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  1. Annie131

    Hi im new to the site

    Welcome to a wonderful and supportive place. So much to learn and take in. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.
  2. Heck yes. The thought of dating and serving a sexy alpha professor or teacher is a huge fantasy for me.
  3. Annie131

    I want an online friend

    Sounds perfect. It would be a fun outlet.
  4. Annie131


    Hi and welcome!!
  5. Annie131

    Curious 59 year old wife

    Welcome jen!!
  6. Annie131


    Welcome! This is a very supportive room. The members are wonderful.
  7. Annie131

    Board Games :)

    I have considered Betrayal. It looks fun.
  8. Annie131

    Board Games :)

    It took me awhile to get the hang of it, but I enjoy Pandemic.
  9. Annie131

    Brand new here

  10. Annie131


  11. Annie131

    Hello Everyone! (new gal)

    Welcome!! This is a wonderful and supportive group.
  12. Annie131

    What Do You Sleep In ?

    Tank and PJ pants