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  1. I think I’d personally prefer to find a FWB. Someone I could hang out with and sometimes we hang out with less clothes on
  2. Hubs said he likes it and it feels sort of freeing right now so I’m trying waxing most of it for a bit
  3. You just described my husband to a T, and gave me a whole new appreciation for him
  4. Male: Jason Momoa, All the Hemsworth brothers, Ryan Reynolds Female, Kristen Bell, Emma Watson, Gal Gadot I’m sure there are more but those off the top of my head
  5. KayB

    Why Did U Choose The Current Screen Name?

    It’s my initials lol
  6. Hi ladies! Let’s talk pubes! How do you like in on your lady? Your hubby? How do you keep yours? Normally I just try to keep it trim but playing with shaving parts and I like the smoothness. I just get those dumb bumps and it’s ugly. I’ve tried waxing once and I don’t want to do that again lol
  7. KayB

    Just saying HI!

  8. KayB

    Did anyone knew?

    The friend that I’ve told totally knew and her friend group suspected it too. But im a bit of a Tom boy, not short hair but I keep my nails short and wear primarily jeans and T-shirt’s. I only sometimes carry a purse. My gaydar for women is off so I’m hoping it’ll hone in as I get more comfortable
  9. Totally agree with above!!!
  10. Yeah I know, there’s just plenty of other stuff to work out too haha. She’s been great though, she’s helped me through a lot and having that sound board is really helpful
  11. KayB

    New and confused

    That exactly! It’s all very new and I don’t know how either of us will feel when it actually happens. We’ve just agreed to put each other first and be very communicative about everything and we both have veto powers on any situation.
  12. KayB

    New and confused

    @Yashy well you’re super cute so I’m sure you’ll have no problem!
  13. KayB

    New and confused

    That sounds a lot like us only further along lol! Thank you, we haven’t had any opportunities yet but hoping for some soon! Was it ever awkward? I’ve never been with a woman really (well technically I was in a threesome but I was so not into it and barely participated) and I’m concerned about my first time being a show lol.
  14. KayB

    Any LA ladies?

    I think I found out why it’s not working, trying to fix.