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  1. Oh wow, I'm new and just come across this topic. I see there hasn't been a post in a while but thought I'd post anyway. I live in St. Augustine Florida. It would be great to get to know some locals.
  2. Being alone on the holidays for one. Not having anyone to cuddle with. And not having anyone to care for me if I were to be sick.
  3. If I were approached I would like it if they smiled first of all. Then once introductions were out of the way make small talk. Find a common interest so we are not nervously searching for something to say. If all goes well then hopefully she would ask if we could meet up again, maybe exchange numbers.
  4. I'm very self conscious of my left leg. I had knee replacement 5 years ago and the replacement knee has failed to hold up so my leg is bowed out and always swollen. I'm having the surgery again to correct it. But a few times coworkers have made jokes which just made me more self conscious.
  5. I'm not afraid of dying, but biggest fear is dying old and alone.
  6. Thanks, I'm finding that out.
  7. Hey there, I noticed you are new and wanted to say hello and welcome to the site.  I checked out your about me and it looks like you have had a rough time with the boys and your confusion on what you maybe feeling for women.  So sorry about your relationships but as far as your confusion, you can find yourself in great company here.  There are a lot of woman who have been in your shoes on the confusion part.  We have lots of excellent information here and other girls with the similar experiences, I do hope  you find some answers.   *Hugs*

    1. Bellarose57


      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am sorry I did not respond sooner.  I literally just found your post. I have two jobs and don't have alot of free time. Also I am finding it difficult navigating on this site, maybe since I'm using my cell and not a PC.

      I am finding myself socially and psychologically allergic to men so to speak. I have had a couple of brief encounters with women that I found to be quite enjoyable. It would be nice to speak with others in the same situation. 

      Thanks again for such a warm welcome.

  8. Thanks for such a warm welcome. There are many interesting subjects to read and learn from. I'm excited to get started and make new friends.
  9. Hello everyone. A dear friend convinced me to visit here. I'm real nervous so if I make any mistakes please let me know. I hope to make many friends here that understands what I'm going through.