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  1. HerbanOrla

    Movie Night!

    Here for it!
  2. HerbanOrla

    The stigma of single, never married, no kids

    Thanks for this. I agree.
  3. HerbanOrla

    The stigma of single, never married, no kids

    I am married, but not did not have children by choice. I come from a pretty tolerant area, but other people (primarily women with children) have from time to time questioned me inappropriately regarding this. It’s a double standard for sure, since I’d certainly be considered out of line if I asked a woman with children why she chose to have them.
  4. HerbanOrla


    I looked up the event online. The panels seem interesting and I bet there’s lot of friendships and connections that come out of attending it. I would absolutely go if I were in the UK.
  5. HerbanOrla

    Womens Pride Amsterdam Vlogs

    I encourage you to report the messages to a mod so that those users will not be able to do that to anyone else. And you can block them, as well.
  6. HerbanOrla

    Womens Pride Amsterdam Vlogs

    You’re doing something really brave and out of your comfort zone. Going to events alone is very difficult, IMO. Good on you for making the best of it!
  7. HerbanOrla

    Club Book Nominations

    Works for me! I respect Autostraddle’s opinions (and yours, of course). I’m open to either one of them.
  8. HerbanOrla

    Inspiring Pictures Of Women With Women

    They each tell a story I wish I could hear. Where do you find them?
  9. HerbanOrla

    Just frustrated venting

    Seems to me what you are doing is needed, and honorable. People love to complain and criticize because it’s easier than examining their own lives. Maybe if your MIL was aware of the fact that her son is being unfaithful to you she’d be less judgmental and focus her efforts on him instead.
  10. HerbanOrla

    What would you want in a bi-women's space?

    I like the idea of a space like the one @moonbynight mentioned above, but I guess the “where” is less important. I’d like to be part of a group that meets up regularly, maybe in a variety of different places.
  11. @firstmorningsnow, same here, regarding ignored users. Most people have been cool. Just hell no, I’m not here for that nonsense.
  12. HerbanOrla

    Anyone from Chicago Illinois area?

    Hi all, is anyone planning to attend this event in August? North side of Chicago. If so, I’d be glad to meet you and say hi. The ticket benefits the Catcade, and they’re going to have drag kings! https://ticketbud.com/events/f9fd08ac-9cee-11e9-a29e-42010a717005 It’s being billed as an event for lesbian and queer women, with dancing and a DJ, while supporting a good cause. DM if you need more info. It was posted on a FB on a group I’m part of, but I didn’t want to share the FB link.
  13. I’m sorry to hear that. She’s not the only bi woman in the world. If you want something enough, sooner or later it will happen, and hopefully you’ll be in a better place to be open to other situations when something else comes along.
  14. I’m really sorry to hear that. So you have three little kids...my gut reaction is to be be extremely cautious regarding what information you share with him, for their sakes as well as your own. You’ve tested the waters a bit with some comments and it sounds like he’s insecure and/or jealous about you having an attraction to women. If you confronted him about his cheating, what was his reaction?
  15. It’s interesting that you say he’s cheating on you, but that it sounds as though you still you need his okay as far as your sexual exploration. He’s blown up about something as insignificant as a haircut and seems to have some dislike towards gay people (asking if you cut your hair “for the lesbians”). Based on what you’ve said, I don’t know if coming out to him is a good idea unless you say it on your way out of the marriage. He could use it to hurt you, especially since you said that he takes everything personally.