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  1. Ive come to sites such as this to see if i can find something close but far enough away to keep discreet. If this isnt for me i dont want to have everyone and their mama know where I am at.
  2. What's held you back from exploring? For me it's my husband but also because we live in a very small town I want to be discreet.
  3. I personally love it. It's a rarity that my husband goes down on me (haven't been that far with a woman yet) but I have to play with myself /him play with me during sex otherwise I don't cum and it takes alot of time. So anything that turns me on is liked to be done. And tasting myself or having the other person licking my fingers or me licking there's turns me on BIG TIME
  4. My husband is a very jealous person. He doesn't take change well and he is very macho. Things are a very traditional way in our house.
  5. Thank you @Bruna_V. I took a lot for me to join this site. I am glad I am not alone.
  6. I am a 35 yearold mother of 3 and i have been married to my husband for 13 years. I am definitely interested in women. I have not told my husband in fear of 2 things, 1 he would not take it well and 2 I am afraid that he would want a woman to join in with us. I have had some some physical contact (very minimal contact) with females in the past when i was younger and before I met my husband. The contact I did have I really enjoyed and thinking about it makes me want to continue on this journey however I'm worried that I would be betraying my husband.