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  1. Why does your being tempted by women have to make you a bad person? Maybe I'm missing part of your story but I don't think the two have to be mutually exclusive, unless....?
  2. I think that kissing really depends on the person and their style. In general, I would say that in my experience mostly women have been better, but likely just due to female intimacy. Have had some really hot make out sessions with guys though.
  3. @VirgoGirl you are definitely not weird! I'm the same way. I've been lucky enough to be with quite a few women that were the opposite of me though. It will definitely be worth the wait when you finally get there!
  4. elliej your response makes me curious. Instinctively though, I feel inclined to say that I don't think anyone should be critical either way. There's a difference between people that are in a troubled relationship and those that are in a healthy relationship. Whether one is inclined to participate in this lifestyle should only be based on that. If either the man or the woman of an established relationship isn't down for it, then of course that should be completely respected. However, if you already know going into a relationship that this is the lifestyle for you then you should most certainly factor that into your choice to pursue a relationship with someone. Not expressing your desires can be just as detrimental as the above. Therefore, it could price catastrophic to go ahead, knowing that you'll be suppressed. Ultimately, it sucks that anyone, *men or women both*, would endeavor to push their significant others into sexual activity that they are not in full agreement with. Equally, people should be true to themselves.
  5. @Cylon6 your rationale is reasonable. I hope you get the opportunity to ask her, it's very curious!
  6. I can say that to my dismay, I've never been chased by an unmarried woman since I've been married. Any of you ladies are welcome to try though! It seems like @Rani has no shortage of takers Also, I think the massage idea is solid.
  7. @Rani I personally wouldn't mind having an open relationship like that. You are right that he is straight. My biggest concern is that he's spend all of our money on dates LOL. I have pretty much left this topic alone for now but at some point it may come up again. I'm inclined to agree with your friend, being married without having gone into it with the preception of openness from the start. It could be a difficult road if he's already not willing to bend that way. Too bad! It could be fun for you both.
  8. Welcome @missyjanet1! You'll find that so many women, like yourself, find themselves in this very predicament! It can be very disarming to suddenly have these feelings and not be able to make sense of them but this is by far the best support group or there! You'll be glad to know that you're not alone and we're happy to help with any questions you may have. Good luck on your journey!
  9. Awwww that's a tough spot to be in. I do not have expertise in this area but I do hope that you will do what it takes to take care of *you* so that you can keep taking care of the ones you love. Xx
  10. That's really interesting. I'm trying to put myself in your shoes and I think if someone asked me that, I'd instinctively think maybe they were interested. Though from what you've posted it doesn't sound like you guys have that type of connection. Then again, it could depend on what you do for work that would make this not seem strange or invasive. Now, I, even being the curious sort, would never ask someone I worked with about their sexual orientation unless a) I was pretty sure they'd be interested in me, or b) I thought they'd make a good match for someone I knew, which in this case, it could either be a guy or a girl. Have you not had an opportunity to follow up and ask her? That would be my first order of business lol. I'd *have* to know!!
  11. A book that is highly recommended around here is The Ethical Slut. I haven't heard of any such support groups, but it may do you guys well just to keep reading together on the topic.
  12. I fully agree with you that meeting someone organically would be the best, it will just take an open mind and lots of patience. It's great to hear that online is working for you though, considering that's the route most of us will have to take for reasons that you stated above. Looking forward to hearing how things progress for you!!
  13. During my time on shybi, one thing that I've learned is that there are many more married bi women than you'd think. So I'd say, consider that the next time you're out and about and have the opportunity to strike up a convo with another married woman. You just never know!
  14. @these-broken-wings(TBW) this is awesome! Well done.
  15. Short but so hot!! Even I want to hear more about this one