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  1. almocado

    Physical or Emotional Connection?

    This will probably sound strange to some people, but I often wonder what an emotional connection is like. It's just that I've never really had one. Not that I'm complaining. I really enjoy my life. All my relationships have been based on physical and sexual connections. Ok obviously I've gone for people who are able to communicate well and where we may have some common interests. But more than that, they fizzle out after a short while.
  2. almocado

    Life's typos...

    The grammar police would be tut-tutting (as opposed to tutting) in the background. I'm actually related to them ha! Hey lady, good blog. Made enjoyable reading. Yeah life is full of typos.
  3. My content count for posting stuff is about to hit 100. Do I have a choice of prizes or does Shybi automatically send me a gift voucher?  haha.

    1. myladylove


      Don’t know about that but your cover piccy is very nice, wouldn’t I just love to live in that house..

    2. almocado


      Thank you myladylove. It's not far from where I live in South Wales.

    3. blueberry


      I agree @myladylove, it's lovely. 


  4. almocado

    What Did U Study?

    Dental Hygiene and Therapy.
  5. almocado

    Sexually Frustrated

    @ArtsyGirl Some things are best left alone. If all's well between her and her husband, then let it be and safeguard your friendship.
  6. almocado

    Dating single dad?

    Nice to hear! I'm in a slightly similar boat to you.
  7. almocado

    Dating single dad?

    @bikiwi Well done, good for you. Enjoy! If he has shared care of his child it shows some feeling and responsibility. Not every guy is like that. No general tips really, it's early days.
  8. I've had a few short relationships with single, married and divorced women. Can honestly say I have no preference. It's all good.
  9. almocado

    What All Girls Think About Their Boobs

    I adore mine. You would adore them too ha!
  10. @lovelace Not sure if you suck at dating women. Don't be so hard on yourself. For a start it's much more difficult than dating men. Regarding your first date with a woman earlier this week, if it had been me, I would have definitely sent a message to see if you got home safely. I think it's just a decent thing one would do. If she wants a relationship and you don't, then fair enough. Is that what she actually told you? You mentioned that you were wondering if to kiss her. It's hard for someone else to judge the vibe, but I'm tempted to go with the 'what the hell go for it what's the worst that can happen' option ha! Generally speaking though, I'm the same as you in that I prefer to date many rather than have a long-term relationship. Either gender, it doesn't bother me. I thrive on the buzz and excitement, the downside is I get bored quickly after a few weeks with the same person. It sounds to me you'd be happy with that situation and then after a while, you'll decide what's best for you. As for the woman who wants you to take control.....are you attracted to her? Do you get on well? If so, then hey, take control, arrange to meet up for a drink or something.
  11. @bikiwi Cowgirl. That's my favourite position anyway. In any case, a fit, long-lasting, attractive guy with a penis in good working order should do the trick.
  12. almocado

    Ask The Person Below You A Question????

    1) I'm sticking to Gemma which my mum chose. My dad chose Llinos which would have just been too complicated for English speakers. 2) Closest thing to crazy by Kate Melua. If you were prohibited eating either chocolate or pizza for the rest of your life, which one?
  13. Only a week? So I'd pick a very exclusive resort, perhaps in the French Riviera, I'd have to do some research. Somewhere known for the extremely rich and famous. It's something that interests me, because from experience I think the older and wealthier the man is, the more he's easily attracted to a young girl and I honestly believe that I could do something for myself. Look at it as a possible future investment but with a lot of fun! Wouldn't say no to women also in that category, but it's just that guys are easy prey.
  14. Thank you for enjoying my post :)

  15. almocado

    Blind Date Blunder

    Haha that was some blunder! I imagine though all the contestants had been informed beforehand about St Lucia's sexuality laws and that it's their choice whether they proceed with the competition. Obviously the two guys need to refrain from holding hands and/or kissing in public. Out of principle, I would have been tempted to tell the Blind Date producers to stick their St Lucia and arrange something in Brighton!