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  1. missyjanet1

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome!!! This is a great place to start your journey.
  2. missyjanet1

    Hey! I'm new to the site.

    Everything she said!!!
  3. missyjanet1

    New here

  4. missyjanet1

    Is age an issue

    Not sure your age. But, on the whole I don't think age matters. What does matter however is that you work together. To your specific question, I'd say to proceed with extreme caution (or not at all). But because you're colleagues not because of the age difference.
  5. missyjanet1

    Hello everyone!

  6. missyjanet1

    First Experience

    What a beautiful memory! Thanks for sharing!
  7. missyjanet1

    The word Pussy

    I don't care for the term in the general sense but coming from a woman, especially in a sexual context is extremely arousing. If my husband for example said, "Let me eat your pussy", I wouldn't really appreciate that, although I'd still open up wide, hehe. If a woman said that however, I'd be very turned on.
  8. missyjanet1

    Hi everyone

    Welcome! Enjoy 39! I'm still hanging on to 29 even though I'm closer to 31! Seriously though, this is a great forum. Everyone here is full of inspiration and insight.
  9. missyjanet1

    Word association game

  10. missyjanet1

    Word association game

    Va....I'll go with legs instead:)
  11. missyjanet1

    Word association game

  12. missyjanet1

    Very Curious

    ^ Good idea on the prepaid card.
  13. Omg how embarrassing! You seemed to have played that off quite smoothly but now you're left feeling unsatisfied. I don't know how old she is, but hopefully young enough to not have a clue either way!
  14. I have a hard time logging and NOT masturbating. There's just so much here to love and enjoy. Thank you everyone to creating a loving and pleasurable and safe environment.
  15. missyjanet1

    Android Or Apple?

    Wow this thread is so old, people on page one were suggesting windows phones! I've used both but prefer Android. Apple feels cultish to me. But I just find Android phones to be better, more customizable, and more intune with customers. For example, I hate how Apple stopped putting head phone jacks in their phones. Was it because customers no longer wanted to use corded headphones or because Apple wanted to push customers to bluetooth headphones?