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    Mood dependent, I like old rock n roll, to heavy metal, Country, Ska, International.....
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    Dancing, pool (the kind with balls and pockets, although the kind with water is good too), cocktails on a nice warm summer night by the waterfront, laughs, I am also 4:20 friendly ;-)
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    oh god so many but only one? Thelma and Louise, too cliche?

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  1. I've always been interested in feminine men.  More in their feminine nature than anything else.

    Of late I've accepted the fact that I'm attracted to women, more on the masculine side than the feminine.

    i know my family would be upset if I didn't marry a man and have children. But I'm not sure what to do, except bide my time until I find what direction I'll ta

    Best of luck.


  2. Shaved as of late, had the runway but it was alot of work lol trimming and shaving just easier to shave it all
  3. Just waving hello :)


  4. Mel.B

    Any girls here from Ontario?

    Ummm not that I know of BUT admitedly I am new to all of this
  5. I am both myself, well up until the point the pleasure just washes over me and I cannot really think to form a coherent thought then moaning gasping/panting set in
  6. Mel.B


    Well to be blunt I am stoned right now, in bed laying on my side as I type this and my nips are sensitive too, and I seem to have a noticeable wet spot, some of it could be what is running thru my mind? Maybe that is the key!!! The pot takes my mind to a sensual sexy place and perhaps it is not a direct coralation to the pot itself but my mind relaxing? And no sweetie your message was perfectly readable, made sense and easy to follow. Enjoy the sensitive nips
  7. Mel.B

    Your Best 80S Songs.

    All of this and: Run Run Runaway by Slade The Last Waltz also by Slade Wild World (re-make) by Mr. Big Talk Dirty to Me Posion Your So Vain (re-make) by Faster Pussycat Bathroom Wall by Faster Pussycat Lol think I was into hairspray bands???
  8. Mel.B


    Oh god yes I am really looking forward to a shower lol, a detachable showerhead can be a girls best friend (I apologize if that was too vulgar/crass or t.m.i.)
  9. Me as well, it is all in how well one connects with the other, but as weird as that sounds, I do prefer my men more femine shall we say? I mean my husband is not a mans man by any stretch of the imagination, lol some of his friends tease him he would make a better women lol.
  10. Mel.B


    oh god tell me about it sweetie!!!!!!!!! lol now my mind is wandering down the garden path, lol I am almost overloaded on stimuli here lol, so glad I found this site!!!!!!!!
  11. Mel.B

    Cyber Sex And Sexting...

    Also that is a loverly thing about sexting with another women, no real need for pictures!!!! Our minds being stimulated is often enough!!!!
  12. Mel.B

    Cyber Sex And Sexting...

    I can totally relate to this!!! I have sent some pics though, nothing with a lot of my face revealed though, call me paranoid but I do not really want that sort of stuff plastered on the internet.
  13. My experience was as my profile states, with a lady from my women's pool league, she let it be known she liked me, i.e. after I racked the balls sometimes she would lean in look down my top and almost whisper "nice rack", honestly it did make for a ummmm interesting pool game shall we say? I could feel her eyes at times exploring my body when I was bent over the pool table, anyway I digress and also in the process of creating a run on sentence lol.Anyway at the yearly banquet we where sitting in her car a group of us smoking some pot, I was really feeling the effects so lingered behind sort of on purpose I suppose, then we where in the backseat, her hand up my skirt, panties slide to the side as we necked well we are all adults here, lol I will leave the rest to your imagination. To be honest I have never "gone down" on another women but really looking forward to the opportunity
  14. Mel.B


    I have never tried a strap-on, my experience is somewhat limited, but it is a turn on. How to say this tactfully.............to be entered and still feel the soft warm female form..........yes a turn on, most definitely