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  1. MidnightBabe

    I told him almost the whole truth

    @CallistoDidNotWin, I love this. Putting good energy brings us back more good energy, I believe. @MusicLove1044, you can take charge of your life by setting your own goals, moving toward them, and accepting into your life only those people who value and embrace and support you. Seek friends and partners who share your values and have a positive presence in your life. Create mantras to help you get there. You've got this!
  2. MidnightBabe

    Abusive relationships

    Speaking up can be so powerful. It can connect the very people who have become disconnected. Great sentiment, @CallistoDidNotWin. Thanks for sharing yourselves, ladies. Together, we grow stronger. So glad that you are being you, @these-broken-wings(TBW). That's awesome, truly! And if you're reading this and have something to share or ask but don't feel like sharing here, feel free to message me. I'll listen and try to support you. Wishing strength to us all.
  3. MidnightBabe

    Abusive relationships

    Good for you, @CallistoDidNotWin. I'm breaking free of an abusive relationship, with my husband. It's almost like I had embraced the distortions and manipulations my husband used to control me and justify his behavior. No more. Never again.
  4. MidnightBabe

    Getting ready for my girl

    Sounds grand, just do it all for you.
  5. MidnightBabe

    Is this wrong?

    I think those words say all you need to say. My husband is my best friend but I dont know how to tell him I may not be able to stay here forever.
  6. MidnightBabe

    How do I label myself?

    Lots of great points up there, @CallistoDidNotWin (one day please post it message me about your screen name!). If you feel there is something else missing, @browneyedgirl146, I suggest you go find it! And when you do find it, it will help you understand yourself. You don't need terms unless you want them. But I get it, you want to understand who you are and where you belong. And who belongs with you! But it might not be so cut and dried. Sex with anyone can be anything. Talk to a seasoned therapist, then talk to your husband. Take time to think this all through. Then go find that special woman and see for yourself! Then you will know what sex or making love with a woman means to you. But I suggest you talk with your husband before you act. It gets much, much messier if you act before you talk. @bikiwi, thanks for the mention. I enjoy your posts as well. You make some great points.
  7. So sorry to hear your sad news, @Woolygirl. It's a tough time to grieve this loss while you just started this dialogue with your hubby. A few of us agree this is not the time to make big decisions. Let yourself heal and process all this. And I really agree with @waking_nymph that guys really need to feel needed! Your speaking of your sexual curiosity could be perceived as rejection, of your not needing him. Be very careful here, his ego may br fragile.
  8. Hoping your grandma is ok! Tomorrow is a new day!
  9. Wondering how you are, how your night is going. Hoping he sees your value as yourself and as a couple and opens his heart to hear you. But if it's just not in him, then it would be good to be real with yourself about what you want and need. Give yourselves some time to sort it out, ok?
  10. When I first spoke of it to my dh, I said that I was just curious. He totally flipped out, shutting down any conversation by threatening to out me on social media where my kids, family, friends and colleagues could see. Told me to divorce him, which I was just not ready to do. I wish he could have heard me out, but that's not what he signed up for, he would state. Neither side I! I didn't hide this; I just didn't know I was sexually fluid. Now I know. Now I'll live the life I want, and it's ok.
  11. My husband was completely closed to the idea. Married more than 25 years, and he couldn't even handle a discussion so there was no middle ground. No communication. So after some really intense and supportive therapy, I took a really good hard look at this marriage. I saw a painful history of him failing to hear me, him in failing to be emotionally supportive, and sometimes, his being verbally abusive. Which I enabled, for too long, to be honest. But not any more! I'm in the process of getting divorced. I have the most incredible woman in my life, and I am so crazy happy with her! I will face challenges and stress in going through the divorce, but I know this divorce is for the best, I am striving to remain amicable, and when it's over. we both will be happier. Keep talking. Think about what you want. Compromise is good, but you have to be ok with where that brings you. Really ok. Find a savvy therapist that can help you figure out you. And keep talking, best you can.
  12. MidnightBabe


    I take queer to mean anyone non-hetero. I take it to be an inclusive term. I could easily be wrong, not that's how I take it. Loved that article, @CeCe128! Thanks for posting.
  13. MidnightBabe

    I want to start a new life

    Wise words, @lsroses. Hang in there, @browneyedgirl146
  14. MidnightBabe

    I want to start a new life

    I get it and sometimes I feel so detached and disconnected from my hetero life. Being in love with a woman has brightened my life so much that I want that energy with me always. I agree with @waking_nymph that your issues will follow you. I think taking more time for yourself could be a very welcome relief. That, and taking time to really process where you are and what you want. @browneyedgirl146, I've heard others say that we should wait a year before making radical changes. That may seem like forever, yet that could give you time to explore what you want. Maybe that's a balance, and maybe that's a shift away from your current life. Keep talking to us. Keep exploring your feelings and your options. Do you have a good therapist who understands your sexuality, or a really good friend who gets you? Take your time. I hope you find a solution that feels good to you. You are the only one who can find that and make it happen.
  15. MidnightBabe

    Need advice on my platonic bestie

    What's stopping you from having this chat?