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  1. I'm not into them for the obvious practical reason, but also for a symbolic reason. Natural long nails are okay, but the fake (especially gel) nails say to me that she's really into guys, and conforming to appearance standards that men like. In addition, where I live, many nail salons employ trafficked women, or have other dubious business practices. I don't want to support that, but a lot of straight women in my area just don't care. So, for me, part of that is about women's advocacy. I realize that is *not* the case in other locations.
  2. Deeply, deeply grateful for how easy my life is, even though not everyone would agree.
  3. Tuesday472

    Just saying HI!

  4. Tuesday472

    Hello Ladies of Shybi

    Welcome! You are in good company. You're not even the only 47 year old here.
  5. Tuesday472

    New Here from South Africa

  6. Tuesday472

    New Here from South Africa

  7. Tuesday472

    Newly bi advice

    Welcome! Glad you found us. There's a huge spectrum of bisexuality. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you belong. Every one of us is valid; every one of us belongs.
  8. It sounds like she is. I would see how she feels about LGBTQ issues first. Since she's a neighbor, it could be very awkward if you are misreading the situation, though.
  9. Meh. I found it disappointing. I prefer romantic phone calls or texts over phone sex.
  10. Yes, definitely. I am past child bearing age, and don't particularly want more. But, if I had found the right woman when I was younger, then I would have wanted children with her.
  11. For me, no. Being with a man is a lot of work, for a much lower rate of return. Much of what I want emotionally is almost impossible with men, such that I consider it a "forbidden pleasure." My heart flutters at the idea of being in an emotional, romantic relationship with a man that isn't about sex. Mostly, I feel with men that romance is what they have to "go through," "endure," or "tolerate," in order to get what they want. Then put in the demands of their visual pleasure, and I'm exhausted. Sitting next to someone -silently- while they watch The Game doesn't meet my needs, does make me feel like a prop or an appendage, and isn't my idea of fun. I hope younger women will have a different trajectory with their love lives with men. I work conscientiously to rear kind, considerate, feminist future generations. It's a good thing that I do enjoy sex with men. The social, economic, and sexual benefits do make being with a man worth it, but I wouldn't say that it's easier.
  12. Have you considered frottage or tribbing? That way, your bodies would be close together, in contact and synchronized. Clit to clit contact can be powerful. Some women consider it "the real thing," instead of oral. I wouldn't suggest scissoring since the faces and bodies are far apart in that position. You certainly aren't the only bisexual or lesbian who isn't keen on oral. You just need to find the woman who likes the same thing that you like.
  13. I am strongly attracted to women, romantically and sexually. I would very much like to have a long term relationship with a polyamorous woman. But, that's because I'm poly. I don't see staying with a man as choosing one over the other. I know for some women choosing a man is for social acceptance or because it's easier. For me, I have been more frustrated with monogamy than I have been with either men or women. And, it's not like I want one of each, either. I just don't want to force monogamy on myself. Certainly not all bis are poly, but about half of poly people are bi. That has more of an influence on some of us than our orientation. I think the real challenge is the numbers. In my experience, less than 10% of women (at least my age bracket) would consider a romantic relationship with another woman. A larger percentage of women might be more willing to experiment or have just sex, but I'm not going to spend my time pursuing that. So, that cuts out a good portion of women. Then, quite a few lesbians want nothing to do with bisexual women, so that cuts it again. Of the ones that do, they tend to only accept monogamous bisexuals. I have yet to meet a poly lesbian, but I'm sure they exist. With women, I end up with a tiny dating pool, such that it's few and far between girlfriends for me. Consider that over 90% of men are interested in women. Men who would be open to dating bisexuals tend to be okay with poly (for their threesome fantasies.) My biggest hindrance is that I'm attracted to so few men, maybe 4 out of 100. Then, of those about half just aren't a good match. But, if I were more interested like a lot if women are, then it would be very easy indeed. I can see why most bisexual women would end up with men, whether they preferred women or not. Even if we went through massive social change to full acceptance and inclusion, where everyone could be 100% out, the numbers would still tip in favor of bi women being with men.
  14. I am strongly biromantic, and happy to flirt with and "date" straight women. I have found that even fairly homophobic women who are repulsed at the idea of lesbian sex enjoy romantic experiences with other women. If I get the straight vibe, then I simply never make a pass and enjoy my romantic experiences with them. Once they realize that I'm not "going to do that" then they are fine letting things progress. I've even had some bring up the issue, but I don't address it. I'm only interested in romance AND sex with actual bisexual women. I would love to happen to flirt successfully with a woman, and then find out she was also bisexual. I've learned that there are heterosexual, biromantic women; bisexual, monoromantic women (who usually only like men); and a smaller group of bisexual, biromantic women. Of course, I am totally open to stumbling across polyamorous lesbians who would consider bi women, should that ever happen. Now, I realize that not all bi women would be interested in that. It can be a bit disappointing. It's not my first choice. But, I do want to point out that it's an option, at least for biromantic women. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. At the very least, the flirting is good practice. So, get out there and just be friendly; be interested in who you find interesting. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. It is possible to simply enjoy however things might play out
  15. I keep my fingernails short, makeup minimal, and have a "bi bob" haircut. I walk a line between lesbian styles and straight styles, avoiding strong cues of either one. Also, I don't wear a ring (but that comes down to bring a bracelet person) and sometimes wear a Pride bracelet. I am also careful with my language (e.g. not referring to bi celebs as gay, but saying they are BI, etc.)