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  1. erotica

    Good thing the kids went to stay with my parents tonight. Nicely done!
  2. @Beck Does your husband know? Mine seems to be trying harder to show some of these attributes that men typically don’t show. Now that still doesn’t stop my feelings and desires to be with a woman. However it has made us feel closer and open up communication some more.
  3. I second The Ethical Slut. Me and my husband are currently reading it and it has opened up amazing discussion. I would still say so far we are wanting to keep our marriage closed but the book is making me think of the why behind that decision and it’s making it feel more like a decision and not just a social expectation.
  4. Isla Muejures, MX If you could go anywhere in world where would you go?
  5. Fixing to have sex with my husband for the 3rd time today. He’s so turned on by me being with a woman.
  6. We’ve both started ready The Ethical Slut. We haven’t made it far but so far it’s a really good read. Interesting info.
  7. @pinklotus Yes very tricky. Luckily me and my husband have a great relationship although this revelation is straining it some. We are doing our best to communicate with each other better but it is difficult when neither of us are sure of how we feel about all this. Currently I’m not seeking out to experience a woman but if something happens naturally we’ll cross that bridge.
  8. I currently do not have any desire to have a threesome. It doesn’t appeal to me currently because I have never experienced a woman and do not want to share my first experience. He initially was interested in a threesome but then he realized he would most likely not enjoy that as much as he initially thought. Although he does say the thought of me being with a woman with or without him is a huge turn on. He is scared of the emotions that would come with me being intimate with a woman. I am too honestly. If I ever get to experience a woman on my own I may be open to sharing with him.
  9. I’ve had this convo with my husband. I think it would make it easier if he were bi. Unfortunately he is not. At this point he does not want me exploring anything with a woman. It’s not the sex it’s the emotions he’s worried about. Which I understand.
  10. For me it was more of a gradual process of discovery that straight girls don’t look at women like I do. I think the ton of bricks moment happened maybe 3 years ago. I was at a youth soccer game and I could not keep my eyes off a female coach from another club. The way she looked, moved, and talked I was completely frazzled and distracted. That’s when I knew for sure. And not long after told my husband.
  11. I have fibro and rheumatoid arthritis and see my rheumatologist for both. Have you been tested for RA? I have what is called sero-negative RA so I do not show positive on the traditional blood test. My rheumy says fibro and RA often go hand in hand.
  12. My biggest fear is not preparing my sons properly for this world they are going to live in.
  13. Happy Women’s Day! If women ran this world everything would be a lot more organized and not chaotic (USA Im talking about us). I am so thankful I found this amazing place. I keep telling my husband how supportive everybody is. I’m not sure he totally believes me. (I won’t let him read anything).
  14. Interesting. I am more physically attracted to women than men but I can’t imagine being married to a woman or in a serious relationship. I like the simplicity of men in that way. They’re easy to keep happy really. Well at least my husband is. Or was. I suspect he’s not real pleased with me at the moment.
  15. We are only friends. We’ve never kissed even. But sometimes I just wonder if there’s more. It’s a very close intimate friendship that’s for sure.