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  1. Welcome and you have come to the right place. Wonderful caring and compassionate women grace these pages. Take a poke around to get acquainted. You’ll be glad you came.
  2. I miss Canada, I really do. Used to live there, TO and Vancouver. Sadly I am not bi....lingual that is...lol.
  3. Jansen

    Colorado fitness girls

    You hoo, over here, yes me, I am in Colorado too and heavily into fitness. In the west Denver area. I posted on here a little while ago about the lack of Colorado bi ladies and here I find a few. Nice to meet you all!!!
  4. Jansen

    What Are You Addicted To?

    GoT, skating, chocolate, not in that particular order.
  5. Jansen

    Music really is a universal language.

    Music is something that can literally lift me from being in a so so mood to such joy. Right now I am listening to “Never Enough” from the movie”The Greatest Showman”.
  6. I am thankful that I have a kind and gentle SO who loves me so much. I am so respected by this person. Sometimes I have no idea how he deals with me or what I did right to have him in my life.
  7. I need to chime in here as I started it so I apologize if I offended anyone. Only English from now or I shall take it private....which we did.
  8. Ek mis soen 'n vrou die mees ... haar reaksie, die klanke, die gevoel van haar vel en die reuk van haar hare ... uuugghhh, waarom pynig ek myself op hierdie manier. Lol And I will answer you with an Aussie accent...nowhere near as hot but it will have to do.
  9. Ek was baie gelukkig dat ek baie gehad het. Net ongeveer 6 jaar sedert die laaste. Ek het letterlik smag dit op hierdie oomblik The translation is not exactly as I like it. I loved listening to Charlize Theron speaking the language. I will cease bastardizing your beautiful language with inadequate translation and stick to English.
  10. That is beyond HOT!!! I do not but wanted to send you this.... Myne ook, kan nie wag nie, want dit was heeltemal te lank sedert die laaste keer. We are from the same hemisphere..I am from Australia. Love the SA accent...gorgeous.
  11. I see you are from SA...do you speak Afrikaans?
  12. Hi Tess, it makes me wonder if he did not meet her sexual needs before they got married or he changed somehow and now is not as attentive or listens to her needs. Some women marry and try and deal with less than satisfying sex but as time goes by they realize that I is important and their needs need to be met at some stage or it might be the case with Michelle that she is more into women than men and married for other reasons... who knows, only she does.
  13. Jansen

    Never ending , Would you rather

    Cat for sure. Would you rather have a great singing voice or have incredible math/science skills?
  14. Just did after reading all this^^^^^^^^^
  15. Jansen

    Fitness Goals, who has them?

    I do have fitness goals, actually more like skill goals. I am in the process of learning to skate in order to play hockey. It is a humbling sport. I am determined to put 1 year of at least 3 times a week skate training combined with lessons to get my skating to a level that I feel comfortable in order to attend a hockey camp. I admire the skill level of the women I see skating. Luckily I am fit to begin with and posses a decent amount of athletic talent so with hard work I know I will get there and be able to fulfill my desire.