decided shes playing straight now, which I totally respect, & we have a really lovely friendship, but I feel terribly confused by it all atm. Hubby & I haven't discussed the whole situation again since I told him I won't swing with him anymore. I can't seem have NSA sex with women, it always leaves an emotional footprint! xx
  12. Fuzzbuzz


    Hi everyone, I just wanted to post to say how relieved I am to finally find other women who are on the same journey as I find myself on. I'm from The UK and I live in about the least LGBT friendly area of it, although I'm originally from Brighton, which is the complete opposite. There is very little, (none!), local support or advice here for people in my situation, so to find this site has been amazing. To cut a long story short, (The long version can be for another post!), I am a married Mum of 3, I've always known I'm attracted to women to some degree, but have spent my whole life trying to ignore it. The last 6 months I've finally faced it & had a couple of experiences () with women stupidly hoping it would 'scratch my itch' & it would go away. It did the complete opposite & I am now starting to face up to my true sexuality, which is somewhere between gay & straight but I haven't quite worked out where yet. Its so nice to finally not feel like I'm the only one, & the relief of being able to say the words 'I'm bisexual' is unbelievable. I've a long way to go on my journey, but knowing I have a safe place to share my thoughts & feelings about it is fantastic, so thank you! xx