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  1. glittershark


    it's my all time fantasy!
  2. hmm, that would be a good idea if I knew how to show it lol! I'm a more timid person so I'm not one to just start up a conversation with anyone.
  3. ugh I wish. being a gym addict for the past two years, not once have I ever felt someone looking at me/sending me that vibe. maybe I just have bad RBF hahaha!
  4. hey me too! I'm married and definitely curious, he knows. but I've never acted on it and not even sure how to start.
  5. glittershark

    Married & would like a girlfriend

    aw thank you, I'm blushing lol. it's super hard to explain exactly how us married/taken women would want another relationship to work out. I just hope I get to experience something like it someday!
  6. glittershark

    Married & would like a girlfriend

    I'm married and that would be my ideal situation. just not really sure how to find it lol!
  7. glittershark

    New here

    only my husband knows as well! welcome!
  8. glittershark

    I think I'm missing something

    I'm sorry you're in this situation. it does sound like she's not interested, especially not getting back to you on the day of plans. I went through a similar situation but we didn't live close enough to hang out. she wouldn't text me back for days (after some great conversation and sexting) but would still be active on the site we me through. so I didn't respond to her last message and that's where it ended. if she wants to make time for you, she will!
  9. glittershark

    Brand New Member :)

    @CuriousRobin welcome! you'll find that many of us women here are in the exact same situation
  10. glittershark


    wow, that's an amazing story and coincidence! lucky you! the online thing gets old, it's mostly women looking for a third ("unicorn") or a guy pretending to be a woman. seriously, don't they have anything else to do?!
  11. I'll lick myself off my husband during sex and he'll kiss me after going down. I don't mind it but I'm not like, absolutely dying to do it every time lol.
  12. my husband trims/shaves and I shave everything. even my arms lol. something about my own body hair annoys me! I wish I could get a little creative and do some kind of simple design, but I'm not lol
  13. glittershark

    What Do You Sleep In ?

    usually yoga shorts and a t shirt or tank. I know many people prefer to sleep naked and I just can't! I'm a little self conscious and it makes me feel like something is missing? lol!
  14. I didn't tell my husband until we were already together for five years. I just figured that part of me had to be put away because there was no point in even trying to look, who wants a married woman? ha. but I learned that I'm definitely not alone in those feelings! he asks me about it time and time and accepts me which helps so much.
  15. glittershark


    me too! we've talked about it over the years but I kind of push it into the back of my mind. it's not easy to just throw yourself out there and try to meet women, especially being married and all. I always hoped to find someone married as well with an understanding husband, just seems like that would be a more ideal situation!