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  1. I ideally want someone in a similar position so would rather somebody married like myself
  2. Chadders86

    Hey girls!

    Welcome! You're in the right place. X
  3. Chadders86


    Sexting is fun but definitely worry about pictures getting out. X
  4. I was about 12 I think! I was having sex with girls by 14 and 17 with men. I always think I did it the wrong way around haha. Married to a man now but miss women terribly x
  5. Chadders86

    Slightly nervous new person saying hello!

    Definitely in the right place! Lots of women in similar positions. Keep chatting x
  6. Chadders86

    Do You Like Tattoos On A Woman?

    I love tattoos as long as they are tastefully done and/or meaningful... the whole.. oh I got a tattoo of a banana because I like bananas doesn't quite do it for me. They are always a discussion point. I have three small ones myself but plans for a larger one.
  7. Chadders86

    Any Plans For Future Tats?

    Yes! I really want a large thigh to rib tattoo with traditional looking sheet music and red roses. I am saving up... still gotta tone up a little first too
  8. Chadders86

    Bi is beautiful!

    Welcome! It can take some adjusting but keep chatting on here. Everyone is so lovely x
  9. Chadders86

    Musicals anyone?

    Yes I love musicals! I'm actually a music teacher (Singing is one of the "instruments" I teach) so I teach a lot of musical theatre and sometimes sing some myself. West Side Story is my fav too! So many good ones though.
  10. I tend to take notice of details, what she is wearing...etc. Pay a compliment, make her laugh. I would probably giggle more than I should, blush a little and have a little extra body contact e.g. touching arms. I struggle to identify other bi women however. I am married and because of my wedding ring, I don't think other women find me approachable or understand I'm flirting with them.
  11. Personally nobody has ever managed it on me!! Perhaps I am built wrong? I have enjoyed doing it to other women though and they haven't complained it is particularly painful. Lots of lube! X
  12. I agree with the comments above. Role play, porn, but outright making comments about other women too. My husband knows I like women but does not want me to involve other women in the bedroom for various reasons. But I believe most men would! Even so, the discussion needs to take place and then you deal with the outcome when you gauge his reaction. Let us know how you get on x
  13. Chadders86

    South east UK

    Hertfordshire/North London Border over here. Would be lovely to chat to someone more local x
  14. Chadders86

    Just saying HI!

    Hello!! Xx