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  1. I’ll volunteer!!!!
  2. Let’s be honest most men are dopes. I love my husband and he’s pretty in tune to my needs. This statement hit me in the wrong spot. If you didn’t know you needed those things how would your husband know? Marriage is work. No matter the genders. New always feels better than old. It doesn’t mean it’s actually better. I don’t have a good solution to any of these problems but it’s important to respect each other’s wishes and fears. And the only way to come out on the other side in a happy place for all is to communicate endlessly. Maybe you end up together or not.
  3. 1. I have 4-7 tattoos depending on how you count. 1 took 4 sessions. 2. I want to get my nipples pierced but I’m too chicken. 3. I’ve been with my husband half of his life. He just turned 36. 4. I have a list of chronic illnesses and surgeries that make me sound like an old lady (rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, periodic limb movement disorder “I twitch and flail my limbs when I sleep”) (4 knee surgeries +1 more next summer, a few minor organs removed) 5. I coach 3 soccer teams (u10 boys, u12 coed, u19 coed) and it’s absolutely my passion. I’m actually in the progress of getting my teaching degree so I can make a career change.
  4. I think some husbands think a threesome will be fun until they think about the dynamics. Especially those of us who have never had the experience of being with a woman.
  5. My point was that I believe in humanity and I believe even if this admin tries to take away rights Americans will fight for everybody.
  6. I will say I do think you are overreacting. But for a different reason. I think the current administration could absolutely attempt to return our entire society to the 60s/70s era. The reason I do not think it will happen is because the vast majority of Americans are for LGBTQ rights. Even if it’s closeted. I live in a very small rural Christian middle of America town and people being openly gay isn’t an issue. So my hope is conservatives and liberals will eventually come together and protect all the rights everybody has fought for. Women’s, Gay, Minority.
  7. Uh oh. This night just lot later!!!
  8. I don’t know how you could get a definitive positive diagnosis where you are. I go to a rheumatologist who deals with experimental things as well and he sent my blood off to some place in California that measures the proteins and such and determines your disease state (mild, moderate, or extreme). I was moderate at that time.
  9. @Bruna_V @kairi I think if you know your husband isn’t going to take the news well and you really want to stay with him I really see no reason to rock the boat. I’m thankful my husband has been accepting since I told him. Although we are still monogamous and intend to stay that way for now.
  10. @khichihouvan keep talking to him. He may just be scared. My very best friend gave me some great advice. She said “you’ve been dealing with this for years. He just started dealing with it. Be patient.” This is helped me a lot because I was quite shocked when I realized I was really attracted to women.
  11. I would choose to help humanity because I think that’s super sexy and near genius.
  12. This is almost my identical situation. I’m married, 38 years old, and 2 kids (boys 7 and 9). Have you talked to your husband? I’ve found talking to mine and being on here has helped me feel somewhat better and pretty damn normal.
  13. Unless your marriage was open before coming out to your spouse I do think it’s our job to constantly reassure our husbands. I know I dealt with this in my head for a few years before telling him. It’s unfair to dump it on him and say “good luck”. We’ve been talking constantly and our marriage has improved and is better than it probably ever has. At this point he is not open to me exploring with a woman but also is open to changing his mind. It’s not a forever no. I’m ok with that right now because I’m not sure I’m ready to go explore anyways.
  14. erotica

    Good thing the kids went to stay with my parents tonight. Nicely done!
  15. So the last month or so since really exploring my mind and feelings towards women and after reading so so much on this forum. I’ve come up with a theory. I believe women are so much more open to being bisexual because we don’t get nurtured by our male counterparts like we crave as humans. Females inherently are more nurturing (of course there are exceptions) and I think since we give so much of ourselves we are looking for somebody else to reciprocate that nurturing. I think this is why so many women crave and desire a sexual relationship with their best friend. I feel like me and my best friend nurture and support each other. And at times wonder if a sexual relationship will develop naturally out of the closeness we share. Shit we have matching tattoos. Is this just lacking in my marriage? Anybody else feel this way? Sorry if this has been discussed before.
  16. @Beck Does your husband know? Mine seems to be trying harder to show some of these attributes that men typically don’t show. Now that still doesn’t stop my feelings and desires to be with a woman. However it has made us feel closer and open up communication some more.
  17. I'm new here. I've commented a couple times. Here's my "story". I'm 37 years old. I've been with my husband for almost 18 years and married for 14 years. We have 2 beautiful little boys (7 and 9 years). I am out as bisexual to my husband and my best friend. He is understanding but I can tell he is scared and somewhat hurt even though he says he isn't. I came out to him about being bisexual about 2 years ago. Recently we've been discussing it more after not talking about it at all after my initial confession. I know he didn't forget about it. I came here to find advice and share my feelings and fears with other women that would understand what I am going through. Talking with him and then reading the things on this forum have made me feel not nearly as alone. This is exactly what I was looking for.
  18. I second The Ethical Slut. Me and my husband are currently reading it and it has opened up amazing discussion. I would still say so far we are wanting to keep our marriage closed but the book is making me think of the why behind that decision and it’s making it feel more like a decision and not just a social expectation.
  19. Isla Muejures, MX If you could go anywhere in world where would you go?
  20. Fixing to have sex with my husband for the 3rd time today. He’s so turned on by me being with a woman.
  21. We’ve both started ready The Ethical Slut. We haven’t made it far but so far it’s a really good read. Interesting info.
  22. @pinklotus Yes very tricky. Luckily me and my husband have a great relationship although this revelation is straining it some. We are doing our best to communicate with each other better but it is difficult when neither of us are sure of how we feel about all this. Currently I’m not seeking out to experience a woman but if something happens naturally we’ll cross that bridge.
  23. I currently do not have any desire to have a threesome. It doesn’t appeal to me currently because I have never experienced a woman and do not want to share my first experience. He initially was interested in a threesome but then he realized he would most likely not enjoy that as much as he initially thought. Although he does say the thought of me being with a woman with or without him is a huge turn on. He is scared of the emotions that would come with me being intimate with a woman. I am too honestly. If I ever get to experience a woman on my own I may be open to sharing with him.
  24. I’ve had this convo with my husband. I think it would make it easier if he were bi. Unfortunately he is not. At this point he does not want me exploring anything with a woman. It’s not the sex it’s the emotions he’s worried about. Which I understand.