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    I love to write. Journaling,letter writing..pretty much any form of writing, I love listening to music, reading books, gaming youtube videos, arts and crafts, cooking,baking,playing video games,learning new things,
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  1. @pinklotus That is pretty much me lol I'm 50/50 on inserting fingers or just playing and rubbing. Either option is pretty fun.
  2. riatheshortone

    a small rant

    I've noticed a lot of people put their current situation on here. As much as I would love to post about it, I kind of just want to write it in a blog entry. Its just easier for me sometimes. Because I'll ramble and probably drift off topic which I'm known to do. But after having a conversation with one of my friends last night, i came to realize something. My husband and I have been together since I was 19. (I'm 31) Married for five years, together for seven. When we first started dating, sex wasn't an issue. It really wasn't. I wanted it all the time basically. No matter what time of day or time at night. Sex was a constant. I'd wear sexy lingerie, wouldn't even bother with clothes at night. I was pretty insatiable at times. After awhile for reasons I can't remember, my husband got tired of sex. Didn't want it as often or have us talk about it as often. The foreplay started to die down, dirty talk was pretty much over and I was left feeling like I had done something wrong. So my sex drive took a huge nose dive. I wasn't even interested in masturbating anymore. I used to be vocal, that died down too. I began to lose myself and my desire all to make him happy. When I started to feel lost, I started to become more involved online. I made friends, wrote stories and started to discover that sexy side of me again. But then another problem started to form. My husband wanted all of the focus during sex to be on him. Having his needs met to make sure that he was happy. This has gotten so bad that literally before he left on his business trip, I made sure to blow him so he wouldn't be mad. (we had gotten into an argument hours earlier). My husband has expressed in the past that he wanted to involve a third person. Have a threesome or just add someone to our marriage. Which I'm not okay with. Not so much because of the sex. If he wants to sleep with someone else, I'm okay with it. But for two reasons. One being it would be someone he chose. Someone that he could relate to. Two, it would be someone that didn't play with me but focused on him. Then the idea that someone would come in and start claiming that they'd be better for him and by fault better for my son. that's where I'd have the issue. (not the better for him part. I made my peace with him finding someone else if he really wanted to. But I'm not going to let anyone take away my son.) Because I know how it would play out because my husband is not a man that you want as an enemy. He will point blank tell you that he's an asshole, he's not going to change. He will forever be an asshole. This isn't me being mean to him. This is something he will tell anyone. Because of all this, I just want someone, a friend or someone I can grow a deep connection with, that is only my friend. But not someone that interacts with him. Is it selfish? Yeah, but I'm willing to admit to that. I'm not going to make any excuses or try to justify why I stay. I have my reasons and there is a part of me that does love him. But I know that I can't keep doing this to myself. That I have to have some freedom to make friends and be more social.
  3. @pinklotuslol yeah. It helps to think if its someone else's hand or something. its really exciting for me to explore with my fingers. Toys tend to slip right out if I get too turned on. So that's why I prefer hands.
  4. I prefer my hands. I don't know why. Maybe its the skin to skin contact. Its a really nice feeling though. With toys, I tend to get a bit annoyed and that just ruins the mood for me. I'm probably a weird person to be annoyed by toys.
  5. riatheshortone

    Beautiful breasts

    Breasts definitely are a kink for me. I love all types. Just the thought of playing with them, sucking on them and seeing if I could get her off with just that.
  6. riatheshortone

    What Makes Women Beautiful?

    Everything, honestly. The way she carries herself, her strength when things are tough and all the love she has to give to others. there are countless things that make women so beautiful. Could be little things like how her face lights up if you give her a compliment or her witnessing something awesome happen in front of her. I can go on and on.
  7. riatheshortone

    What Do You Think Of While Masturbating ?

    Honestly, I don't have one set thing that I think about. It all depends on my mood. Sometimes its a woman like someone who texted me steamy stuff or a guy I think is handsome or has really great hands/arms/thighs (I have kinks alright) and there are other times where its a fictional character that was played by one of my favorite actors or actresses. My mind tends to go everywhere.
  8. riatheshortone

    What type of art do you pursue?

    @Sithandra I honestly didn't think of journaling as an art form either. I used to just write with whatever writing utensil I had on hand. But lately, I've seen so many journalists that bring art into their journals. Its quite fascinating to me. they do paintings, decorate pages, create cartoons, make collages, etc.
  9. riatheshortone

    What type of art do you pursue?

    I draw, paint, write and I sing. I do a lot of journaling which I'm not sure if its art. But I do draw and paint a lot in my journals. its very soothing for me.
  10. riatheshortone

    Weird Ways To Masturbate

    the heel of my foot. If I sit cross legged on my chair, my heel presses against my clit. So whenever I move, I put the right amount of pressure on it. I haven't gotten off that way but it has left me horny though. I have thought about using a pillow. Just to see how it feels.
  11. riatheshortone

    Did anyone knew?

    Nope. I don't think I gave off a vibe either. Unless someone really knew me, then yeah they probably got an idea. But most of the time people really didn't pay attention to that. And my gaydar was way off. Some people that I didn't expect to come out did. and I'm like wow. I did not expect that. Which I think people feel the same about me.
  12. riatheshortone

    Gamer Chicks!

    Fallout 4, Skyrim, and various Switch games have been my thing lately. Plus playing the occasional game on Steam. Ironically enough, I'm not a big horror fan but I love horror games.
  13. Rihanna's "Umbrella " It makes me dance.
  14. definitely love receiving, but definitely want to try giving. Since it would be my first time, i would love for someone to teach me.
  15. riatheshortone


    Sexting is a definite for me. No need for pictures, just words with really good detail. Just the thought of sexting gets my body buzzing with excitement and arousal. It can be really fun and very creative. I love the build up.