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  1. Studied English Studies in university and now I am a digital marketer and doing other side hustles mainly in website filipping and website creation on the hPage.com website builder where I create free websites.
  2. I speak English and Filipino fluently. Currently learning my third language, German!
  3. I guess you just suppressed it for a long time and now things are starting to come up to the surface. You can try it out first and test the waters. Maybe your husband will accept it too.
  4. Well, you can just keep it discreet. But I think it's totally normal to be curious. Some of us gets curious while we are young, some when we are older. Just try it out.
  5. Anyone here has experienced such a terrible breakup where you don't have the appetite to eat anything nor sleep properly? My boyfriend of two years just broke up with me out of nowhere, declaring that we are unfit for each other and that he can't see a future with me anymore. This just happened out of nowhere after our wonderful trip in Singapore. I am just heartbroken. How can I get over a breakup? I love this guy so much and I gave all my heart and soul to him.
  6. At least you haven't been with someone for two years, then he just out of nowhere said, I don't wanna marry you and I can't see a future with you out of nowhere. Yup, that's me. I experienced that just yesterday and now I can't sleep properly nor can I eat at all!
  7. Well I think that can be remedied with constant practice and 'exercise' haha
  8. I can relate to this. My bf just broke up with me. Says we met at the wrong time. Maybe we are just too young or we just aren't meant to be :(
  9. Tinder is pretty easy.
  10. For me, it's all about a good conversation and liking the other person. I'd like to build a rapport with that person first.
  11. If the end game is not about closing the distance, then long distance relationship won't work at all. Trust me, I have been in one.
  12. I miss deep conversations and someone to hold on to at night. It's more than just about sex for me but it's about connecting with someone you love.