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  1. Thank you for the advice. I was looking at it from more of a supportive standpoint as there is none of that here on the island. I have recently come out as bi and all of this is new to me. So I was looking for guidance and ....well.... support
  2. Good evening everyone. Consider me a new addition to your community. My husband and I currently live and work in the Caribbean. I am interested in getting to know other bi women. My husband is in total support of me being bi as he would like me to explore all aspects of my sexuality, whether it is with or without him, I guess I am lucky in that regard. I am a teacher with a Masters in Literatures in English, currently learning French and recently completed my TESOL certification. My husband and I thoroughly enjoy traveling and while work is funding our travels, we are convinced that it is interfering with our travels. Please hit me up if you would like to chat as there is little to no LGBTQA community on the island. Chat soon!