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  1. Strongbutsassy

    Sex after hysterectomy

    Thanks ladies, I was cleared to resume all activity in late January ;)
  2. Thank you, ladies! Your responses are well thought out and sincere and I appreciate that. I seem to be struggling more than usual lately with this but I’ve never been in a situation like this before. My brain says to let go and move on but my heart tells me that I’d be crazy to let her go. It’s a daily battle. Happy Valentine’s Day!! Love, J.
  3. @these-broken-wings(TBW) Yep, I do talk with her about these feelings. But it makes her feel so guilty and terrible for not being able to give herself to me fully. I am thankful for this forum because none of my friends know about this. It’s hard not having that support system and I typically tell my best friend everything, but cannot tell her about this because she knows my girlfriend. Thanks for listening and offering your thoughts ;)
  4. @Ona you are right, my Dear. It’s just the hardest thing ever to break someone’s heart. If I could go back now and not have come out to my girlfriend, I think I wouldn’t have done it. Not knowing then how crazy hard it would get and how my heart would break into pieces, I was just excited to see how things would go.
  5. @these-broken-wings(TBW) thank you. I am starting to see how hard the poly life is. I don’t know that my heart can handle it either, this is all new to me but it’s definitely a roller coaster that isn’t fun to ride sometimes. Thanks for listening. Good luck to you !
  6. Thank you, Ona. I have discussed this with her, she knows that I struggle with this and it makes her feel bad that she can’t be with me full time. She says that she struggles a lot too because she misses me when we’re not together. I have not and will not ask her to choose, I know what her choice would be. I will be honest, I am afraid that at some point I will become bitter and if that happens, then I will have to end it. I get along well with my husband but his libido is very low and so we basically live like good friends who are roommates. So if I ever meet someone else who makes me feel like my current girlfriend does, I would probably leave. It’s so selfish I know, but life is so very short and if we don’t try to have the kind of love that we want and deserve, then we are not fully living our own lives.
  7. I also fell in love with a woman and before that hadn’t really thought about women. I just fell in love with her, but not because she’s a woman. If we don’t make it, I’m not sure who I would end up with. I’m still attracted to men and women; however, this woman makes me feel something that I’ve never felt before.
  8. Hi ladies. Just thought I’d share what I’m currently going through and see if anyone else has been in this situation. I’m in a very loving relationship with someone who I’ve been friends with for a long time. We recently realized that we are very much in love. We both feel this is something that we’ve never experienced before with anyone else, male or female. It’s such a deep soulful love. We really want to be together as a full time couple but here is the big challenge. We are both married and our husbands would never accept our relationship. She has been married for almost 25 years and feels that she can’t hurt her husband by leaving him when he treats her very well and is a good person. I’m currently married as well, but I would be willing to leave my very unaffectionate husband (he never wants intimacy with me) to start a new life with her. The even bigger challenge is that her parents and siblings are very religious and do not support same sex relationships at all. She feels they would cut off all contact with her if she came out. She is very very close to them and her parents live very close to her. She has been saying to me that she feels that we will be together someday although she seems to be relying on fate to somehow make that happen. She is not willing to ever disappoint her family and leave her husband. But she very much hopes that we can be a part time couple for the rest of our lives. I love her so very much but the thought of not being full time with her just breaks my heart on a daily basis. I know that I would be utterly miserable without her though. Gosh, what a terrible predicament to be in. I didn’t go looking for this, she is the first woman that I’ve ever wanted and loved. Even on a part time basis she shows me such a depth of love (and I am not just talking about physical love) that I never knew before. Anyone else have a similar situation and if so, how did you handle it? Some days I get angry because I feel like I will never be important enough to her for her to change her life to be with me. But I definitely understand not wanting to risk losing her family. :(
  9. Strongbutsassy

    Anyone from Pennsylvania?

    Central PA ;)
  10. 41, realized that I was bi around the time that I turned 40.
  11. Frankie and Grace, it’s quite funny and has a stellar cast!
  12. Strongbutsassy

    Help! I'm new and lost...

    PurpleRain, I just went through almost the exact same situation this past summer/fall. I’ve always trusted my intuition but was afraid to this time. I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and told my good friend about my feelings and she admitted the same. I had never even been with a woman before and I’m in my early 40’s and married to a man. It’s certainly a hard road to be on now as she is married to my husband’s best friend. I wish you much luck in your journey though just remember that once you share your feelings it all changes. Hoping for the best for you!!
  13. Thank you, Jo! I have told her about my feelings and she has tried to reassure me that they are just friends and that she no longer has romantic feelings towards her. I know that in time I will adjust, it’s just hard right now and this is my first relationship with a woman. I’m not typically a jealous person either so this has just been weighing on my mind.
  14. Hi, just wanted to see if anyone else has had to deal with this and how you moved past it. My girlfriend and her ex girlfriend broke up over a year ago but only because it was a long distance relationship and her ex wanted to find someone local. My girlfriend was devastated I believe. Anyway, fast forward to us entering a very passionate relationship a few months ago, after being good friends for many years. Our relationship is quite amazing and she tells me that she has a deeper and more passionate connection with me than she’s ever had before. I believe her of course. The problem is that she has maintained a very close friendship with her ex and they text daily and talk on the phone. She has told me that she has no romantic feelings whatsoever for her ex but it does get to me sometimes that they are still so close. Am I just being insecure? I know that I need to let it go. It’s just so hard some days when she’s getting texts from her while we’re spending time together. And she has told her about me and that we’re in a relationship now.
  15. For me it was the intensity and emotional connection. The craving to be one with her and to satisfy her over and over. We’ve been together for 2 months but friends for years, and each time we’re together it’s more passionate. We kiss for hours and can’t get enough of each other’s lips. I hope that this passion doesn’t fade as time goes on because it’s simply amazing.