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  1. Yesss I love watching tribbing. This is my fantasy pretty much only thing I watch or occasionally 1st time lesbian sex hmmmm I love watching a women get seduced for her 1st time coz I wish someone would do that to me
  2. No one knows I guess until I have my first experience with another women that is.
  3. Men most definitely emotionally I fall hard. Women I'm bi curious but only in a sexual way I can't say I've had feeling for a female before.
  4. I can't say I find myself doing that but that goes for everyone I bearly rarely pay attention to people around me but when I'm online I guess I pay attention more lol anti social I am at time shy most definitely
  5. Tried it but once didn't work and years later once again another fail so never again
  6. I love reading these posts most definitely my fantasy and hopefully I get to try one day
  7. I'm the same still yet to experience it, just not sure how go about it especially since I get on alot better with guys lol wouldn't even know where to start
  8. Omg that was hot
  9. yesss definitely always looking for good tribbing vid drives me crazy, this is what sparked my desires
  10. I have definitely thought about it but I doubt I would
  11. I've never been with another female but I'm pretty sure I'd love it and especially her touching me lol
  12. Kiwi here
  13. I love this, I'm new also and feel you I'm dealing with the same thing. I just been browsing around on here so far so good
  14. Welcome I'm new also