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  1. CallistoDidNotWin

    Physical or Emotional Connection?

    Doesn't sound strange to me at all. I think I can relate to your comments. But it is something rather difficult to formulate into clear coherent explanatory words, isn't it? For me it is anyway. Sometimes I have wondered if I have an "emotional" connection at all even to my husband. I do love him. But "emotional connection" ....seems to me like that involves something on special wavelength......and I have wondered if for me that is something that could only exist in a relationships with a woman. But I have never, in the "real world", had the opportunity to see for sure, as I have never had that relationship with a woman. Online though.....I have felt the hint of a tendril of connection...... an emotional connection perhaps....but still rather difficult for me to navigate as, I too, wonder what an emotional connection is......
  2. CallistoDidNotWin

    "Educated" by Tara Westover

    @celeste teal had suggested having individual threads for individual books. So I am starting this thread for "Educated" by Tara Westover. I did finish it. My initial comment on it is: Wow. But of course I will have much more to say here later. Including a couple of passages from the book that I actually copied down and saved, they seemed so meaningful/insightful to me. I will have a bit more time later to do that. But I just wanted to go ahead now and start this thread since I am so interested to hear what others will have to say as well. By the way, I have never been in any sort of "book club." Not in that sort where people all read a book and then sit down together to discuss it. Which is a bit odd since I am such a book-a-holic. But I suppose the main reason is that I am sooooo painfully shy. My love of books could never surmount the extreme discomfort I would have felt at the simple act of sitting in the midst of a group of people. So even though I would have loved, at various times in my life, to join a book discussion group.....it was just a complete impossibility for me. Thus, I am very particularly happy about having this opportunity here. Online .... I can be an outgoing extrovert. So anyway, since my experience in "book clubs" is zero, I'm not entirely sure how things would proceed, or what sort of comments people might make, or where the discussion might go. I'm just happy to be here.....and like a horse at the starting gate, with my fingers hovering over the keyboard all ready to launch into all sorts of commentary.
  3. CallistoDidNotWin


    Oh @bikiwi I think that is a little bit of an overreaction/misunderstanding on your part. It did not seem to me that @lsroses was saying anything of the sort. I think her point was...and a good point....that who would want to see bickering and arguments on here over politics, world affairs or whatever? And that is fair enough. I sure wouldn't want to see that. Certainly there is a middle ground. Politics, world affairs, etc., can be discussed in a friendly way, a nonargumentative way, and that is certainly what I am all for around here. In fact, for me, that is the whole point of discussing such topics here, because this is, for the most part, a friendly community of friendly women -- yeah, some squabbles here and there but nothing major. And the last thing I would want to do is go anywhere else to discuss such topics cuz I certainly don't need any of the venom and nastiness that exists out in the general social media world. I'm "off the grid" in fact completely in that regard, I don't even do Twitter. I can see why you bristled there @bikiwi. And when I read what @lsroses said, well I myself just kind of shrugged and thought to myself "well, I kind of disagree." But really she was not at all attacking anyone or anything, not in my eyes. She just voiced an opinion, that like I said has some validity. But just in my view, it doesn't have to be either/or. Other topics, I think, can be discussed here in a friendly and "nondepressing" way, even if the topics are a little dark. Just a good ole intellectual discussion is all. No harm/no foul. ShyBi is what we make it. Peace, okay?
  4. CallistoDidNotWin

    Hi Everyone

    Absolutely that makes sense. You've come to the right place. Well none of that here either, thank goodness. Welcome, browse around, and dive in on discussions. And by the way, does indeed sound like you have an awesome husband. Wish more men were like that and didn't seem to feel....oh....how to put it....."threatened" by bisexuality in their partner.
  5. CallistoDidNotWin

    Your Best 80S Songs.

    Hah, of course, knew somebody would know this (what I thought was very obscure) song. I did go back through many pages on this thread, but not all (a lot to go through), had somebody else posted that song or a reference to the artist on this thread? (If so, I could probably guess who...THE Music Encyclopedia Herself, and ya know who I mean the redoubtable @BenedettaC) Well, I will definitely comb through this thread some more. And maybe I will see if I can come up with a good obscure song that nobody here will recognize (though that will be quite a challenge, but I like challenges )
  6. CallistoDidNotWin


    @HerbanOrla Thank you for that article link. I found that very interesting. Yes, I am a nature lover too. And always found a special sense of peace in nature, hiking or camping or caving. Most particularly on some trips (that did happen to be with my hubby) but where, due to our basic abject poverty at the time early in our marriage, we were seriously roughing it, just camping wherever (once slept in a sleeping bag, laid on top of a tarp, in the middle of the Utah desert), only snagging a shower pretty rarely, and only eating whatever did not require a refrigerator or stove.....those trips were sooooo fun and so peaceful mentally/emotionally. Yeah, I think there is something to be said that "nature" can be special because it is a "nonjudgmental" space. You are not boxed into any category when you are strolling amongst pine trees or tramping across a desert. That kind of "space" is something we all need for our mental health. And certainly I think there is that with Shy, it being a nonjudgmental space for bi people to just "be" and not have to fit any category. Really was an interesting article.
  7. CallistoDidNotWin


    I haven't been with Shy all that very long, but even the time I have been here, it seems to me like there is an ebb and flow of that. I have seen politics, world affairs, social justice topics discussed on here, but some of the people who spearhead or contribute those things, alas, they sometimes just aren't around that much. Life intervenes, I guess. But (and no offense intended to any newbies) I have also observed the occasional influx of women who are just basically desperate (sexually), and bounce into here like, well, a kid in a candy store. I can use that phrase "kid in a candy store" because that was certainly me when I arrived here.....I had one thing on my mind, sex, and I made that pretty clear. Kid in a candy store. It just took me a while to realize and appreciate the deeper value offered in online friendships and a community of kindred spirits of women who sympathize and understand bisexuality. Anyway, Shy is what we make it. So I'm game for chatting politics, world affairs, environment, social justice, you name it. But.....I'm always game for talkin sex too . And, it is quite comforting and liberating to know that here (if nowhere else in my fairly circumscribed life/world) I can chat sex, in depth, and with zero self-censorship. That is pretty darn awesome and what I truly do love most about this site. The fact I don't have to censor myself in any way when talkin' sex. I'm very grateful for that.
  8. CallistoDidNotWin


    Ah yes, you put to words something I had in my mind, but just couldn't quite pin down, but you phrased it perfectly. "Burnt out." Definitely do see that.
  9. CallistoDidNotWin


    I would say I sometimes do kinda sorta maybe get that impression. But it is quite hard to say. Would be interesting to set up a poll and just ask the question and then tally the numbers. When I say I get that impression....I guess I would say that is only because there is a lot of chatting about women sexually (and three cheers for that, I love it) but not so much chatting about men sexually, and, theoretically bi means interest in both, technically? Right? But on the other hand, could just simply be lots and lots of bi women here who are simply focusing sexually on women because, lets face it, we have men in our lives, we can have/have had/do have/been there/done that with men, and some of us (me certainly) are yearning to have the other side of bi nature fulfilled. Hence focused on women. Which could then sound quite lesbian. Just my rambling thoughts on the matter.
  10. CallistoDidNotWin

    Your Best 80S Songs.

    I am having way too much fun with trip down memory lane. But I thought I would also throw a song out here that might be unfamiliar to some people. Broaden horizons just a little. (Of course I know there are some walking Music Encyclopedia women around Shy that would say, "oh yeah, I know this song".) Have to put one of those Tipper Gore "Explicit Lyrics" warnings on this one though. (Remember Tipper? -- yeah, I know she had good intentions....but that paves the road to hell, ya know... ) "Never Say Never" by Romeo Void
  11. CallistoDidNotWin

    Your Best 80S Songs.

    oooooh yes loved that one! From the concert film "Stop Making Sense". That brings back memories.....
  12. CallistoDidNotWin

    Your Best 80S Songs.

    Also have to give a nod to when rap music was at its best, late '80s, when it was all about clever rhymes (and diggin' deep in the vocabulary sometimes to find the right word ) Loved dancin' to this one. Bust a 'Move
  13. CallistoDidNotWin

    Your Best 80S Songs.

    And finally, this gem. Though the song was not originally from the 80's, this awesome Tina Turner cover of it was released in 1982, and was the kick-off of Tina's comeback. And the song applies as much today as it did then, maybe more so?............
  14. CallistoDidNotWin

    Your Best 80S Songs.

    Technically, this was 1978, I think, but I am slipping it in here anyway. (I didn't hear it till the '80s, since before then, I was too under the thumb of my conservative parents, and so just only had access to stuff that might show up on the Lawrence Welk show, i.e. not this And what a glorious liberation when I did first hear stuff like this. )
  15. CallistoDidNotWin

    Your Best 80S Songs.

    "I'm talkin bout a revolution, we gotta organize"