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  1. Same boat, married but never really experienced another woman. It took a lot of self courage to even make an account here. Baby steps for me
  2. missyjanet1


    Welcome! And I'm sure you're much more interesting than your handle implies
  3. missyjanet1

    She likes my oral skills.

    That was wonderful!
  4. missyjanet1

    Just saying HI!

    Welcome! And I like your handle. Any association with the princess of power?
  5. missyjanet1

    super excited

    Nice catch - men sure are strange! But now it looks like my WTF was directed to your comment!
  6. missyjanet1

    The Shybi fitness thread

    My husband and I have done the 5 and 2 diet for a couple months and it really works well for us. He's lost more weight than me (of course!) but what I like the most about it is that we can still eat normally the other 5 days. Typically, we eat sensibly during the week and on weekends, it's mostly takeout/restaurants.
  7. missyjanet1

    Figuring Out I'm Bi at 28 (New from Canada)

    Welcome! It's good that you're still young and are coming to the realization of your sexual orientation now as a young, single woman. Make sure that when you do get back to dating, you're upfront with your partner - male or female - that you are bisexual. You'll quickly see on this forum how difficult it is for women in existing relationships to broach the subject and act on their desires without serious implications for their marriages.
  8. missyjanet1

    The frustration is real, too real!

  9. missyjanet1

    New here

    Hiya and welcome. You must be one the unlucky ones to have married a guy who's not into threesomes. If I ever told my husband, the first thing he'd ask is about a threesome. As far as I know, I too thought all men were the same but I recall reading here about at least one other woman in your situation, in which the husband declined a threesome. p.s., great taste in music!
  10. missyjanet1

    NewB Here - There - and Everywhere!

    Welcome! You've definitely come to the right place, to be free to express yourself without judgement or "blowing your cover."
  11. My husband travels for work a lot and I don't sleep as well when he's away. We have a queen sized bed but for a long time slept together on a full. I guess I like having him close to me at night. For what it's worth, he also says he doesn't sleep at well when he's away. I think part of it has to do with how comfortable our bed! That, and hotel pillows are the worst! And maybe it also has to do with him being away from me
  12. missyjanet1

    What Do You Have Downstairs?

    I have a landing strip to remind me that I'm a woman, not a pre-pubescent girl (no offense intended to those who do shave it all off).. Whenever a guy has asked me about shaving, I always wonder in the back of my head, "Why, do you want me to look like a little girl?" Kinda freaks me out. Thankfully, my husband never asked or commented on it.
  13. Absolutely. I personally don't see why gender would matter. It's still sex with another person and lying about it to your spouse. On the other hand, I would imagine that a spouse might be more inclined to permit a same-sex affair, especially under the guise of "experimentation", than an affair with the opposite sex. I suppose, a man or woman might feel less threatened by someone of the opposite sex. If my husband for example, wanted to sleep with another woman, I'd have all these anxieties - is she better looking than me? Younger? Does she please him better than I do? Surely a man would have these same insecurities.
  14. missyjanet1

    new here || bicurious 21 year old virgin

    @bhadgal Welcome to Shybi. I just recently joined and fit the description very well because I'm quite shy in general. I'm also bi curious so if you're looking to chat with a fellow curious woman, I'm here! On the other hand, if you're looking for tips or talk with someone more experienced, there's no shortage of that around here either! Cheers!
  15. missyjanet1

    The Shybi fitness thread

    Anyone have any luck with intermittent fasting? I don't need to lose weight so much as I want to lead a healthier lifestyle and counting calories is not my cup of tea!