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  1. Seeing/talking to beautiful and sexy women.
  2. Peeking back ;) 

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    2. LaurenNicole813


      I know haha, I’ll be paying for it later though.  Glad you liked it, it was all I could think of at the moment lol.  You can tell me a bit about yourself if you want. 

    3. Ice


      Shall we take this to PM? Let me PM u ;)

    4. LaurenNicole813


      Ok, sounds great :-) 

  3. LaurenNicole813

    Anyone from Pennsylvania?

    In southeast PA
  4. Enjoying my Sunday relaxing and cleaning. Craving some sweet strawberries literally and metaphorically ;-D

  5. What did you hear? I am not aware of anything that happened.
  6. Any Tool fans in here? Lol.
  7. LaurenNicole813

    Very sad

    I’m so sorry, he sounds like a really great guy. He did amazing things in his life that not many people can do. May he Rest In Peace and I’m here if you need to talk.
  8. My current situation: edible cookie dough and OITNB

    1. MarriedBi


      Me and my husband started watching the new season last night. I think we got through the first 2 episodes. It’s really good so far. Who’s your favorite? 

    2. LaurenNicole813


      @MarriedBi my favorites are Alex, (looks) Nicky(how she looks in real life and her personality in the show) and Stella.   How about you? 

    3. MarriedBi


      I love Alex. Nicky is hilarious. I love Frieda especially finding out more of her back story this season. I also like Dia, she’s such a badass now. And I also love that her mom is still part of the show. I don’t think I have 1 actual favorite. 

  9. Hey, I’m new here, I’m hoping you ladies will help steer me in right direction and hopefully I’ll have some people to connect with. What was your first experience like? How did you know you were interested?