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  1. Sweet*e

    Who's out who's in

    I'm with @Femme Lusting on it being more of a personal thing. I'm not hiding or flying my flag high. If opportunities present themselves then I'm coming out to others. I've come out to pretty much all of my lgbtq friends, as well as my husband.
  2. Sweet*e

    Newbie seeking the passion I once had

    Hi and welcome!
  3. Sweet*e


    Welcome to the site!
  4. Sweet*e

    Well hello all! Remember me?!

    I wasn't around then but welcome back!
  5. Sweet*e

    Hi, new from GA.

    Welcome!! You'll find plenty of women in the same boat here!
  6. Sweet*e

    Hey there!

    Hi, welcome! It's a pretty cool place to be with a lot of people in similar situations.
  7. After birthing two children unmedicated... it's a hard no from me :(
  8. @playful do you suggest dill or bread and butter? Maybe I should stay away from the sweet ones for fear of ants or rodents? Do rodents even like pickles. I guess that's for another topic.
  9. I watch porn it takes forever if I don't. With a partner, not as long of course
  10. Sweet*e

    Slightly nervous new person saying hello!

    Welcome! You are definitely in the right place. Best of luck to you!
  11. Sweet*e

    Just saying HI!

  12. Sweet*e

    Bi is beautiful!

    Welcome!! This journey isn't always easy, but knowing more of who you truly are is totally worth it.
  13. I don't have any dermals, but would like to get one. I have some friends with them. They do hurt from what I've been told. I have my nose and ears (5 in each) pierced. Labret piercings on guys is hot...I agree about the nose on guys.
  14. I personally love piercings on men or women. Dermals are cute on women. Any piercing is sexy though
  15. Love them on both men and women!!