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  1. WingedPixie


    Indeed. I love my male partner, but other than that I feel pretty "done" with men in general.
  2. Thanks for sharing that! I vote every time. It's not just the presidential and congressional races that matter; the local and state candidates and ballot measures can have HUGE effects. It took me a few years to realize how much elections matter and now I wouldn't sit one out for the world.
  3. I'm in a long-term partnership and I think my preference would be to be in a relationship with another woman in a similar partnership. My first love comes first and she'd be more likely to understand and respect that if she has her own. But you never can predict who you're going to fall for.
  4. From my experience, people who work in customer service are friendly, nice, and attentive because it's their job. They may not treat every customer the same way, but if you feel they're giving you special attention, it's probably because they're good at their job. Or they're hoping for a good tip, in some cases. Keep an eye out for whether she looks at you a lot while you're sitting there. If you're a book person, maybe bring a book and see if she asks you what you're reading. Or try striking up a conversation with her during future visits. Again, she may respond well because she's a kick ass customer service associate. But, if you get the vibe that she likes you a few times, try handing over your number with something like, "I don't usually do this, but think you're really cute. Shoot me a text if you'd ever want to grab a drink sometime. Something that's not coffee." <wink>
  5. WingedPixie

    Breakups and Biphobia

    @idiot-wind, that's incredibly upsetting. I'm really sorry. I'm always surprised about how someone who has (likely) experienced discrimination can throw the same discrimination back at others. She used a stereotype against you and allowed it to be bigger than your relationship (or used it as an excuse for you two drifting apart) and that's not fair. It sounds like it's better that you two ended things, but I'm sorry she made it more painful than it needed to be. You're not confused any more than anyone else is! Sending you lots of healing hugs!
  6. WingedPixie

    Let's talk about salad

    Oooh, I love this topic! I've always said, for my last meal, I would ask for a giant salad and cheesecake. Or, really for any meal. Every meal? I will eat most any salads, but I like a mixed veggie one with this very fresh, very herbally vinaigrette dressing my mom makes that is so good I could drink it straight. I agree with guacamole as a salad dressing! It works perfectly. I always do that at Chipotle.
  7. WingedPixie

    Do you remember your dreams?

    All the time! They are rarely sexual, unfortunately. But those times they are sexual, they're usually about women--that's a big part of how I realized I was bi. I remember an early one: I moved into an apartment with a bunch of women and we had an orgy in the living room! Every time I pass by that apartment (which I never moved into in real life but did tour), I think of that dream.
  8. WingedPixie

    BFFWB: A Slow Burn

    @pinklotus, our writer-in-residence!
  9. That I don't have kids.
  10. WingedPixie

    What Are You Addicted To?

    Coffee, chocolate, reading online news, and buying books and cards.
  11. WingedPixie

    New and happy to be here

    Welcome and glad to have you!
  12. WingedPixie

    Humans of New York bisexual post

    That's incredibly sad.
  13. WingedPixie

    BBC video about Skirt Club

    The BBC's Reel has a video about Skirt Club for bisexual/bicurious women. https://www.bbc.com/reel/video/p075kvtg/is-bi-curious-different-from-bisexual- Have any of you gone to a Skirt Club?
  14. Model Cara Delevigne who identifies as sexually fluid recently said “I never really wanted to accept my sexuality. I was like, ‘Disney princesses all love men. That's the way it is, and I'm not going to be a princess if I don't’. You know what I mean?” Did any of you feel similar growing up--like the movies and TV shows we would all watch didn't have anything but hetero relationships so anything else was abnormal? Do you think seeing other types of on-screen attraction would have helped you as a kid/teen?
  15. WingedPixie

    Where Would You Like To Be Right Now?

    I would like to be at my graduation--done!