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  1. Naked lol. All 3 kids at Grandmas. So just me n hubby. Gonna stay naked for like 30hrs - exciting haha!
  2. I am not the best at it. I started at late she though. So maybe never explored enough. Basically I can only orgasm with clitoral and that has to been done with a vibrator. Been that way for years. But thinking pushing 3 kids out n scarring due to some ripping may affect much sensation elsewhere. Even when sex with hubby it is for his benefit. But when he uses larger dildo on me I can feel but not sure I could orgasm with JUST that. But my problem is too I think about it too much. Am a overthinker! Anyone have tips I would take them lol
  3. I seem to be into older woman. My current out of control crush is 10 years older so not too much. But even in terms of celebrities I find I think older ones are hotter! And I seem to like blonde now (in women) but may be prejudice as the woman I want for the last year is blonde. But her natural hair color is black - which I have yet to see (except roots lol) because I have only known her for just over a year. Hubby loves redheads- me lol - although I am officially strawberry blonde n not red!
  4. I have only ever really been with my hubby sexually. Did some stuff in college (men only) but not much. So was A virgin until I was 23!! Obviously I had opportunities but I needed more I guess. Even when I fantasize about women it's not a stranger or one night stand but it's being with a woman I am connected and want fully!
  5. @JustaMom I seriously could have write what you did. As just told my hubby about 10 months ago. Realized myself about a year ago. How you hubby take it? Mine wants to be supportive and understand but he can't and struggles. He does have OCD which prob doesn't help. He assumes now that I like women this way he has to be worried about men n women. I told him he needs to trust me regardless (as he won't let me experiment for sure if we together). Gonna try marriage counselling. Hopefully that will help.
  6. My hubby loves it when I go. He gets upset when I do it all by myself, but sometimes I need my alone time Lol! I can't seem to go with a penis or dildo alone anymore. Just not sensitive enough maybe? Or haven't found the right one? Pushing out 3 kids and tearing with the 1st 2 prob didn't help as some scar tissue and beginnings of prolapse (but kegels been helping ). Anyway to go I always use a vibrator (don't matter what type) directly on the clit. Hubby will help of course if want him too. Maybe get a vibrator to use on your clit and use it during sex (a position where u have room too) and then if you orgasm while he is in you - he will realize is feels fucking good lol. Hubby loves being in me AFTER I orgasm as well as things feel diffedent/better. You can also get penis rings that have vibrator attached just from drug store! They used to work for me. Good luck!!
  7. I wish 'she' and I could hang out so I would know that nothing is there and move on with my over thinking issues!!
  8. Intoxicated lol. Was a little depressed after work for no good reason. So had 4 afternoon beers lol then cut myself off. So happier now haha!
  9. I fantasize about being with women a lot. I play movies in my head about it - just real life like I have a wife instead of a husband or that am having an affair. But is usually the girl I am crushing on. I should try making up strangers instead. I have only ever really been with 1 person ever - my husband. I wish I knew I wanted to experiment long ago!!
  10. I usually never read. Not enough time as like tv haha. But read The Change Room by Karen Connelly. I liked it. If anyone has more recommendations about bisexual erotica type books please let me know and hopefully our library carries them
  11. I find it dso weird that husbands allow you to be with other women! My husband believes it is cheating. I kinda believe that but women are naturally closer I feel so I don't know. So these husbands that allow their partners this are they still faithful to you or are they doing other stuff as well? My husband might eventually do a threesome way in the future from the sounds of it but I don't think I could do that. So maybe that is self fish on my part. Guess will see what the future holds!
  12. At the moment blah. I get depressed and content all in one day. Feel like a roller coaster of emotions that no one around me would understand.
  13. I am 35 this month - realized a few months after turningn 35 that I am in fact bisexual. I knew I thought women were hot sometimes and had crushes but never really realized why!
  14. I want to act upon it but can't cause married and I don't think I could act upon it with just any woman. My fantasies are only usually with my current girl crush. Probably about 5 in my life. So during these crushes I fantasize WAY too much. But going on a year with current crush hoping goes away one day or at least a new crush comes along as the current one will never happen (well none ever would unless I decide to end my marriage!)
  15. I just signed up to this site tonight. I just acknowledged/recognized that I am bisexual within the last year. However I am married so its not like I will ever get to act on it. Although I wish i could. The fantasies are awesome though - but are depressing as I have them about people I know and not strangers (I try but harder). I told my husband as well - he is not happy about it but trying to get used to it. No one else knows as I feel might be awkward so decided to a Google a place I can really express myself as not fully open with the hubby all the time as depresses/angers him. So hello everyone!