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  1. MarriedBi

    I want an online friend

    I think a lot of people look for that. I’m interested in that but want a friend who’s also married and open with their husband. That’s difficult to find.
  2. MarriedBi


    @CallistoDidNotWin why is that so hard for people to understand? We the people did not elect this idiot. Let’s just fix that tiny problem. Have you watched Adam Ruins Everything? There’s an episode about this.
  3. MarriedBi

    Describe your looks and age

    I’m 38, 5’8”ish, 144ish lbs. blue eyes, very blonde hair at the moment. Tattoos on both arms and my back. Dying for an outer thigh tattoo.
  4. To be honest....looking at the sub sections about sex and fantasies I would think PMing individuals would be perfectly ok. If you don’t want a message just ignore it. Basically...you can talk about sex and fantasies on here but only if everybody can read them or you’ve established yourself publicly?
  5. I have similar flowing feelings. Sometimes they are so intense I want to leave my current life behind. But my current life is great. I love my husband. He knows I’m bisexual and crave an emotional connection with a woman. https://www.google.com/amp/s/everythingloveandlust.wordpress.com/2011/12/03/13-types-of-bisexuality/amp/ Reading this helped me understand that the word bisexual is very broad and most of the women I’ve talked to or read about here fit more into these sub categories. Maybe this can help you too. Some people don’t like labels. I do it helps me define my feelings. However, I believe labels are fluid.
  6. MarriedBi

    What attracts you?

    What usually attracts me to somebody is how they’re interacting with other people. I love playful and fun. I love tattoos. I hate fake.
  7. MarriedBi

    New & Nervously Curious

    @CrazyBeautiful there is a sense of fulfillment in being found attractive by other women. Even if just pics online. I’m not even sure how to explain it. It’s validating in a way.
  8. MarriedBi

    New and Extremely Bi-curious

    That sounds like something I could have written a year ago.
  9. Not from Colorado but close. Oklahoma. I joined a long while ago but have disappeared for a while. We visit Colorado a couple times a year.
  10. MarriedBi


    I’ll volunteer!!!!
  11. Let’s be honest most men are dopes. I love my husband and he’s pretty in tune to my needs. This statement hit me in the wrong spot. If you didn’t know you needed those things how would your husband know? Marriage is work. No matter the genders. New always feels better than old. It doesn’t mean it’s actually better. I don’t have a good solution to any of these problems but it’s important to respect each other’s wishes and fears. And the only way to come out on the other side in a happy place for all is to communicate endlessly. Maybe you end up together or not.
  12. I think some husbands think a threesome will be fun until they think about the dynamics. Especially those of us who have never had the experience of being with a woman.
  13. My point was that I believe in humanity and I believe even if this admin tries to take away rights Americans will fight for everybody.
  14. I will say I do think you are overreacting. But for a different reason. I think the current administration could absolutely attempt to return our entire society to the 60s/70s era. The reason I do not think it will happen is because the vast majority of Americans are for LGBTQ rights. Even if it’s closeted. I live in a very small rural Christian middle of America town and people being openly gay isn’t an issue. So my hope is conservatives and liberals will eventually come together and protect all the rights everybody has fought for. Women’s, Gay, Minority.