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  1. @glittershark I'm in the same place. I've told my husband, he is supportive, but what now? I have had the desire to be with a woman forever but never acted on it. I looked at other bicurious sites and it's all about couples wanting a single or another couple. I just want to see what being with a woman is like, not involving my husband. I can't just hop into bed with someone I just met. I need to get to know them and see what happens. This is really the first time I have ever gone "public" about my sexuality. I'm nervous about the whole thing.
  2. I just started on this site too. I'm new to all this. I've denied it too long.
  3. I'm in the same boat. I'd love to find another married woman to try this out. I have never been with a woman and have no idea where to start. My hubby is very supportive. I am totally committed to him and our kids, but want to experience this side of myself as well.
  4. I would love to find someone in Idaho!
  5. I live in Idaho, but that's not too far!!
  6. You are not alone. I have never done anything with a woman. I'm so curious but nervous. I wish my best friend would just make out with me one time so I could see if I felt anything. I'd be comfortable with her.
  7. I have never done anything with a woman. I have fantasized since high school.
  8. I'm new here. Not sure what I want. I know I have been curious about being with a woman for as long as I can remember. I'm happily married with two children. My husband is supportive.