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  1. Active Life

    The girl I've been crushing on is ace

    It's unlikely she'll want a sexual relationship but she may like to kiss and be affectionate. Maybe you can date her she see where it leads with the knowledge that sex is more then likely a hard stop for her. Good luck.
  2. Active Life

    Secrets are the best.

    Not in my book.
  3. Married here. I prefer someone single. I'd consider someone married if she was very independent and didn't have to check in with the husband all the time. I get managing their schedules, but if she has to get permission to do things, I'm out. If her husband didn't know about her lifestyle and had issues with it, then I'd want her to be able to freely communicate with me. This would require him not having access to her phone and passwords. I'm not interested in drama and I don't want to worry about him getting into her messages and bothering me. So I guess all things considered, single for me!
  4. Active Life

    Giving up alcohol... who is with me?

    I wish you all the best on this journey. You may find that you will need to form new friendships and/or fill your time with new activities that align with your no drinking policy. From someone didn't drink alcohol for 25 years, sobriety is a different lifestyle but your body will thank you for it. I began drinking in moderation again the last few years and it's a love-hate relationship for me. I enjoy it while imbibing, but it affects my productivity the next day. I may start cutting way back to maybe a few nights per month.
  5. Active Life

    Ever Been To A Strip Club?

    Blew confetti out of her p*ssy??? I have so many questions. Where did she get the confetti? How did it get in her p*ssy? And....Why???
  6. Who doesn't... even when sex is a regular occurrence?
  7. No reason why you shouldn't date him and others. You don't need to be in a committed relationship when you first start dating. Who knows, you may find someone else who fits the bill better. I would never expect a man to provide for me for the long-term, I've seen it go south for too many women. Sure, there's always give and take throughout a marriage. There have been times when I worked and not my husband and vice versa. I stayed home when my kids were younger and he was the only one working. Once my children were older, I went back to work. What's this man doing currently for an income and why do you think you need to support him?
  8. Active Life

    Tough to meet bi women

    I'm not actively looking for a woman and I've never used a dating app, but I really like to be an active participate in life. So I’ve joined Meetup groups where I've made friends, both men and women. I've met a few women that are open to other women. I also go out with friends often and meet women that way. I'm pretty straight forward and will ask a women if she's into women after some preliminary questions to weed out the homophobes and the really straight laced. Maybe just getting out there more often and socializing will yield some dates or, at the very least, great friendships. Personally I'd be open to FWB, and not exclusive. I think it may be harder to find someone who wouldn't be jealous if I traveled or was friends with other women than finding another bi.
  9. Active Life

    Are You Ok With Being Single?

    You have a great attitude about all that happened. Good for you!
  10. My libido has increased with age.
  11. Active Life

    Boobs Or Ass? If You Had To Choose 1.

    Very difficult to decide. I like when a woman exercises and is tight. I'll go for a great ass. All boobs are great and you can always enhance them if you so desire.
  12. It's been a while since you posted on this topic. I hope it all worked out for you.
  13. Active Life

    Subtle turn ons

    I like intense eye contact and close physical contact in a public location. Body language turned toward each other. Occasional touches and squeezes to my leg(s) and hands.
  14. Active Life


    You'll have to tell the person that you are meeting up with that you are into women . I only tell people I trust to be discreet and not blabber it all over. Honestly, if no one knows you're gender flexible, your hopes of knowing other women with the same feeling is going to be difficult. I've found that surrounding myself with women who are very liberal leads to meeting new women with those same beliefs. If you plan to use dating apps, I can't help here. I don't use those as I think there are too many work colleagues using them and I'm not comfortable with people at work knowing I'm married but also looking to date women.
  15. Active Life

    Fitness Goals, who has them?

    Congrats on running this race! Argh, I did this three years ago. It was lots of fun until I started cramping after freezing my arse off in the Arctic Enima. I couldn't run the last 6 miles, it didn't help that I sprained my ankle 1.5 months prior to the race and was unable to train. I'm so glad I did it though and would run it again. You are correct, there's lots of training required to help prevent injury. There's other shorter races of this type which you may have time to train. Tough Mudder even has a 5K version now. It sounds like you may be able to do this.