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  1. I’m a squirter. Hubby loves it. Basically drools every single time it happens. Before hubby I had only squirted ONCE. It is the most sensational orgasm I’ve ever felt. I am more of a woman pleaser. I have yet to meet the woman that I would let my guard down with and allow her to pleasure me. I get off making her cum and if she squirts in my mouth, face, or wherever I’m down with it.
  2. That is a lot to take in. Hubby and I have recently been discussing swinging and between us I think it’s going well. Our biggest issue is experienced couples expecting drama to newly swinging couples. That has been the most annoying thing ever. Anything we haven’t felt comfortable with or didn’t understand we have discussed at length. I am the type of person who doesn’t jump into things like that without being 100% comfortable. It’s my body and I need to be comfortable at all times. Anyways wish us luck lol. I’m definitely excited by the potential experience and can’t wait. He’s also ready to see me in action lol. He’s heard of my female experiences but has yet to witness it lol.
  3. Hubby likes when I get submissive with him. I only tend to do that when I’m super horny and can’t get enough of him. Funny thing is with women I’ve always been the aggressor if you will lol. If I’m super horny with a woman I’m very dominant and I haven’t had any complaints yet. So I guess I would be considered a switch but so far I’ve only been submissive with hubby and dominant with women.
  4. I am extremely in love with my husband. He knows I love both men and women. He accepts it. So today he actually told me “hey I know you and your friend have reconnected but we won’t be having any threesomes but you can do your thing if you want.” She is the only woman I have ever wanted to be with while married to my husband. I mean like I would crave her. Other women are attractive but she was like no other. It’s crazy that he said this because afterwards he fucked my brains out lol.
  5. Thank you. I’m sorry you are dealing with bullying and other stuff. I hope your old wounds heal again and you won’t have to deal with it again. Sending love and positive vibes.
  6. “Tiera I love you and I wish our circumstances were different. Unfortunately they’re not and I will never have you. You are my wifey and always will be. So blessed to have you back in my life.”
  7. About to wash my body and get some lovin!!
  8. I’m sorry for your experience. No need to apologize love I don’t let other people’s negative outlook on a situation affect me much. We had a very lengthy discussion about what happened and decided our friendship was of more value. Keyword being friendship. Even though I may miss our sexual trysts, I would never cross that line again because losing her was devastating for me.
  9. Being on this site encouraged me to reach out to my friend because I missed our friendship (among other things). She was happy to hear from me and we are getting back to being friends
  10. Both. I want to be able to have a bestie that I can tell my deepest darkest secrets to, cuddle with, make her cum until she’s exhausted, and then go to sleep. I had a really good female friend that I ended up sleeping with. Sex was amazing. I enjoyed it and she enjoyed it so much she asked me to leave my husband but I wasn’t really trying to do that. I helped her take care of her children and was emotionally supportive as a good friend would be. When I declined on moving forward with her, our friendship ended and I haven’t been able to have that type of friendship again out of fear that it will end abruptly as before. I still miss her, our friendship, her sweet juicy lady parts, her round soft fluffy booty, and her succulent milk bags (I say this because I have had milk from her breasts while sucking on them)
  11. I used to be before I had sex for the first time. Then it’s only if I feel like the nut is worth the trouble.
  12. Definitely. They are just so refined. Women are like fine wine. We get better with age. Haha I know that was corny but honestly that’s how I feel. I can appreciate and younger woman’s beauty but older women do something else to me.
  13. Meeee