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  1. RadioMouse

    Travelling to Toronto

    Oh, I'm all the way out in Western Canada and haven't been to Toronto in years. That said, a gay guy friend of mine moved there namely for the much better LGBTQ+ scene than my hometown. I think the coolest place I found there was Young Street (Torontonians, help me out!) - full of neat, artsy and creative stuff. Toronto is also close to Niagara Falls, which is a nice sight. I haven't been though.
  2. RadioMouse

    Ask The Person Below You A Question????

    ... Ahhh, I'm boring. Money. I'd say height but I've become comfortable with my short stature. But money would free up my time, let me travel more, let me walk dogs all day long, let me pursue a business in creative endeavours. What's your favourite alcoholic beverage?
  3. @KayB Awww, I'm glad! That's awesome. :3 I just thought up of another quality/must have: hobbies. One of the biggest problems I ran into with my ex was that I had three big hobbies and all he did was sleep, eat, jerk off, work, come home and sit on his computer. I could talk for hours about things I was passionate about, difficulties at my hobbies, new stories from them, etc. He had nothing to contribute. Heck, if he'd been balls deep in a game and had a game that he loved, or loved gaming in general enough to be passionate about it, that'd be fine. He literally never played games for fun even. He just played them for the Steam achieves. Never even wrote reviews or formed opinions. So whoever I end up with? They'd better be as hobby laden as I am and able to keep up.
  4. RadioMouse

    Just acting

    I'm... Probably gonna have an unpopular opinion about this. I think that while it's certainly important to have representation - be it women, people of colour, LGBTQ, etc - in movies, that sometimes we have to realize we may not have characters of certain representations played by people in those communities. I think it'd be great if we had gay characters played by gay people, but I also think that it's important to realize that if an actor is the right actor for a role they may fit better. Like, take Rosa Diaz in Brooklyn 99. Fortunately she is bi irl as well as her character being bi. That works great. I also think she does a kick ass job of being the tough but sometimes goofy Rosa. Originally, Stephanie Beatriz had auditioned for the role of Amy. Straight Amy. Think about it - if Stephanie had been refused the role of Amy because she was bi and the character was straight, that would smack of discrimination. Likewise, if a straight actor is refused a bi role not because they aren't the best actor, but because of their sexuality, isn't that also wrong? Again, I'm not saying we shouldn't want representation. I just think that acting is like any other job - you need to pick the right person based on their qualifications. Not their sexuality. I agree that actors and writers do have to do their research and be as true to the actual experiences as they can, but I also think it's unreasonable to think they'll nail it for everyone. Everyone is different. Everyone has different experiences.
  5. RadioMouse

    What Do You Sleep In ?

    It depends on the weather. At the moment, with -30C nights, I sleep in sweats and a thick knit sweater. If it's super cold, a t-shirt too. In summer, nothing but panties. Though that was before I had a cat. I may need a thin layer to shield from love bites and claw marks...
  6. RadioMouse

    Just saying HI!

    Welcome welcome!
  7. I'll take a look at my messages after this reply. I'm baffled by his behaviour (ok, well, not quite - I'm assuming the worst of him so it isn't surprising but his mental gymnastics are something else), and concerned for your and your gf's well-being. I'd categorize him as a case beyond hope. If he were an acquaintance of mine I'd refuse to hang out near him. Because he offends my beliefs. (wink wink) Thanks for sharing that info on Australia. For some reason - probably bad stereotypes and assumptions on my end - I've always seen Australia as more liberal and relaxed. Hopefully marriage equality spreads quickly and people become more tolerant. I'm glad where I live seems to be relatively safe as well. Though I do live in Alberta, which is the "Texas" of Canada. We have a lot of traditionalist and far right leaning people here. As much as I do want to be able to hold a woman's hand anywhere I went if I wanted to, the practical and street-wise part of me will always be cautious. Even when I was with my ex-bf, I would be cautious of holding hands in seedy places. On one hand, if I needed to defend myself it is easier with both hands. On the other, my ex was oblivious to the point of self-endangerment and had a bad habit of freezing in crisis - if I needed to run or fight I didn't want to have his vice grip on me. Maybe it's because I practice martial arts and have lived in a downtown core for years, but I think everyone - regardless of sexual orientation - should be prepared and aware when out in public. Sometimes it just takes being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And most times, a firm "hello, there" and eye contact are all you need to dissuade a would-be attacker. I hope your gf's recovery is going well, and that you're feeling better too. :3
  8. RadioMouse

    Did anyone knew?

    It's quite lovely. He's actually just moved in near me and I helped him move. We're becoming close again. He's definitely a good friend of mine now.
  9. RadioMouse

    Did anyone knew?

    Ha ha, I had that same experience a while ago! One of the first friends I came out to was a gay guy who I actually "dated" in 8th grade before he realized he was gay. Apparently in Jr. High most of my classmates thought I was a lesbian. I wouldn't have blamed them - I was an ultra butch tomboy. XD Strangely now that I've accepted my sexuality I've started to become more feminine, ha ha!
  10. RadioMouse

    Figuring Out I'm Bi at 28 (New from Canada)

    @Sweet*e thank you! We've settled on a restaurant near my place so we can walk to it. Maybe go to a Japanese restaurant since we both love Japanese food. I'll keep in mind what you said about reactions. Dinner's set for two weeks from now. I'm nervous, but hopeful.
  11. RadioMouse

    Gamer Chicks!

    @Active Life Ha ha, maybe you just haven't found the right game yet. XD
  12. So, I feel a little strange saying it, but I realized I was bi when I saw Moira O'Deordain from Overwatch. Of course, I'd been questioning until that point but for some reason when I saw Moira it kinda clicked that I found her super hot and it was sort of the push I needed to admit to myself "yup, you're bi". Since then, I've been finding a lot of female characters in video games and animated films that I find attractive. Who are your female fictional/video game crushes? Mine are: Moira O'Deordain (Overwatch) Evelyn Deavor (Incredibles 2) Aria T'Loak (Mass Effect 2) Samantha Traynor (Mass Effect 3) Unfortunately no others come to mind at the moment. I'll add if I remember any more.
  13. RadioMouse

    Gamer Chicks!

    I play mostly Guild Wars 2, but I've also recently started to enjoy Dauntless. I'm also a huge fan of Mass Effect 1-3 (Andromeda never happened), and Witcher 3. I'm really looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077, too.
  14. RadioMouse

    Never touched a girl but I’m curious

    I haven't been with a woman or even kissed one before, but I really wanna try. I feel like it'd be such an intimate and hot encounter. I've fantasized about it a lot recently, and I definitely have a few ladies I know personally that I've fantasized about before. For some reason I feel like a kissing marathon would be so enjoyable. Women are so beautiful. I have some things to work on personally aesthetic wise, but once I'm there I'm gonna hop on OKC (and maybe Tinder) and try finding some hook ups. Hopefully there's a bi/lesbian out there with experience (or a fellow first timer) who won't mind someone without experience.
  15. I wouldn't be able to do a long distance relationship. I'm a very physical person, as well as someone who likes the feeling of coming home to someone. It would feel lonelier than anything being in a long distance relationship, personally.