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  1. Thanks, without going into too much detail, the sex is pretty good! Sadly she wants a bit more and is quite needy and intense whereas Ive explained I'm just up for seeing eachother at the moment and having fun. I recently lost my dad to cancer and I cant hack a relationship. But yes, the emotional aspect aside, and being with a woman is great! Sex is so fun
  2. couldn't agree more!! thank you
  3. 25 and 45 so it is a big gap and will probably end up getting in the way *sigh* but enjoying having a bit of fun and not thinkin about anything else right now! We certainly aren't exclusive
  4. yeh it went pretty well! Not sure what I was worried about. We've met up 3 times now and she was really surprised I'd not been with a woman before. Its now just adjusting to it really, and I'm worried about the age difference a bit but have made it clear I want to take things slowly without getting serious. Pleased its done so now just got to try and enjoy any time we spend together and see how it goes. Its hard because I'm really close to my sister and spend a lot of time with her but get the feeling she isn't very approving so I almost have to hide it. But its early dayssss
  5. Good to know its all about experience to me!
  6. What isn't scary about it
  7. It's by no means set in stone we might not even fancy each other but the conversation is definitely going well ! Yeah that's it being yourself is key
  8. ExploringLife

    scared to act on my feelings!

    Thank you I totally agree with you here and feel like I would regret it if I just left it!!
  9. So basically this is freaking me out! I am talking to a woman 20 years older than me and so far so good. I want to meet her for a drink at some stage as haven't yet, and just see how it goes. Now I know I'm thinking ahead here, but i haven't actually told her I've not slept with a woman yet..although she knows I'm recently bi and not been in a relationship with a woman. i know I have to say it at some point? I'm just worried it might be a shock. But the idea of sex for the first time with a woman is scary and feels like being a virgin again haha, argh which is crap! :))))
  10. Hey! I recently decided I was bi and told people about it. I've felt like I needed to be honest as I'd been having feelings and attraction towards women for a while and kissed lots of girls whilst on nights out etc. Anyway my dilemma now is that I'm talking to an older woman I met online, and the time is approaching to meet up for a drink but I am just really nervous about it, and I don't want to be because I don't want to make things awkward. But, part of me wonders if this is even what I want, I am not sure I want to be in a relationship with a woman and I am definitely scared to go further than kissing but also intrigued. Anyone else feel like this?
  11. ExploringLife

    Just joined up

    cheers, its a cool site so far, interesting topics and nice to just chat in general x
  12. I am new to bisexuality but always been into older partners, my ex was 8 years older (I am 25), I think partly because I am mature for my age and I relate so much better to people who are more on my wavelength. Older women I can relate to and also there's something so hot about accomplishment and experience.
  13. ExploringLife

    Just joined up

    I can definitely relate to that! Can only hope that attitudes continue to improve and also remember that if someone takes issue with it, its generally due to some insecurity of their own.
  14. ExploringLife

    Just joined up

    Hey that's great that you met here I agree, I almost feel a fraud as I've never been in a relationship with a woman before. But I can't deny feelings that have been there for a good few years so will just see what happens!
  15. ExploringLife

    Just joined up

    Thank you both! It did indeed contribute to the break up as I was ashamedly 'experimenting' with girls whilst I was still with him although it was in wreck and ruin by that stage... Fortunately I wasn't really raised in a homophobic family although I was bought up in a small town which definitely had no diversity whatsoever, with many holding racist and bigoted views. Needless to say I hightailed it out of there straight to London, and now I've ended up in sunny Brighton I'm starting to feel happier, although can't help but feel a sense of anger towards society and attitudes towards LGBT people. The idea that other people find it disgusting etc enrages me! But I am also starting to learn that the less you care about what others think, ultimately the happier you are! .