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  1. these-broken-wings(TBW)

    What Do You Want From A Woman - Sex Or More?

    I want a FWB. No I dont. Yes I do. No I... Urgh... I'm just gonna sit it out - not chase anything other than fantasize in my head. Safer. No STDs. No crazy partners after me. No jealousy. No drama. I'll keep my fantasizes and be happy with that.
  2. these-broken-wings(TBW)

    Looking for advice

    A tricky situation. Two things are floating thru my mind. 1. You can drop your guard and just go with the flow. 2. You can strengthen your boundaries. It all depends on what you want to happen. Just keep in mind there will be consequences for either option. Option 2 will safe guard your heart/head from her playing mindgames. Option 1 will give you freedom to love and potentially get hurt, or not. At the end of the day, she's married and will never be anything more than a fwb, in other words, she will still be committed to her husband until she's not. I get the feeling she likes the attention but isn't prepared to take your emotional state into consideration. That's sad if it's true.
  3. these-broken-wings(TBW)

    Word association game

  4. The standing joke in the ladies group will be... "sorry ladies, you can't turn this bi gay"

  5. these-broken-wings(TBW)

    Who likes Dirty talk/begging?

    You've just given a good idea for a party game to take to the ladies night. This post had me in stitches. Originally I was going to say I feel stupid talking dirty somehow you've made it fun!
  6. these-broken-wings(TBW)

    Word association game

  7. these-broken-wings(TBW)

    I had my first date

    Yeah me too!
  8. these-broken-wings(TBW)

    I had my first date

    I can't wait to hear all about it!!!
  9. these-broken-wings(TBW)

    Word association game

  10. these-broken-wings(TBW)

    I had my first date

    Oh this is way cool! I'm super stoked for you xxx
  11. these-broken-wings(TBW)

    Word association game

  12. I cant do it either. Too messy.
  13. these-broken-wings(TBW)

    Word association game

  14. Imagine going in to ask a doctor or nurse to retrieve said item.
  15. these-broken-wings(TBW)

    Word association game