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  1. AlyssaB

    Older Women

    This is me 100%. I am 23 and I'm extremely attracted to mature women. I think 45-55 is the sweet spot for me. There is just something so incredibly sexy about a woman with life experience and wisdom. To me age is just a number but it's about the chemistry for me. I want a woman who can be a bit dominant with me and/or provide me with leadership and I think I have the best chance of finding that with an older woman.
  2. This +100. I'm a girly girl who is crazy about women but everyone assumes I'm straight and it drives me crazy! I've just started the process of coming out as a lesbian. Slowly telling friends and people close to me. It gets a little easier each time I tell someone, but it's still terrible frustrating wanting to let women know I'm interested in them in some kind of dignified manner.
  3. AlyssaB

    I Won't Ask Twice

    This is sooooo sexy!!! I would love a dominant woman to tell me what to do and make me submit to her like that!!!! Such a personal fantasy for me!! More please!!!!
  4. Doing girly stuff like shopping and getting our nails done with another woman would be such a turn-on for me!!! Yes yes yes!!! Please and thank you!!!! :-D
  5. I think about women like 23.5 hours a day, lol. Seriously, I think about being between her legs when I wake up and I fantasize myself to sleep thinking the same thing.
  6. AlyssaB

    What Are You Looking For?

    I'm looking for a long-term committed relationship. Ideally, she would be 35-50. I really like mature women. She can be butch or femme as long as she owns it well. In a perfect situation we will court for a year or so and then wed in a monogamous lesbian marriage. I want to have children one day so I definitely want to be with someone who wants me to bear her children.
  7. AlyssaB

    How do you prefer to be approached?

    If she has swag and mad confidence that is a HUGE turn-on for me. So if walked up to me and said, "hey sexy" or "hey beautiful" that would definitely score her major points, lol. I definitely want her to let me know what time it is right from the get-go. Funny thing is when a guy tries to use a similar pick-up line with me it just grosses me out. I'm like, "ugh, leave me alone."
  8. AlyssaB

    Whats The Worst Thing About Being Single?

    There's just something about a woman's touch. Being held in a woman's arms is soooooo amazing!!!
  9. AlyssaB

    Being ignored

    Wow, it hurts my heart to hear this. As bi/gay women I think we need to appreciate how special and how sensitive we are and just be good to each other. I think it's always better to be open and honest with someone by saying, "maybe now isn't the right time for us" or something similar as opposed to just ignoring them. I believe in treating others how I would want to be treated, so I would never flat out ignore a woman's interest. That is so rude and ladies you deserve so much better than that. You are precious and awesome. Don't let anyone ever make you think differently.
  10. AlyssaB

    How To Turn On Your Gaydar

    What would you ladies say is the best way to let other women know you love women? I don't quite have the courage yet to hit on another woman but I am absolutely yearning for a woman to flirt with or hit on me, lol.
  11. AlyssaB

    Biggest Turn On

    For me I guess it depends on what end of the spectrum she falls. If she's more butch then it's a real turn-on for me if she's very masculine. Wearing men's clothes and cologne. Love love love it!!!! If she's femme, then the more feminine the better (i.e.., sexy little dress, maybe some stockings and heels, sexy perfume, etc.). I like a woman to embrace her identity and personality and accentuate it to the fullest, so I guess that all boils down to confidence. And since I'm still slowly coming out as a lesbian, if she makes the first move then it's a huge plus!!! Lol.
  12. AlyssaB

    Still Discovering Myself

    Lol, well at least you're honest hon. I can respect that. ;-)
  13. AlyssaB

    Still Discovering Myself

    Sometimes I'm tempted to wear a "I'm a dyke" t-shirt with rainbow bracelets for a week straight, lol. I have noticed how feminine hanging around some women makes me feel. I was in a sorority in college and it was like heaven, lol. Sooooo many hot girls in one place. I'm definitely wary of fakes. But it's been pretty easy for me to spot them so far. Normal women don't start asking for naked pictures after chatting for 10 minutes, lol. But I've had that happen to me a couple times chatting on some other sites. So sometimes they give themselves away too easily.
  14. AlyssaB

    Still Discovering Myself

    Everything about women appeals to me. A woman's smile can make me just melt!!! It's become abundantly clear to me that I want to spend my life with a woman. It's been a challenge for me to meet like-minded women as I'm not much of a club or bar person. I need to find like a lesbian coffee house or library, lol. It gets kind of frustrating too that people just automatically assume I'm straight. But I know these are just growing pains and I'll get beyond them. I just look forward to meeting Ms. Right sooner rather than later.
  15. AlyssaB

    Still Discovering Myself

    My friends have been very positive and supportive, which has been a huge help. My family is just very traditional. They're very straight and rigid in their thinking and outlook on life, so I know if I were to announce to them that I've decided to pursue a lesbian lifestyle they wouldn't be happy, lol. I know I'm going to have to tell them at some point, but I think I need to make further progress in my own journey of feminine love before I share it with them. I've really been enjoying the forums so far and looking forward to contributing. I don't know much about love between women yet as I haven't really had a real girlfriend relationship yet but definitely open to learning from others who have and maybe get some help with heading in the right direction.