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  1. I have had this too. Women break my heart all too often. I don't let it get me down or let them define me. I allowed myself to be derailed from embracing myself when I was younger. Never again. If they are going to attempt that, then I just move on.
  2. I haven't had success with online dating. One man wrote that he thought my phrase "looking for the woman of my dreams," was a typo. Nope, I am actually looking for a woman. I hate the emphasis on pics and appearances, too. I've had people only interested in me because of how I look. They try to "look past" or "get over" the lack of shared interests, hobbies, or lifestyle. I can hardly express what a turn off that is. I'm personally attracted to energy or vibes or whatever you call it, not looks. I just don't connect with people who go just by "hawtness." Then, when you factor in the ageism, ableism, and other rampant bigotry online, I just can't. I'd rather look for women IRL.
  3. Tuesday472

    Oldie but newbie?

  4. Tuesday472


    It's my favorite.
  5. Tuesday472

    Body issues

    I find myself much more self conscious with men, because they will never cease in telling women that they are visual. They are the ones getting turned on merely by looking at pictures of women. I have only ever heard the phrase, "no fat chicks" from men, never women. I used to feel terrible about my body (at every size and age that I have been.) Now I realize that I am not attracted to the "hot chick" type. When I hug a skinny female friend, I am reminded that I have 0% interest in being intimate with an underweight woman. The idea in my head of what women are supposed to be by "society" and the women that I'm attracted to don't match. It has taken a lot of work to get to a mentally healthy place, and to accept that I am some other woman's dream, just as I am. I don't have to be "perfect" to be with the woman I'm meant to be.
  6. Tuesday472

    Married & would like a girlfriend

    Yes, Definitely. Doesn't that sound wonderful? As a polyamorous person, I am happiest when I have two relationships (maybe more.)
  7. Tuesday472

    Weekend Getaways

    Every now and then, we all need a break from our lives. New people, new experiences, just plain variety. I love a weekend getaway! I feel alive again when I can just take a break. What's your favorite getaway location? What are the bi-friendly places you have discovered? Do you like going to gay or lesbian bars in a new city? My current favs are Temple, Texas (so not LGBTQ friendly but good for relaxation), Washington DC, and Little Rock, Arkansas. Looking to add more to the list, especially if I can find other bis to hang out with.
  8. Tuesday472

    ShyBi - a perfect description

    Welcome! So glad that you have the support you need.
  9. You're welcome. We are all here to support one another.
  10. You get to label yourself poly, or bi, or anything else you please. It's other people who would label you otherwise. You get to be yourself, no matter what other people say about you.
  11. I have no preference for married or single women. I don't want to be in a relationship that is an affair or cheating. If a woman is in another relationship, I prefer that is open or polyamorous or somewhere on that spectrum. I don't mind being quiet or discrete about us, as long as her other partner(s) are on board. Sometimes, single women can be harder, because I am not going to leave my husband. I'm happy to have a relationship with another woman of equal status as he is, and he doesn't have to be included (not a serious interest anyway.) That's just more likely with another married bi woman than it would be with other women.
  12. I'm not into them for the obvious practical reason, but also for a symbolic reason. Natural long nails are okay, but the fake (especially gel) nails say to me that she's really into guys, and conforming to appearance standards that men like. In addition, where I live, many nail salons employ trafficked women, or have other dubious business practices. I don't want to support that, but a lot of straight women in my area just don't care. So, for me, part of that is about women's advocacy. I realize that is *not* the case in other locations.
  13. Deeply, deeply grateful for how easy my life is, even though not everyone would agree.
  14. Tuesday472

    Just saying HI!