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  1. almocado

    What Made You Smile Today ?

    Well my 76 year old grandpa has just told me that after we finish lunch this Sunday, he's taking me to his local pub for a few beers. When I reminded him that I don't really drink, he said it doesn't matter, he'll drink mine! Now that totally made me smile.
  2. @Androgynygrl It IS a complex question and I'm sorry for giving you brain pain ha! Men have had more opportunities and many women have been repressed, like you say. At the end of the day though, we just don't have the physical strength like men, I mean to do really heavy labour. So that's where men have the advantage. You hardly see female construction workers.
  3. To answer the original question of this topic, are males the dominant sex? Yes they are. I'd like to think they aren't, but the reality is males have invented most things we use today and without males we wouldn't be doing stuff we take for granted in our daily lives. In fact we wouldn't be posting on shybi forums, because it was men and not women who invented the internet and www. Who built motor cars and the roads to use them on? Who makes planes and ships to import the food we eat and the machinery to harvest the crops in the first place?
  4. Don't you just hate it when some guy acting big in front of his friends makes innuendos at you and you ignore him, so he calls you a stuck-up bimbo, and weeks later he happens to be one of your patients and he doesn't recognise you, but you remember him and as he opens his mouth wide and you have a tooth scaler in your hand so wanting to inflict pain on him, but as a professional you can't? Frustrating isn't it? ha!

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    2. almocado


      @JN2019 @Be you the famous scene with Dustin Hoffman came to mind. @redstar true but didn't want him to feel inhibited and not come back as he needs quite a few visits, so I'll bide my time.

    3. Androgynygrl


      I admire your restraint. 

    4. almocado


      Thank you @Androgynygrl  it wasn't easy!

  5. I just think that some men are sensual and others can be shown how to be more sensual than what they are. But generally speaking those men are certainly a minority. Whoever created humans probably left out the sensuality ingredient in males ha! Seriously though, our programming is different to theirs. We have that instinctiveness, whereas men don't have it.
  6. almocado

    I had my first date

    @MusicLove1044 I'm pleased for you that you met someone at weekend. It doesn't matter that you cancelled tonight, as long as you reschedule. Good luck and I hope your Browns, whoever they are, win!
  7. Yes, it does differ. Real life woman on woman is way better than porn, because it's YOU and not somebody else. Visiting a beautiful place is better than just seeing a picture postcard of it!
  8. First proper girl on girl experience I was 20. I always enjoy time spent with people, but have no preference for a particular kind as long as they're nice and attractive. If you mean any ethnicity, skin/hair colour and all that type of stuff, then I'm not bothered. There's no secret formula to be honest, I have good gaydar, am very chatty and don't hold back. I just think if a girl is confident and can engage in good conversation, it makes her attractive to others.
  9. We sometimes use it in my work for Wisdom Teeth Fusion.
  10. I thought real hard about this but it's just impossible to come up with a figure. It's not like I've had 2 relationships each lasting 5 years. They tend to be anything between one night and 4-5 months maximum. So I'm trying to be constructive and work on the basis that I was having full-blown sex from age 16 and I'm now 26, which equates to about 120 months in total. Using 2 different partners a month, it comes out at 240, which quite frankly sounds bloody awful. Ok, maybe some months I was with the same person, but that is offset by the busy months. One a month would make it 120 only, which I suppose seems a bit more respectable. It gets more confusing if I break it down to gender. It's a guess to say that 80% of any relationships would have been with males. That leaves 20% with females. But 20% of what number. It's tricky, right? (p.s. I know, it's a bit of a convoluted answer!)
  11. Ok so I was browsing this really quaint bookshop in the market and I came across a book with the title 'How to succeed in business without a penis'. How could I possibly NOT buy it?
  12. @Androgynygrl It was definitely a hot to cold scenario. The Lotto equivalent to your numbers coming up but suddenly realising that particular week you forgot to buy a bloody ticket. No, I didn't take it personally. If I had, I would have probably jumped off Niagra Falls. Actually, I probably wouldn't have done, but you get the gist as to her dramatic turnaround ha!
  13. Yeah very weird, I guess she needed to find about her curiosity, it just so happened at my expense. I've seen her around a few times since, and one time she came over to apologise. She's actually a nice girl and it's not in me to hold any grudges. That's life.
  14. Of all the dates I've been on and there have been loads with both genders, there is one that I'll never forget. Was in a wine bar where a lot of gay and bi people hang out. I got chatting to a girl around my age, got on well and had lots in common. From the very beginning she mentioned that she was bisexual. We arranged to go on a date and met up two days later. Went for a bite to eat and then a long walk, chatted loads and all was good. Parting company, we hugged and kissed a bit and arranged to meet up again a few days later. So now we met in a pub, not far from where we both live. We were only there 20 minutes and she suggested we go back to hers as her housemate is away. Naturally I was up for it. We arrived at hers, she made me a coffee and afterwards started kissing, though she wasn't very passionate at it. I stroked her hair and then she touched my breast, which looking back, I totally misread. In the heat of the moment I took off my top and bra and she suddenly looked at me in horror, cried a bit and told me she's sorry but couldn't go through with this. I was totally confused and asked her what she meant. She explained that she wasn't bisexual, but bicurious only and that the instant she saw me topless and wanting to take things further, she realised that being with another girl sexually is not for her. Wow talk about being frustrated! All I could do was get dressed, tell her what she did was totally wrong in leading someone up the wrong path, especially with something like that.
  15. almocado


    @lsroses No he didn't seem that bothered. If he had been, carpentry would have had more followers than Christianity ha! This is very true, it's never too late. And I have nothing under wraps!