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  1. WingedPixie

    Where Would You Like To Be Right Now?

    I would like to be at my graduation--done!
  2. WingedPixie

    A random discussion

    Your daughter is awesome.
  3. I'm not sure there's a good answer to this, other than "be confident", but do any of you have suggestions on how to not be nervous around your crush (other than alcohol--great but not always possible)? I feel like I'm 12 for asking this and feeling this way.
  4. Find some bi folks to come out to! I think they will understand more!
  5. Thanks for sharing that, it was very interesting. This was such a powerful story: "She thought she was the only married woman ever to have fallen in love with another woman, and had no one to talk to, didn't know where to turn. And she had decided that the best thing was to kill herself on a night when she knew her husband and children were going to be out late. She'd planned her suicide. She was coming home from work for what she thought would be the last time, and she passed a bookstore, and they were putting my book in the window, and when she realised that she wasn't the only one, she chose to live." It's important to know we're not alone!
  6. WingedPixie

    Massage Or Pedicure?

    My partner gives the best massages. He always jokes that I am going to leave him for a massage therapist because I love massages so much. I wouldn't go to a nail salon. The workers are exposed to such high levels of dangerous chemicals. The New York Times had an article about the risks. Not ok. If we love women, we shouldn't hurt them.
  7. WingedPixie

    Straight Girl Stringing Me Along????

    That's really wonderful, @DSCVRNME! Thanks for the update! So she's officially your girlfriend? Are you both still in relationships with men?
  8. WingedPixie

    Kindle V's Books

    I absolutely love real books and am basically addicted to them, and I've always loved going to libraries. The only thing I like about e-books is that I can sometimes get them for free through my school or public library which saves me a lot of money on required academic reading. But studies have shown we absorb information better when reading it on a physical medium... and staring at a screen constantly is no fun. In terms of lugging around books while traveling, I typically bring a couple with me, and leave them places (airports, train stations, etc.) for other to read after I have finished, and buy new books wherever I am if I run out (or even if I don't because, like I said, I'm addicted). Also, I've found that guys who work in bookstores are often VERY cute. (Haven't necessarily found that with women, but will keep looking!)
  9. WingedPixie

    I am feeling _____ because ______

    Thanks, @kt1388!
  10. It's very common for our sexuality to change over time, and/or our awareness/understanding of it. Who we are in our early twenties is not who we were in our teens or who we will be in our late twenties or our thirties or fifties or beyond... You shouldn't feel stupid for "changing your mind"; we can't help who we feel attracted to and often it develops out of the blue. I think you will find that a lot of women on this site have similar experiences. Maybe drop some hints with your husband like "She's super hot!" when you're out or watching TV, or ask him what he'd think if you kissed a woman, and see what his reaction is. That's how I started the conversations with my partner and he's been ok with it.
  11. WingedPixie

    My neighbor

    @pinklotus This is very good advice.
  12. This is a good question; I hadn't thought much about it. I seem to be attracted to different traits in men and women, but I usually go for dark hair with both, and seem to be attracted to certain voices in both as well.
  13. WingedPixie

    I am feeling _____ because ______

    I am feeling exhausted because of grad school. It's a beast.
  14. WingedPixie

    My first time!

    Too bad it wasn't you coming instead of the car. That sounds like a really fun day. Congrats! Do you think you'll see her again?
  15. WingedPixie

    Puzzles anyone?

    I also love puzzles! I do them whenever I have some down time. I'm not sure what the largest one I have done is, but my favorite was one I had as a kid of all the Disney characters (even though I'm not a big Disney person.)