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  1. Yes! Maybe it was the other way round and she was MY bitch! You could be right but I did love her though, or I thought I did, and would never have thought I was using / disrespecting her. It could be self projection, but then I know more about my relationship with her than anyone else and I have come to the conclusion that she is a bitch!, fundamentally.
  2. I'm 48 and had a relationship with a woman of 42. She joked I was a cougar and thought I'd appreciate it so much I'd always be "on Top".. Too right I was and she loved it. Kept coming back for more which was such a pleasure to me. Then I though about me giving all the time and not taking enough in return. I told her I was not her bitch and she fucked off!!
  3. I can't help regretting all those failed attempts with guys. I never knew that being with a woman would be so much easier.
  4. This is insatiable though, not like making a cup of tea correctly. I can't control the desire and feel an almost animal instinct to have sex, NOW I'm also surrounded by nature and they are all at it, again, now. I tell you it's more often the females chasing the males!
  5. Twice this morning. I think I have an unhealthy thing about being in control. It's mine, there and I'm going to use it at least once a day. i want someone else to touch me thought
  6. Mooncups


    HI! I'm new here too. Are you peeking through the looking glass? Me too. I feel the need to express these new intense feelings but they are strong right now so I won't. I just say HI!
  7. Mooncups

    Just become a member!

    Nevermind Chicas, I'll go back to Mumsnet and search for other sites. Thanks you having me.
  8. Mooncups

    Just become a member!

    I think my thinking is the best way to get over someone - my very intense feelings towards another woman that was not reciprocated - is to get under another. I feel a bit used as an older woman, not yet 50, by a young hussy. I feel I fell in love and she just wanted sex. I feel used and underestimated. If gay love is as shallow and as deceptive as heterosexual love, then where is there the community I thought existed under that rainbow. I thought I was entering a safe zone yet I am torn to pieces emotionally by someone though younger than me, has 20 years comfortable with her sexuality and playing the game with me. Young people tend to think us elders should be grateful for any attention we get. I am older and wiser but this has destroyed everything I aspired to be. So any advice where to find the scene, near me, without using apps, would be of help.
  9. Mooncups

    Just become a member!

    Thank you for the response. You all seem so kind. However can anybody suggest any more similar forums that I can join. I live in South France and would like to open up to the local bi shy community. Any suggestions? As i said above I find website I like, a pasta dish I adore, a packet of crisps that changes ingredients!! Its like a conspiracy against me that whatever I find no longer exists or is under closure. I wanted to join a small community initially and yours seems great but I feel I need a site with more traffic. Not that I want to say much right now but it's like having no cigarettes, I need more! hope your understand.
  10. Mooncups

    Just become a member!

    So Voila! I hope I can share some feelings on here but I've had no response and the site seems to be at risk of shutting down? I swear, every product I ever get into goes Out of Production.
  11. Mooncups

    Just become a member!

    Hi there!, It looks like I could get some great support here, only found the site yesterday. Back story: Just under 50, lived alone for years with cats. first time in years fell in love, madly, with a woman. It was great, now its shit. It's driven me Mad so its good to read posts of others who felt the same. I've done a lot of reading, primarily on Limerance, etc attachment ishoos and problems with rejection and had a few therapy sessions. I never thought I could fall in love at all let alone so heavily with someone so unsuited to me / each other. I didn't think the sexuality counts but maybe I need to explore this as I really enjoyed being intimate with her and feel a bit bereft now its over. I've never posted on a forum before but I think this site along with others could help me identify myself so will sign in another time for now as this is a brave move for me.