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  1. Freaky.Fiona


    Fair enough, not everyone is the same or enjoys the same things. I've quite enjoyed them (more so the MFF ones, the MMF ones not as much, though they can be fun sometimes. Also had FFF ones that were amazing, if and when they actually happen.). I guess I just like a wider variety of 'activities' like that than you, ;) lol
  2. Freaky.Fiona


    Each person is different, with different comfort levels about such things. I don't mind it as much, have done the MFF (and, less often, MMF) threesomes, as well as had that very request you mentioned of them watching you with their GF or wife, and I went along with it. Not always, sometimes it just seems dumb, even creepy, the way it's asked and all, but I have done it and rolled with the whole thing. Is my preference for them to sit and watch? Nope. So, overall, I normally prefer just me and the girl, alone, but I am not as shy or unwilling to engage in these other practices as others are (obviously including you! lol).
  3. Hey, Just checking in, since I know it’s been a tough time for you, so wanted to send my support. I hope all is well! -hugs-

    1. gwnanc


      Thankyou so much ....yes it is getting alittle better ....I know it will take time . How are you ? Whats going on in your world ?

    2. Freaky.Fiona


      You're welcome and, yes, I expect it will take time (and likely never fully get over such a loss :().. I'm good, thanks, I've been enjoying summer and all it has to offer. Enjoying being with friends, family, etc. including, of course, women I've 'specially' connected with. :) Even got to enjoy time at an old gf's new 'island resort' on Sunday and met her new gf, too (I went with my main girl, as well as my older sister- who also used to date this old gf of mine- and her current gf. She's also bi, and a mother, though now divorced; as is her gf). :).  Other than your obvious traumatic issue you're dealing with now, how are things with you and what's going on in your world? :)

  4. Yes, kind of bizarre. I hate to say this, but she sounds like a narcissist and a bit of a sociopath.
  5. Thanks you very much, though I have had my struggles, too- it's not like I had an epiphany one day and had it all sorted out, much time, trial and error, thought, plenty of missteps, a few tears, and loads of uncertainty. Even now, it's not always perfect, but it is manageable and workable.
  6. Hard to decide, I do like chocolate, but salted caramel is pretty great, too! Where? Nipples and way up inner thighs, very close to that special spot. ;) lol
  7. Freaky.Fiona

    Very sad

    Sorry, again for your loss. More big hugs from me, too. :(
  8. Ya, I think you dodged a bullet with this one. She'd just keep messing with your head and you'd not even get the satisfaction of the sex, let alone the more important thing you're looking of an actual relationship. She's going to have a tough time ever finding anyone, as everyone will be flawed in some way (or they'll, ironically, tell her she's not the one- much to her surprise and chagrin! lol).
  9. Hey, I saw your hello tome in the forum. I just wanted to say hey here, too! lol Glad to see you here in this site as well. :) 

    1. pinklotus


      Hi @Freaky.Fiona thanks for the greetings. Hope you're enjoying your time here on the forum! 

  10. Definitely prefer starting with clothes on, especially if she's nicely dressed up, and I do quite enjoy sex while clothes on (well, to a point, still easily access bare breasts and able to get to her mound (and vice versa). I tend to prefer skirts and dresses for such cases. ;) lol
  11. I thought everyone knew this? ;) lol Seriously, I'm sure every woman has at least had a bit of an interest, or crush, or whatever on another woman. Doesn't mean they are full on bi, but likely curious and interested to a point. Whether they'd ever act on it is another story, likely not, but some may act on it a bit on impulse, have their 'bi fling' and leave it at that.
  12. Freaky.Fiona

    Strap-On Or Dick?

    Believe me (or the rest of us who have tried it and enjoyed it), it is! lol There are also some strap on or strap on styled toys, like the feeldoe, that is useful because it has a smaller dildo on the other side of it that ensures both women are pleasured; so no one misses out!
  13. Freaky.Fiona

    Hi...skittish and shy

    Welcome, pretty new here myself.
  14. Girl on girl/Lesbian for sure, of various types. Some 'straight' too. Again, varies by type and, of course, mood.
  15. Freaky.Fiona

    Sex Or Relationship

    For me, a more committed relationship with a man, all about the sex with a woman.