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  1. I just finished Insatiable. Hilarious show that touches on nearly every controversial topic you can think of, including bisexuality and polyamory.
  2. welcome @artpsych!
  3. Welcome @Turquoise Love! I'm sure you've seen by now that there are lots of people with different situations and questions, so no doubt you'll find someone to relate to. There is a wealth of information here, so enjoy and see you around the forums!
  4. I cannot figure out where to stream this in the US. it's not on Netflix.
  5. Some people are just so judgemental. I knew a girl like that, who talked major, I mean major smack about same-sex encounters claiming religion etc. She felt that a monogamous same sex couple was wrong but straight promiscuity was totally fine. But guess who was the first person to spread her legs when she was drunk and her bi friend just happened to be around with no witnesses? I think many people like that are repressed and are seeking validation from others in an attempt to convince themselves they don't have those feelings or prevent themselves from acting on them. .
  6. Hi and welcome to the site! Your situation sounds very similar to mine with the exception of the relationship part, but the discovery and the marriage part. Anyway, welcome, hope you're enjoying the place so far!
  7. Welcome to the site @Curitee!
  8. welcome back!
  9. How is this really just now getting on my radar? I Netflix all the time. Oh well, now I have a new show to binge!
  10. The first time i went down on a girl i literally thought i had no clue what i was doing, but it turned out ok. If you're nervous about it, perhaps you can be open with her and she'll help guide you to do what she likes.
  11. In my limited view, it's as prominent as it is in any type of relationships across the board in some variation of the lifestyle.
  12. I have to agree with this. A lot.
  13. @gwnanc totally. & That's the thing about sexuality and sexual experiences. What works for some may not work for others. Some people don't require intimacy as part of their sexual experience whereas others do. As with anything, compatibility is key as tastes vary as widely for this as they do for food.
  14. I actually like threesomes, but would prefer if everyone was involved, rather than someone just watching me with someone else. Although, I have been in a situation sort of like that with the difference being that i was intimate with her while he was intimate with her because i didn't want to be with him, but that was my choice. As with anything, everyone has different preferences for involvement. Nothing wrong with it in any case.
  15. The only thing I can say, in the most completely objective context, is that it sounds to me that you are echoing his concern as well. you say know that you won't fall in love or harm your marriage, so isn't it equally possible that he won't either? I'm not suggesting that you should have to include him in your experiences with other women, but it definitely sounds like you two are not on the same page and if you choose to keep seeing her under these circumstances, until he is ok with it, it will affect your relationship negatively.
  16. I like it when some of the really old threads get resurrected; interesting topics! Anyway, I'll just say that I have yet to encounter a vajayjay in a state that wasn't palatable. in all cases they were shaved though, so I can't truly express a preference.
  17. @Ximena you've convinced me LOL.
  18. Without actually having had a reference for this, I always wonder if a woman is bi when I see this. Too bad it's impossible to really know since some people just accessorize though I'm totally tempted to adopt this accessory, you know, just in case!
  19. i like this idea, actually. it can be very empowering to wear something that only you know the secret of and possibly something the right person might recognize and take notice of. fun!
  20. I was in my early 20s. I met her through a mutual friend of ours. We started hanging out just as friends, but finally somehow got on the topic of her being bi. I cannot now remember how it got as far as it did, but it all started with a massage. By now, I'd slept with a few guys so I was immediately taken by how the way she touched me was soooo different. At the time bc I was inexperienced, she led & I just let it happen. During that encounter, I didn't reciprocate. By the time our next encounter came around, I was eager to give it a go. Again, I was amazed at the difference. Up until that point, I hadn't really considered what it'd be like to go down on a woman. But the experience was indescribably exquisite. I've been hooked ever since.
  21. Grace could tell that Erika had arrived to work because she could smell her perfume. She wore the same Marc Jacobs scent every day. She popped up and leaned over the cube wall that separated them, intent on making a joke about how she was late when she saw that her friend was holding back tears. She walked around the cubicle row and, crouching in front of Erika, placed a hand on her exposed knee. "Erika," she whispered quietly, "are you ok? What's wrong?" Just then, a meeting reminder popped up on Erika's screen. "I'll be ok," she said, placing her hand on top of Grace's and looking at her with a soft smile. "Let's talk about it at lunch ok? I've got to go to this or you-know-who will lose her mind." Grace nodded and stood, laughing, knowing exactly who she meant. She declared "It's a date!" and headed back to her cubicle. Erika walked away feeling a strange rush of excitement. She wasn't sure if it was in her head, but she could still feel Grace's hand on her knee. Surely it was in her imagination, but she felt there was something to her touch. Something about the way she slid her hand into place. It was very subtle, but nonetheless it had made an impression on Erika. Erika continued to ponder this while half listening in her meeting when Grace, knowing her friend seriously needed a laugh, sent her a funny text. Grace was happy to get the crying while laughing emoji in response. Meanwhile, Grace spent the next 3 hours of her day anxiously waiting for lunch and daydreaming about how soft Erika's skin was. While she'd dreamed of it several times, she had never actually touched Erika. They were work friends only and had never hung out outside of work, other than going to lunch. So there had never been a need or opportunity to touch her in any way. Her skin was just as soft as she'd imagined it would be. She had fun imaging the scenario had played out differently - that she had been able to push her long, blonde hair out of her face and kiss away her tears instead. Grace knew it was an unlikely scenario though. For one thing, Erika had no idea how Grace lusted after her, and for another - Erika was engaged. Then there was the obvious dilemma of them being co-workers. Not only were they co-workers, Erika was a team lead and she had their boss's ear. One wrong move could create huge problems for Grace. Grace nearly squealed out loud when she got a lunch meeting invitation in her inbox from Erika. Usually they'd just head out without any formalities, grab something quick and head back, but today Erika had blocked off their calendars for two hours. Unbeknownst to Grace, Erika suddenly wanted to spend a lot more time with her, to examine what it is she was feeling. Erika had always enjoyed Grace but now...was she attracted to her? She had never even considered the possibility of being attracted to a woman until today. But the idea of it was exciting. She was aware that the possibility was very real that Grace was not even on that wavelength...but she was almost certain. There was something about that touch. And it resonated with her. The two ladies decided on Italian for lunch. It was a really hard choice for both of them to forgo the wine, but they were already pushing the envelope by taking an extended lunch. "Ok, chica." Grace said, clasping her hands and leaning forward on the table while feigning a serious face, "Dish." "Oh, it's not a big deal really, Tony and I just had a disagreement right before I left for work. I got on his case because he didn't do something he said he would. Then, he accused me of nagging him and it really just upset me." "Awww, I'm sorry that happened to you, hon. I know how much you do for him. You are such a kind and loving person, it sucks to see anyone like you feeling anything less than loved." Erika looked at Grace while she spoke as if she were seeing her for the first time. Her hair, her lips, her eyes. Everything suddenly seemed appealing. She was certain in that moment that she wanted more of Grace. "Too bad you're not my fiance, sheesh!" Grace was momentarily taken aback by that statement. If only! She wanted to reveal her feelings to her crush right then, but instead replied, "Honestly Erika, a beautiful girl like you could have anyone you wanted. Tyler better get his act together if he knows what's good for him!" Erika played with her engagement ring as she started off in deep thought for a moment. "Well. I feel better now. Thanks for coming to lunch with me today. I know the last thing you probably want is to hear me complain about my relationship problems when you're fresh off of a divorce." Grace laughed, "Believe me, I'm glad to be single right now. My marriage problems really put a lot of things into perspective for me. I never told you why we actually divorced. It was because I cheated on him." "You? No way, I don't believe it!" "It's true. I had an affair. It ended up not working out, but it really helped me figure out who I really was and what I really wanted." "What happened? With the affair, I mean." " a nutshell, she wanted to be exclusive. But I couldn't handle all the things that would happen if I took that route. Not just with my husband, but my family, our friends. So, we broke up, and my husband was none the wiser. He had no idea but it weighed on me so much, I finally confessed and you know the rest." "Wow, I had no idea." "That I could be capable of cheating? Haha, I didn't either. But I totally fell for her out of nowhere. " "No, that you were into women! I'd never have guessed." "Ah." Grace felt a bit uncomfortable with her confession. She was afraid that Erika might not like her anymore, but her fears were soon put to rest. Erika reached over and placed her hand on top of Grace's. "That must have been really hard for you. I'm sorry, I had no idea. I can imagine how torn you must have been and this whole time, I just assumed your divorce was just a matter of "shit happens" incompatibility. To know you were hurting like that this whole time makes me feel like a terrible friend." "Aww thanks, Erika. But I'm totally ok with everything. I'm glad it happened before we started a family. Now no more gloomy chat. This is supposed to be a pick-me-up lunch!" Erika laughed. "You're right!" Erika wondered what she should do with this new information. Now that she knew Grace was attracted to women, she was certain that touch earlier had meant something, though she'd never really let on before. And knowing that made her even more attracted to her. Grace arrived for work the next day to find a box of chocolates on her desk, along with a card. The outside had a big red heart that read: Thanks for being so sweet. Inside was written: Thanks for being my unpaid therapist! I really enjoyed our talk. A hand drawn heart and the letter E. Grace peeked over the cubicle wall to thank her, but Erika was nowhere to be found. She texted her instead: You could have just texted me. But the chocolate is divine! Followed by a smile, pink heart, and chocolate bar emoji. For the next few days they texted back and forth both while they were at work and while they were at home. Then, somehow the conversations shifted from casual to full on flirting. To Grace's surprise, Erika was the one that instigated the transition. First, she was just very curious about Grace's experience with her ex-girlfriend. Then she started talking more personally about how she could see why someone would be attracted to Grace. Finally, she asked her point blank if she were the type of girl that Grace could be attracted to. Grace responded cautiously, but did admit that she found her attractive. It was just the response Erika was looking for, and gave her the fortitude to kick things up a notch. She then admitted that she was curious, although she was not sure she'd ever act on it. These conversations changed their interactions at work dramatically. They began to go out of their way to end up in the same place at the same time. Grace had already been lusting after Erika so these feelings were not new to her. Erika on the other hand, was finding it harder and harder to maintain herself. Passing by Grace in the hallway, she'd hold her gaze wordlessly with a flirty smile as they passed, then follow up with a text to her, complimenting her appearance. Grace was not innocent, and indulged her by always playing back and giving her new things to go on. She always played it safe though, and flirted back just enough to assure Erika that she would take it to the next level if she wanted her to. Things really heated up when Erika, seeing Grace walk in the supply room, followed. She stood next to her and pretended to be looking for something also while whispering to Grace, "I want you." Grace was surprised, but did not show it. She parted her lips slightly and looked at her. Erika looked longingly into her eyes, and asked quietly, "Do you want me?" Grace breathed in deeply and nodded slowly as she breathed out. Erika bit her lip and smiled, still looking at her lustily. Then she turned and left, leaving Grace to catch her breath. By the time she got back to her desk, she'd received a meeting invitation from Grace. She'd booked a one hour meeting in Conference room 405, two floors above the one where her team resided. The conference room door was slightly ajar, and she could see Erika sitting there with her laptop as she approached. She briefly thought of turning back. While she wanted to be in a room alone with her, she knew that if anything happened, there would be no turning back. She walked on in and closed the door behind her. As soon as it shut, Erika stood up and walked over to her, taking her things and placing them on the table. Standing face to face with her, she said, "Then show me." Grace knew she was hearkening back to the question she'd asked her only moments ago, and her answer. Just as she'd done in her dreams many times, she pushed Erika's long blond hair back with her hands, grabbed her face and kissed her. She kissed her so gently, letting her lips linger for several seconds before kissing her the same way a few times more. She pulled back to look Erika in the face to make sure she wasn't regretting the situation. On the contrary, Erika had her brows furrowed in a look of deep desire. She pulled back in to kiss Grace fervently. Grace responded, her kisses expressing all of the things she wanted to say to Erika for months, but hadn't. Finally, catching a breath, they both spilled over into laughter, giggling at themselves for making out like a couple of horny teenagers. "I'm not a teenager," Erika said, holding her hands on Grace's back and leaning in to kiss her again, "but I am horny." Grace reached down and caressed Erika's ass while they made out, causing Erika to gyrate against her. It was really hard for both of them to stop. Between moments of making out, they mentioned repeatedly how they should, as they'd been in the conference room for over an hour now. After that they both started showing up for work early, desperate to spend as much uninterrupted time together as possible. They'd take risks out in the open like Grace reaching under Erika's skirt in the break room before anyone else came to the office one morning. Erika flashing her tits at grace while they walked down an empty hallway. Finally, it got to a point where it was obvious that they needed to fuck each other and get it over with, come what may. Because Erika lived with her fiance, Grace invited her to her place. Their first lovemaking session was everything that Grace had hoped. Erika gave completely in to her and allowed Grace to explore every inch of her body. Grace took her time working her way down from her mouth. Erika was already moaning by the time Grace took her nipples into her mouth. She arched her shoulders back and pushed her chest out when Grace pulled on one of her nipples with her lips while rolling the other between her fingers. She rocked her hips and pushed up against Grace's face as she ate her out. Grace relished every bit of her taste, letting her lips and tongue linger on Erika's clit before she lapped up the juice that gushed out of her from the pressure. You would think she were restrained the way Erika twisted and moved while keeping her hands to her sides and her legs spread open, allowing Grace to take over her completely. She came harder than she had ever come before under grace's mouth. She came so hard it sounded like she was crying. Grace kept her mouth still on her clit and relished the feel of it throbbing. Once it subsided, she slid up to lay on top of her. Erika then received her into her arms and kissed her, enjoying the taste of her pussy on Grace's soft lips. Erika begged Grace to let her taste her, but Grace wanted her to be sure that's what she wanted. "This is all new to you right now. If you don't feel weird tomorrow, I promise," she said while kissing her, " I'll let you eat me out all. night. long." Neither of them could stop thinking about the night's events. When Grace arrived at work the next day, she found a single, pink rose on her desk. Erika wasn't at her desk, but it didn't take long for Grace to figure it out. She smiled to herself in the elevator as she headed to her first meeting of the day, in conference room 405.
  22. I think older/younger is totally relative. Some 20 somethings might consider 30-40 somethings to be in the older category, even if the 30-40s wouldn't necessarily put themselves in that category. As it pertains to consenting adults, I don't think it really matters what that age gap is, though it may attract attention if it appears to be great enough (but who cares!?).
  23. I think it's definitely a topic worth exploring to hear the perceptionsof others. For instance, I feel that I am definitely a domme, but I have no interest in what is typically termed a BDSM lifestyle. And even within that lifestyle, there are different levels ranging from quite light to very hardcore. I do think that there's a great misconception out there and would like to hear what others thoughts and experiences are.
  24. I agree with posts above. You should really consider what makes you happy and it doesn't sound like sitting around and hoping that someone will love and treat you with the respect you deserve is your idea of a good time. I hate that you have to feel this way. It's unfair and unacceptable in my view. I understand that you may want to stay with him for your children, but it doesn't mean you have to sit idly by while he is the only one enjoying this life. You've got one life to live - what do you want yours to look like?
  25. *This story was written based on a scenario request I received from a user that will remain anonymous. I hope I have been able to convey this story in the way you imagined and that you thoroughly enjoy the progression. Any one else have a story topic/scenario they'd like to suggest? Feel free to PM me confidentially!* Seducing the Straight Girl I rolled over in bed on Saturday morning after staying up too late binge watching Orange is the New Black. I woke up feeling aroused, so I started rubbing myself absentmindedly when I happened to see the time on my alarm clock. 10AM. Shit! Once a month my friend Amber and I would head to the bordering state to the outlet malls, eat and shop all day, then head back home where we'd finish the evening in my high-rise condo with wine and a movie. I scrambled out of bed. She was going to be here any minute now and I was nowhere near ready. After rushing around like a crazy person, I somehow managed to get showered and had just thrown a sundress over my head when she knocked on my door. I answered the door, dressed but disheveled with wet hair, while she stood there looking radiant in a tastefully loose but short dress that hit her about mid thigh. Fuck. She was so hot. If I didn't know better, I would think she dressed like this on purpose because she knew I liked girls and she had told me ages ago that she didn't wear panties. Ever. Unless she absolutely had to for some reason. However, she had also made it emphatically clear to me on many occasions that she was straight and had zero interest in women. I hugged her in greeting, letting my hands casually slide low on her back just above her buttocks. She definitely wasn't wearing panties. It took a huge amount of will power for me not to grab her ass in that moment. After confirming that her pussy was totally bare under there, it was suddenly all I could think about. I was feeling too frisky that morning, so I excused myself and headed for the bathroom in my bedroom. I knew she was waiting and ready to go but there was no way I was going to survive this shopping trip with her unless I finished what I had started that morning. Before I'd closed the door, I was already reaching into my panties. I was already getting wet when I slid my index finger between my lips and just onto my hole and rubbed my clit with the knuckle on the inside of my palm. I watched myself in the mirror as I pulled out one of my tits and toyed with the nipple. It felt good, but wasn't going to cut it so I pulled my panties down a bit and spread my legs. I leaned slightly forward and started pressing and rubbing my clit vigorously with one hand while fingering myself from behind with the other. I was quite close when I heard her voice faintly, then closer, then nearly right outside the door. "Emme? Are you almost done? We need to leave so we can miss lunch traffic!" Just knowing she was right outside my door with her naked pussy helped push things along. I fantasized about saying screw the outlets and throwing her on my bed and burying my face in what I just knew was a beautiful pussy. Instead, I managed to shout back, "I'm coming!" If only she knew the double meaning. I bit my bottom lip and tried to keep my deep breathing quiet as I came super hard. I was pretty sure she had not left - for some reason. Feeling how wet my panties were against me, I pulled them off and tossed them into the laundry basket. I made a point of flushing the toilet and washed my hands. I opened the door to find that she was indeed still there. She was sitting on my bed scrolling through her Facebook feed; waiting. "It's about time, are you ready?" she asked, putting her phone away and following me to my dresser. "Yea," I said, pulling my underwear drawer open, "I just need to put on panties and shoes." "OH MY GOD," she said, yanking me away from my drawer, "live a little. They are just panties!" Our first stop, as usual, was an all you can eat brunch buffet with all you can drink mimosas. We chose a booth near a window that overlooked the huge outdoor mall. At some point while we sat finishing our last mimosa, I noticed her nipples had hardened beneath the fabric of her dress. They looked so thick, luscious, suckable. I was getting most, so I had to make a joke out of it in an attempt to keep myself from getting wetter, considering she'd forced me to go commando. I waggled my fingers toward her chest and said, "Chilly?" She looked down and a flash of embarrassment crossed her face. "Don't worry about it," I said. I was getting so horny I lost my mind and pulled the triangle of fabric covering one of my breasts aside, surreptitiously exposing a nipple. She covered her mouth and her eyes grew wide with shock as she watched me squeeze and tug at it until it was firm. I did the same to the other side, and made a show of surveying my handiwork. She giggled into her hands and in a loud whisper said, "You're crazy!" We carried on shopping, trying on tons of clothes and shoes. A couple of times she asked my opinion on clothes and I took ample opportunity to let her know how hot she was in each outfit. She surprised me once by absolutely gushing over how I looked in a bodycon dress. "Wow!" she said. "You look beautiful. That dress really accentuates your...everything. I mean look at that. I didn't even know you had that!" she said, gesturing her hands up and down my body. Another woman passing by in the dressing room piped in to agree. "She's right. You look hot!" Amber went ahead of me to check out while I went back to look at some jewelry. Taking the opportunity to speak to me without my companion, the woman that was in the dressing room came up to me and told me that she hoped I was buying that dress because it really looked good on me. "I hope this isn't too forward," she said, handing me a card, "but if you're interested, I would really like to meet up with you sometime." She was a bit older than me, but she was gorgeous. "Definitely," I said, smiling and holding out my hand flirtatiously. "My name's Emme." "Looking forward to talking with you, Emme," she said, holding onto my hand longer than was needed for a handshake, then smiling as she walked away. "What was that about?" Amber asked as soon as we were out of that store. "What? Oh that. She..." I said pulling out her card and reading the name, "Naomi was telling me how awesome I looked in this dress," I said, pointing to my bag, "Then she asked me out! Why? Are you jealous?" "Haha, no! But I don't blame her! If I wasn't straight, I'd be all over it." "Too bad for you then since you have me all to yourself tonight!" I quipped. She laughed. "True! Honestly though, if I ever wanted to be with a girl, I would definitely want it to be you." "Oh really? And why is that?" "You're super hot! But I'm just not attracted to girls so don't get your hopes up!" I was a little annoyed that she assumed that because I liked girls I would want to get with her. I did, of course, but she didn't need to assume that. "No worries there," I shot back, "You're not my type anyway." She looked a bit put off, but I changed the subject to our next destination, Perfumania, before she could comment. "Ooh, let's go here!" We wandered around the store spraying perfumes on those little cards when she finally landed on one she really liked. "You have to smell this one, Emme," she said, yelling and gesturing to me from across the crowd of people between us. I held out a card for her to spray it, but she pointed to her neck instead, "Here." I leaned in to sniff her neck, unintentionally grazing her breasts with mine. "Oh yea, that's nice. What is it?" "Romance," she said, picking up a box, "and it's coming home with me." "By the way," I said, waggling my fingers toward her chest. Her nipples were once again perking against the fabric of her dress. I raised my eyebrows and gave her a questioning look as I pretended that I was going to pull my tits out again. She cracked up laughing, as she looked around incredulously, saying 'Hell no' before she headed toward the registers. The final stop on our outlet journey was for swimsuits. We picked a few to try to on. "There's only one dressing room free at the moment," the attendant informed us. I told Amber she could go ahead of me. "It's fine, we can share one." She told the attendant instead. I wasn't shy so I took my clothes off while Amber shyly pulled her bottoms on under her dress. She became less awkward by the third one she'd tried on. I was barely paying attention to her because I had texted Naomi so she'd have my contact details and we were texting back and forth. I finally looked up at one point, to see her checking herself out in the mirror. "That's the one!" I said, moving to stand beside her, admiring the green two piece in the mirror. "It goes really well with your complexion." She turned to see how it looked in the back. It wasn't situated properly on her ass, so I reached my arms around her, slid my fingers under the edge and fixed it for her. I let my hands come to rest on her hips. "That's perfect! Now THAT is a grabbable ass." I reached down and took a handful of her cheeks, spreading them apart slightly and letting go, both of us giggled as they bounced back together. I turned her back around to face the mirror and made some slight adjustments to her straps. Her thick nipples grew hard again, obvious and glaring under the thin fabric. I pretended not to notice, with the intention of ignoring it, but it was she who brought attention to it. "Ugh," she said, spinning around to face me, pointing to them, "again!" "They want to be freed!" I joked, pulling the top of her swimsuit down. Her breasts came bouncing out in front of me and I got a nice, clear view of them. Her nipples looked just as delicious and suckable as I had imagined. They were right within my reach and I wanted so badly to wrap my lips around one of them; twirl my tongue around it. Her mouth gaped as she tried to cover them with her hands. She only made it worse though because one of her nipples ended up getting pressed between her fingers instead. I laughed as I tossed my dress back on and left her in the dressing room alone to finish. When she finally came out, I expected her to be weird or pissed, but she's wasn't. She just looked at me laughing and said, "You're an asshole." as we headed to our car. "You think that was me being an asshole? I think you'll agree that this is me being an asshole." I said this while lifting the back of her dress and exposing her naked ass to the parking lot. "I stand corrected," she said, laughing and grabbing her dress down while looking around, mortified. After spending so much time walking around in the hot sun, we opted to head back to my place and order in instead of stopping at another restaurant on the way. We showered, put on comfy clothes, and started on a glass of wine while waited for our food. The food took so long that the one glass turned into two. It turns out that what I said to her earlier really bothered her and the wine emboldened her to revisit the topic. "So tell me again why I'm not your type. What kind of girls do you like?" "It's not really like that. There's just not one thing. It all depends on the individual. There are some girls that are just inherently sexy and it makes me want them. I feel the same way about guys. I don't have a type, some people just have a vibe that I like." "Wait, so are you saying that I'm not sexy?" Just then, I was saved by the doorbell. Even though I was very interested in expressing to her how sexy she was, I decided not to pursue the conversation. I was tipsy and she was straight, so what was the point? I kept us far away from the topic as we ate. But she would not let it go. As I searched Amazon Prime to find our chosen movie, she goes, "So?" "So, what?" "You don't think I'm sexy? I don't have a sexy vibe?" "Of course, you're sexy," I relented. "But you're straight, so why would I bother?" "Ok, so if I was wasn't, you'd be into me." It was more of a statement than a question. "Why are you asking?" I asked, playfully. She replied dismissively, "I was just curious, really." "Curious enough that you want me to eat your pussy so you can see what all the fuss is about? huh?" "No! Oh my God, Emme, do you have to say that word?" "PUSSY is just a word, Amber, haha. And it's really no different than getting your PUSSY eaten out by a guy...except most likely better." "Ugh. I'll pass." I laughed, started the movie, and we both relaxed into the couch. Naomi and I were still texting and it was getting quite flirty so I was only half paying attention to the movie. Each time my phone lit up she'd glance but said nothing. Finally after I asked her for the tenth time what was going on in the movie, she decided not to hold back. "Oh my God, if you'd watch the movie instead of texting Naomi you'd know." "Ugh, I'm sorry," I said, "but she's really, really..." "Let me guess," she said, cutting me off, "she has the vibe that you like." Was I imagining things or...did she sound jealous? "Oh my God, She's soooo sexy. But you're right, I'm being super rude." I put my phone down and declared, "Pause it. I think we need snacks." I passed her a bowl of popcorn and she sat on the couch crosslegged, nesting the bowl between her legs. I plopped down beside her after turning the lights back off and spreading miniature candy bars on the table in front of us. "The girl with the vibe texted you again." "No worries, I'll text her later. You have me all to yourself now. " I said the last part with a sarcastic tone. "You sure? I kinda saw the preview and I'm pretty sure she sent you a nude." I shrugged as if to say 'oh well' even though I really, really wanted to see that message. I opted to be a good hostess and eat popcorn instead. Naomi was really just turning me on which was ultimately just going to frustrate me since I could only do so much while Amber was here anyway. I had reached over to get popcorn 100 times just fine until I reached once without looking and my hand went behind the bowl instead of in the bowl. I felt something warm and damp against my hand. Dear God. I had accidentally rubbed against Amber's pussy. She didn't react to it, so I recovered the best I could by grabbing one more handful of popcorn. It was dark when I sat down and I couldn't really tell with the bowl there, so I hadn't realized that her sleep shirt had ridden up when she crossed her legs, basically exposing her pussy. And being that she never wore panties, well...SHE had to know this. I couldn't decide if she just hadn't realized it, or if she just didn't care. A few minutes pass by after I announce I'm done with popcorn and she put the bowl on the table. I'd have expected her to adjust herself, but no. With her legs still crossed, she leaned back into the couch. I snuck a look from the corner of my eye and I could see her mound peeking out from the very edge of her t-shirt. I knew there was no way she could not know. In fact, it kind of pissed me off because it was so tempting and I felt that she was teasing me on purpose because she had some sort of weird competitive streak because of Naomi knew even though she was unwavering in her declaration of straightness. I decided then that two could play that game. She would give in and get uncomfortable much sooner than I would. I reached over and pushed her shirt up a bit more and asked her, "Is this an invitation?" She looked at me like I was crazy, but I slid my hand over her mound and she let me rub her pussy a good three or four times. Her pussy was getting juicy and I was literally just about to work a finger in before she finally stopped me. "I can't," she said, closing her legs, forcing out my hand. "Then why were you sitting here with your pussy out, knowing I could see it if you didn't want me to touch it?" "I wasn't thinking and besides you said I wasn't you're type!" "I changed my mind." "Well, I haven't, so let's just watch the rest of this movie and pretend like this never happened." I complied. We were planning to watch two movies but since things got more than a little weird, I decided to call it an early night. She seemed disappointed but since I was clearly bad at reading her, I insisted. Since my guest room was an office, we normally just slept together in my bed but after tonight's weirdness, I offered to sleep on the couch. "No way," she said, "it's fine. " I lay there unable to sleep for about an hour. I kept alternating from laying on my side, to my back, then to my side again. "Can't sleep? I told you we should have watched another movie!" "No,I can't seem to but I am really tired," I lied. "You just need to relax," she said, and started massaging my shoulder. I tensed a bit at her unexpected touch but she kept rubbing me. She trailed her fingertips up down my back and up to my shoulder again. She moved closer to me and rubbed my neck and my arms. She was so close to me her nips were lightly touching my back when she reached forward and started rubbing my collar bone. She let her hands trail down my chest and over my breasts. Suddenly, she was kissing my shoulder and circling her finger around my nipple. I lay perfectly still when she reached down and rubbed my pussy outside of my panties. I didn't react, I just let it happen. When I didn't respond, she urged me onto my back and straddled me, forcing me to look her in the face. I looked into her eyes and I could tell she was serious, that she wanted me. She brought her mouth down onto mine and I acquiesced. While she was kissing me, I reached down to rub her pussy. She was so wet. I slid my hand back and forth across her clit and wasted no time sliding in a finger. She stopped kissing me and just breathed while her mouth was against mine as I pressed deep into her. She let herself down on top of me and kissed me hard after I slid my fingers out of her. She wanted it badly now. She began kissing down my chest until she reached my breasts and sucked my nipples one at a time. She kept going down, kissing me randomly on my stomach, my thighs. She played with the top of my panties, pulling them down just enough to kiss the crest of my mound while she rubbed the rest of me outside of my panties, between my closed legs. I let her slide them down as far as she could without my moving to help then I took control of the situation. I was going to let her off easy and just let it happen quietly, but I thought better of it. The way she'd teased me and flaunted her straightness! I HAD to hear her say it. I slid my panties off and moved from beneath her straddle. I spread my legs wide on either side of her and began stroking myself as she removed her shirt. She played with her own breasts and watched for a moment as I touched myself. "You want this?" I asked her. She nodded sultrily and slid her hands up my thighs. "I want to hear you say it." "Mmmm," she said, "I want it." "Tell me exactly what it is you want. I want to hear you say 'the word'." She bit her lip and hesitated. I sat up to meet her in her kneeling position. With one hand on her ass and the other reaching to finger her, I pulled in close to her and kissed her tits. "Come on baby," I said softly, " we both want the same thing. I just want to hear you say it. Tell me what it is you want." She put her hands on my shoulders and melted into me as I worked her clit. "I want pussy." She said, in barely a whisper and mostly into my hair. I rubbed her clit harder. I wanted to hear her say it out loud. She knew what I wanted. She just couldn't believe she was actually saying it. "I couldn't hear you, baby. Tell me again." I pulled back and looked up at her. She looked me directly in the eyes as she moaned against my touch. "I want pussy," she said breathily, then again, and louder, getting all the way into it. "Oh my god, I want some pussy. I want your pussy." Satisfied with that, I spread my legs back out in front of her without saying another word and she dived her face in and lapped at my pussy in a way I couldn't believe was a straight girl's first time. She devoured me like an animal. I couldn't believe I was lying there with Amber's face buried between my legs. After we both came once, she couldn't keep her hands off of me. As we lay there post orgasm, she continued to rub her hands all over my body and randomly kiss my arm, my neck, my tits. Her hands eventually found their way back to my pussy. "I want some more pussy," she whispered into my chest as she fingered me. She crawled down and spread my legs. "Mmmmmmm," I moaned as she started eating me out again. "I thought you didn't like girls, Amber," I teased. She looked up at me as she tongued my pussy then gave my clit a nice long, slow suck before she said, "I changed my mind."