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  1. riatheshortone

    Subtle turn ons

    hair being played with, soft whispers, my back is really sensitive so kisses along it are awesome and lip biting
  2. riatheshortone

    a small rant

    @Androgynygrl He was like this from the beginning. But he got worse when his mother died. The way he is now is definitely different from what he was then. Because trust me, it was bad. So bad to the point that I seriously thought the whole world, my son was better off without me. I hated him for making me feel like I was this worthless person. Now, I am not perfect. I have had my faults. There was this one time that I opened myself to another person (a man) and he helped me realize the type of person I was becoming. So because of him, I started to change for the better. I stood up for myself, I didn't take my husband's shit. I got to the point where if he wanted to cheat on me, if he wanted to leave me, I wasn't going to stop him. I have my reasons for staying. Everything has been verbal. He's never physically hurt me. Because he knows, he knows if he does, he's got an army of women coming for him. I have started the process of finding my own way. Finding who I am outside of my marriage. Because I want to be something else other than his wife. I want to be my own person because I feel at times I can't breathe.
  3. riatheshortone

    taking a deep breath

    Last month or so has been rather rough for me. I don't really talk about it much considering I don't want people to think I'm trying to make a pity party for myself. This has nothing to do with the people on here. Everyone has been so kind and welcoming. But people in my every day life often express that I get emotional fairly easy. I lost my step father towards the end of June this year. A horrible car accident. I've been grieving trying to make sense of it all. I don't think people understand the gravity of what I deal with every day. I often feel like my heart is in two places. Here in Houston, the other in Mission. I worry for my mom who just lost her partner, the love of her life. My siblings, all boys, that need their father here to raise them. 18, 22, 20. All young men. One of my siblings and I share the same father. After what happened, I was left questioning why I even bother calling that man a father. He doesn't keep things to himself. When my brother came to him letting him know he was gay, he told his whole family and pretty much betrayed his trust. Then on that night when I found out about my stepdad, I went to my father for help. First words out of his mouth? Why are you trying to get ahold of my family? My brother decided to move back home which I think was a great idea. He seems to be more relaxed though he still tends to be a pain in the butt i say this kindly. He is my little brother after all. He tends to cause mischief. But its understandable considering he hasn't really found his way yet. He's still young and grieving the loss of the man he thought of as his dad. My relationship with my stepdad wasn't the greatest in the world. But I still feel heartbroken over his loss because of my son. Out of both set of parents, my stepdad and my mom were the most accepting of my son's autism. I couldn't even tell my own son what happened. We just pretty much told him that he had gone on a fishing trip with great grandpa and they'll be gone for a long while. It seems cruel, I know. But I didn't know what else to do. his autism sometimes causes him to not understand grief like that. But I think in his own way he does know. He tends to surprise you. Its only recently that I found my way out of the darkness. I've been able to focus on other things aside from my pain. I've been writing in my journal, finding that creative flow, my other friends (who don't know about my life outside of the computer) have been really helpful to me. Though there is that part of me that still hopes to find another married bi woman to talk to. Someone who could relate to my situation. I'm really grateful for the friends I have made here. I've had quite a lot of fun. I really wouldn't trade them for anything. its just a thought I had recently.
  4. i hate that I have to be careful talking to people on my own phone. I feel violated. All because I was venting something to my husband's brother. Do i need to start deleting messages now? 

    1. TXGrnEyz


      Not being able to have and keep conversations on your personal phone because of others is very frustrating. If you are going to do it and delete messages just beware the person you are chatting to might share theirs. Maybe a chat app that has to be opened to be used. 

      Hang in there! 

  5. riatheshortone

    How Old Do People Usually Think You Look?

    some people think I'm in my teens. Because I honestly look the same. It was bad when I was visiting my brother's elementary school, waiting outside for my mom and a teacher thought I was a student.
  6. riatheshortone

    I want an online friend

    this is the ideal situation for me and yes it definitely is possible and realistic. Sometimes you just got to go for it. I wouldn't turn down having more friends that I can connect with and flirt with on occasion. (heated conversations are welcomed too.) Someone who's in a similar situation as me or who isn't. I enjoying talking to the people that have reached out to me. Everyone is so kind and supportive on this site.
  7. I use my hands mostly. Something about physical touch gets me really riled up. Sometimes I go slow and like light touch a nipple or my clit while I have a lesbian video playing on my phone. There are other times I'll listen to audio porn because for some reason that really gets me wet. Having someone whisper in my ear while I'm touching myself. Before it was all external touching, with me rubbing circles against my clit. But lately I've been exploring different angles and I have managed to finger myself once or twice. I'm thinking of getting toys but not sure.
  8. riatheshortone

    Orgasm- Silent Or Loud?

    I'm quiet when I cum. Though I can be loud if I know there's no one around. But I tend to be really silent. yes, there is a reason behind it because I used to be vocal. But I don't mind it. I think my face gives me away. I like watching people's faces when they cum.
  9. riatheshortone

    Question for the married bi women

    @Androgynygrl that is good insight. I personally don't think there will ever be a time where I'm open with him about that side of me. Its the only thing that I have control of. If anything from the last few weeks have taught me, there are times where I just can't breathe. there are times where I have to remind myself that I'm more than just his wife or my son's mother. my husband....its complex I suppose. I can describe how he is perfectly to someone. but there's always two sides of him. The one that puts on a face that everything is okay and that he's this great worker, husband and father. then the other side that I see. Its hard to have any honest communication when I feel like its being demanded because anything I say can be taken the wrong way.
  10. riatheshortone

    Question for the married bi women

    I have to admit that I'm happy that some husbands or most are understanding about the desire to be with another woman. I know for a fact that I can't tell my husband the truth. Only because I feel he would use that side of me to his advantage. And this is the one part of myself that I have been able to hold on to. As much as I would love to experience what its physically like to be with another woman, I find myself rather content with having that online connection with someone. I know its not ideal. But I'm happy to have a friend that I can connect with. married, single. It doesn't matter to me. Fantasizing about other women has helped spice sex a bit. But not by much.
  11. I've dropped a phone on my face and a tablet once. Not fun experiences let me tell you. I bruise easily. You're talking to the girl that managed to get a cut by having a plastic cup falling on her face.
  12. I agree. It would be good to reach out to the police. Just so they're aware of the issue. That way if something happens, they know what's going on. That's even more worrisome about the shot gun. I didn't know that people were allowed to carry those around in places like that.
  13. I hope there is a way to figure out who that person is. that is scary especially if they know her last name.
  14. No one has forgotten that. We live in this country. That is part of our history and we learn about it in school and in books. Even on the internet. You're choosing to bring up the past when that wasn't even mentioned to begin with. There is no argument here that racism only came to light recently. Its been here for many years because of what you had mentioned. It still doesn't change the fact that things are bad. Her ex got verbally assaulted at his job. My husband was almost physically attacked. so its not just one side, its both. You're the one that attacked first. We're only defending her because you're not willing to open your own eyes and seeing that you're only making this into something else entirely. Listen to @caliwoman and leave this thread. If you're not willing to listen and have a healthy debate, leave this thread and her alone.
  15. your mom must have a lot of patience to deal with that on a daily basis. I don't think I'd have the patience for that. Especially if people are complaining over how tell a blade of grass is. I don't blame her for not looking forward to it. I wouldn't either.