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  1. I don't think it's completely futile... I might lose all hope at some point, but I'm trying to stay optimistic. I've been pretty lucky with the people I've met - only one guy turned out really weird. I became good friends with another guy and only recently lost contact with him because he wanted to try to move our relationship out of the friendzone and I just couldn't do it (probably the reason why I became aware that maybe I shouldn't be focusing so much on men...). I'm currently only using my energy talking to women online and I've met up with two different women so far. I'm very new to this but even though it was a first for me to meet up with a woman for a date, it felt really natural and not horribly awkward (I haaaaaate first-date-awkwardness!!) . It's not going to go further with any of the two ladies I've met because our personalities just didn't match in person, but they definitely weren't bad experiences and it was nice to push myself out of my comfort zone. Oh, and I'm finding it sooooo much easier to talk to women online than men. They're just more interesting and actually seem to be able to keep a two-way conversation going.
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    Not sure it's the better option - it was more a suggestion if we needed a quick fix and a place for people to go if it doesn't work out here. It seems to be quite quick and easy to create a proboard forum so I don't even think the admins or moderators need to be especially tech-savvy.
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    Don't know if it's possible with WordPress, but it seems to be quite easy (and free) with this site: It seems to have all the same basic forum features.
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    Thanks for the welcome
  5. I just started reading London by Edward Rutherfurd - I read his New York book some time ago and loved it, but this one seems kind of rushed in the beginning. I hope this changes as I really like those kinds of epic historical novels. I've just finished Gillian Flynn's three novels (Gone Girl, Sharp Objects and Dark Places) and it's nice to read something completely different. Although very very good books, they're very dark and twisted and almost uncomfortable to read.
  6. Hi!

    Hello everybody! I've been lurking the forums for a little while and finally decided to dip my toes in the water (eeeeeek!) My life right now is very confusing and my head feels muddled a lot of the time - and because I don't feel comfortable sharing my most-muddled-thoughts with those closest to me in my "real life", I decided to become a member here and talk to you lovely ladies. Somehow, it's just so comforting being able (and feeling free!) to talk about anything, everything and nothing at all with people that have different experiences and worldviews. I was a member of another forum many years ago and I'm still close to some of the friends I made back then (we've even met up several times even though we're spread out all across the globe), so I know how lovely an online community can be. And I get a really positive and supportive vibe from you all, so I can't wait to start chatting