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  1. I guess I'll have to go with doing something amazing for human kind because I'm already attractive and a near genius ;) heehee
  2. I totally agree with you on this point, even though I knew much earlier in age, as much as I love love looooove women, I know that I'd rather have both and not have to choose.
  3. well.....I'd have a hard time feeling that way if she was attractive to me. then I feel like I might get carried away and make a total fool of myself. LOL But, this is also coming from someone that hasn't had any female contact like that in ages so it sounds like a fantasy to me. That being said, I would have felt very differently had it been a male. I would have felt like my space was being violated and I was being forced into a situation that I wasn't sure how to get out of without bringing attention to myself. I think it really boils down to is did you wasn't to be touched by her but felt awkward or did you not want to be touched by her and felt awkward? I've never had a lap dance so idk if everything you recounted is normal and to be expected which rather leads back up to my previous statement.
  4. I thought I'd try something new and see if anyone that likes my style and tone of writing would be interested in requesting any erotica stories from me that I would write and then post in this forum. I have lots of my own ideas but I also know how rewarding it is when you get to read a scene or read about something that you're really into. You can use this thread to request or if you'd rather keep it confidential, message me your request privately...that will work too!
  5. wow, that sizzled!!!
  6. It's really satisfying to come up with a random question and then be able to search Google and find answers, isn't it?? I'm always researching stuff...I've just got to know!! lol
  7. So... Pinklotus. How pink are you??  :P

    1. pinklotus


      :lol::lol::lol:!!!! I can't even think of a good enough come neck for that one. @kairi you totally win!

    2. pinklotus
    3. kairi
  8. I literally cannot think of a single guy I'd like to make out with so I'm going to have to go with Angelina Jolie and Christina Hendricks.
  9. I was binging on season 2 of the Shannara chronicles yesterday and it brought to mind this thread because I enjoyed the make out scenes between Amberle and Eritrea.
  10. I feel rather like a minority in that respect, also. While I'm not seeking emotional attachment, I would prefer a friendship with benefits so not like a situation where I'm just using them, though when you say you only want a sexual relationship it sounds that way. Ideally for me, my sex partner would feel the same way and be in a similar situation.
  11. Agreed. I got a kick out of #7. I always think it's ridiculous when people think others have to look like something in order to be that something, especially when it comes to such dynamic topics as sexual identity and race.
  12. Some of these are hilarious, just thought to share!
  13. Hi @Lilminxme80! Welcome back! I'm newer here but looking forward to interacting.