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  1. MidnightBabe


    I agree with @CallistoDidNotWin. So let's keep sharing as we explore who we are and where we're going. I found this to be a great place to learn and share openly, and I want to keep it open.
  2. MidnightBabe

    Today's Mantra

    It's a crisis if some people turn it into a crisis. Or perhaps those of a certain gender! But I live unraveling and rethinking too.
  3. MidnightBabe


    Well started, @moonbynight!
  4. MidnightBabe


    I think the biggest crowd here is curious and/or transitioning. I think that's why many of us are here. That said, @CallistoDidNotWin makes great points. If someone were sure of being lesbian, why visit Shy?
  5. MidnightBabe

    Today's Mantra

    Love Brene Brown. Her talk on Trust is a must see. Worth. Every. Minute! Here is the podcast. You can see this on YouTube. Really impacted me, it was that powerful. https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/oprahs-supersoul-conversations/id1264843400
  6. MidnightBabe

    The girl I've been crushing on is ace

    I'm sorry, I'm unfamiliar with ace. I think I know...
  7. MidnightBabe

    Ooh, this feels good!

    Welcome! I'm curious what you meant by the solidity of your marriage. How do you feel your marriage is going? And by explore, what will you do? There's so much here to read, so much to learn. I hope you discover who you are and what's important to you so you can embrace yourself more fully.
  8. MidnightBabe

    Are You Ok With Being Single?

    Just curious. For those of you looking for women but seeking bi women, why don't you seek lesbian women? I have no experience here, but I wonder if you'd have more luck finding a lesbian woman to date, than a bi woman.
  9. MidnightBabe

    Abusive relationships

    I am currently trying to unravel myself from an abusive relationship. I cannot believe, like @BiTriMama stud, that I just took this life as being ok. But I think the abuse, the manipulation, the shame, the blame, the toxicity, all evolved slowly, slow in insidious enough for me to fail to recognize how bad things really were. Then I met her, and I learned what love is really supposed to feel like. That healthy love is free from pain and fear. It is beautiful, safe, and accepting. I, too, am grateful for this site and especially for this thread! Some of us really need safe places to share and connect. So, thanks to the mods and founders of this site, and thanks to everyone who keeps it going by sharing here.
  10. Very interesting feelings and situation, @tsikk. I discovered my same sex attraction after many years of marriage, after coming out to my dh and trying to make things work in an otherwise unhealthy marriage. We are now separated, and he says he wants to come out and tell HIS story. HIS STORY??!!! My children don't want me out, I don't choose to be out, yet he calls it his right to talk about his life, and what I've dove to it. I'm not saying I agree, at all! In fact i think it's narcissistic of him in a way, but I thought I'd share this perspective. Clearly he's hurt and angry! So far he is honoring my children's request. You need to do what's best for you, but it is very kind of you to take your DH feelings in mind.
  11. MidnightBabe

    The best of both worlds

    @Tara69 welcome to your new normal. I fell in love quite unexpectedly, not knowing of my same sex attraction. But this love is by far the most positive, beautiful, free, strong and passionate I've ever known. I am blessed, so very fortunate and grateful to her. Pay close attention to these new feelings of yours and be real with yourself. Be kind. Talk to a knowledgeable therapist. They can help you sort out your feelings. There is great risk living a double life. When spouses find out, it's catastrophic.
  12. MidnightBabe

    The best of both worlds

    @Anita Estrya When did you come out to your husband? 35 years is quite a long relationship right there! Wondering who was in your life first, him or her?
  13. It was new to me a couple of years ago, beyond age 50, married way too long, with grown children. You are much younger and I'd say more free to explore ay your age with a bf who says he's open. Read around here. Threesomes are hard. I've heard it happen where the guy is surprised to learn he's not the main event, when the women are more into one another. The attraction between women can be so powerful, it can be mind blowing! Before I decided to divorce my DH (I'll be polite and call him dear husband), and I just discovered my same sex attraction, I'd NEVER do a threesome. I couldn't imagine sharing her, or even letting someone watch us make love. No way! So do a lot of research, @NancyG, a lot of communicating, a lot of careful planning. You might really do better on your own with your first exploration. That way there's no one else to please but the two of you girls. And you'll be free to touch, kiss, explore, as freely as you allow yourself to be. Be careful of everyone's feelings if you do a threesome. Yours, his, and the girl you invite. Be very clear on what each of you expects. I'd still suggest a private experience. Good luck!
  14. Never saw game of thrones. I know, what's wrong with me?! If I sit in front of a TV and I'm not totally engaged, I'll fall asleep. I like being more active. In direct conversation, moving to music, creating something. So I watch little TV. Also too busy!! Back to topic ... @caliwoman today is a new day with new opportunities to move forward. I hope it's a better day for you. XOXO
  15. Sending gentle hugs. You didn't deserve any of that.