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  1. Active Life

    If y'all remember lafnatme50.......

    Welcome back!
  2. Active Life

    Word association game

  3. Active Life

    New vlogs; Philly/NYC stay

    I laughed my arse off that you went to Hooters for lunch. You must have chosen that you prefer boobs in the "boob/ass" thread. Next time, call that cute server over and ask for a pic or to be in your video! Um. you didn't model any of those sexy tops. pfft. j/k, I know it would have been difficult with your little girl there.
  4. Active Life

    I had my first date

    Hey, I'm a Cardinals fan so I'm in for a rough season. Hope the Browns have a good season for you.
  5. Active Life

    I had my first date

    Even die-hard American football fans wonder who the Browns are.... .
  6. Well, now you've moved into suction territory.
  7. @Katy Fascinating. I had assumed the sexual reasoning, but the others, I would have never guessed. Thank you for offering that different perspective.
  8. What was your motivation behind the tongue piercing?
  9. I bet they've retrieved worse.
  10. Active Life

    Weirdest date you've ever been on....

    I get where you are coming from, although I'm not sure I completely agree. If I believe you, women (and men) instinctively know how to perform when it comes to heterosexual sex because of innate confidence or previous experience; and by extension, expect that is the only way women should enjoy sex. They know no better because of their cultural upbringing and/or naivety. If the masturbation thread on this site is any indication, girls masturbate at a fairly young age while not having a name for it. They just know it feels good. You can apply the same logic to a boy. Now I can only speak from my experience of living in the West, the younger generation has moved beyond the regular heterosexual sex. If someone wants to know how to go down on a woman? A quick internet search or, even simpler, pull up your favorite app and search there. You can find answers to whatever questions you may have. SM has provided women with an outlet to talk about sex with anonymity which has led to discussions beyond the traditional male/female dynamic. If anything, the younger generation is more knowledgable than I ever was at that age. Honestly, naive people are older. For sure, cultural norms and homophobic parents influence what people think is acceptable, I'm 100% on board with that and believe that a woman or man may only perform certain sexual acts that fit within the cultural norm. However, I don't believe it means that a good majority of people don't know what other sexual acts make them feel good. Sorry for the hijack. I'll refrain from responding again.
  11. Active Life

    Weirdest date you've ever been on....

    You know, I've always found it odd when women say they don't know how to have "lesbian" sex. It seems pretty straight forward to me. You play for the same team and should know what turns you on and what feels good. Not to mention, you can always ask what your partner likes.
  12. Active Life

    Weirdest date you've ever been on....

    This made me laugh. Did you ever fess up and go out with the other twin? Now that would have added another dimension to your dating story.
  13. I'm fairly certain my boobs aren't going to grow during menopause. I have a low body fat % and most boobs carry a high percentage of fat. I'm a lost cause here... My ass looks fantastic from lifting consistently though, so I'm cool with that.