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  1. It's a very good film. I saw it a few nights ago and really enjoyed it. The story line is my cup of tea.
  2. Yes, there are lesbians who dislike bisexual women. I've come across a few and on some occasions have asked them why there is some sort of hatred towards us. I never did get a proper answer, not even sure if lesbians themselves know. I think they look upon bisexual women as rivals and feel threatened by them.
  3. I suppose in many ways, a fetish to one person would perhaps sound weird to someone else. I know for a fact that mine would sound gross to some females. It's my fascination for sperm. I love it during oral. Before swallowing, I like to keep it in my mouth and look at myself in the mirror with my mouth open. It's hard to explain, but it's probably a power thing, to see this stuff which is the main ingredient to making human beings.
  4. I believe it was Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You
  5. Wow I can just imagine how shocked you were when she turned the tables on you unexpectedly. I've experienced the same on a few occasions with girls like the one you describe. We call them Barsexuals here, not sure if that's just British urban slang, but yeah it's usually a young straight girl trying to impress her male friends for whatever reason. I tend to be straightforward with those types and kind of make it clear that if she's flirting with me because she is genuinely interested in a 'not so straight way', fine. If it's to impress or to get a kick out of it, don't bother leading me on.
  6. Every single picture is beautiful and so inspirational. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Full Tilt Ireland to India - about a woman travelling by bicycle between those 2 countries.
  8. Massive coconut oil fan here. This is what I use as a moisturiser.
  9. Your spin is very distorted. I was already on the train going to work like I do each day. On that particular morning the guy happened to sit next to me as most other seats were taken. He happened to start a conversation and we chatted. He ended up asking me out for dinner. I accepted. We had a lovely evening. We'll be seeing each other again. That is totally different to 'picking up older men on trains'.
  10. Tshirt and undies. Would you take 50 grand now or 15 grand a year for 5 years?
  11. To the above ladies..... Yes, thank you, it went really well. Had a good time and will be seeing him again one evening in the upcoming week.
  12. I prefer to be approached in the same way I approach someone, male or female, it doesn't matter. With class, style, sophistication and respect. When someone approaches me because they are flirting or chatting me up, they need to show that they are really interested in me as a person. I respond much better to someone who has a bit about him/her. Oh and particularly guys, when they start with stuff like 'hi babe/hun' and immediately make sexual innuendos, it irritates me. That also applies to some girls in gay clubs, they can be just as forthright. It's not classy.
  13. With a woman, there isn't anything specific that I would want more of in sex. I've been very fortunate to have had some amazing times. I honestly can't complain. With a man, it's a lot different. Not all men last a long time and I totally get that. It's down to their physiology, but I happen to absolutely love riding a guy. It's also a power thing, like I'm in more control. I'm not saying all men only last minutes, some have been brilliant, but I like to expend excess energy and just wish more would last for ages and ages and ages without me wearing them out or giving them an injury haha.
  14. Actually I was pretty good at biology in school. One either has a flare for certain subjects, or one doesn't. Of course, with the right aptitude, one can become proficient haha.
  15. Hello Lady from Essex So sorry to hear of your recent loss.