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  1. Yes the guy I am seeing right now knows I like women and is the one who's been so positive having me explore myself. Yes it is positive for me and the guy I'm seeing now (sorry idk how to say this) is into back play also but he's straight. Its just nice. I don't know where to start. Thank you for the reply don't feel so alone anymore!
  2. Hey there everyone I'm new here. This is my "story" I guess. I've always been a little more tomboyish when I was younger and openly talked how I liked women in middle school. My family always was unsupportive or said I play too much. That was just at 12 years old. I am now 24 and have had about 3 straight relationships. The most significant one, my highschool sweetheart, he understood me.. he would come with me to buy men's clothes and we always said how I felt like the man and he was more feminine and we were happy being eachother. After infidelity and losing our baby at 3 month; this was 4 years ago, I was left looking to fill a void. We don't talk anymore. I became very sexual and careless with men who hurt me. A guy I worked with and I got involved. We would go out everyday and it became a romantic thing. One night he got drunk and told me how he'd like to have a guy he found attractive have intercourse with him. He realized what he said and tried to shake it off as a joke but I reminded him that joke or not, that there is nothing wrong with that and that if it were true, I'm open minded and love him to bits anyway. I was able to explore with sexuality and help him figure things out because the whole hispanic machismo thing tends to scare guys thinking things like that mean they are gay. Blah blah blah let's get to me. I am in a relationship and in love but I feel like something is missing. I've never been able to experience completely being head over heels like I feel for women although I've never fully had a relationship with one. I'm beginning to realize I'm just in lust with men but love is something I will only able to share with a woman. And my family doesn't accept that about me which is why I think I've held back so long. I constantly tell my mom how I feel like a boy how I long to chop my hair off and finally be comfortable. And how I want to be in love and she just tells me to be quiet and say I'm crazy. I'm so confused and getting to the point where I want to just find out really what it is to find true love and now I have no idea how to talk to women it feels like its too late or I may never find someone. Am I broken? Everyone seems so happy but I can't figure myself out.. crying out for help you guys!