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  1. RadioMouse

    Just acting

    @softfruit ha ha, I love your murderer example. And good point. I haven't watched any film award things in years, so I don't quite know what was said. Though it is surprising and saddening for someone so iconically bi as Freddie Mercury to have his bisexuality erased. I wonder if it's because while Hollywood is very slowly making strides towards accepting or normalizing homosexuality, that bisexuality is still behind?
  2. RadioMouse

    Strong, Independent Women You Admire

    I've gotta admire one of my friends and (unknowing) mentor figures in my life. She's a karate teacher I know and love to work with, was at one point one of the role models in our industry to me before I made a career change, and someone I hope to emulate as I grow older. I hardly ever see her with her husband, to the point that I don't recognize who he is. She's highly successful in her career, has held numerous leadership positions on many boards and organizations, and has both a strong will and a lovely sense of humour. She's engineered her own success and continues to make a difference. I'm going to be put in charge of teaching beginners in my club soon and I have to say I'm going to really miss working with her. She's one of the women I make sure to reach out to and text on International Women's Day. She's definitely a role model for me.
  3. RadioMouse

    Fanfiction: Who's Into It?

    They're not the best I admit. No where near as good as Truth and Measure.
  4. RadioMouse

    Fanfiction: Who's Into It?

    @Active Life I started reading the fic you linked. Holy shit, is it well written and hot! Master of the slow burn!
  5. RadioMouse

    Dating Married Women

    You know, originally I thought maybe I wasn't gonna be okay with it. Since I'm monogamous myself. But this last year I've also been sexting a man who's in an open, poly relationship with a woman (and at one point with two women at once). I was very concerned about this, but felt much more reassured once he assured me he was openly poly to his female partners and after talking to the lady as well. It's a sensitive subject for me since I was cheated on by my ex. But now, there's a few married women I find myself fantasizing about. In my mind, if their husband is okay with it and open to it and fully in the know, I can see maybe a little short-term fling. Not "dating" in the normal way I'd see it. More of a "friends with benefits" thing. Nothing long term will come of it for me and that'll be important to establish at the get-go. But I wouldn't say no necessarily. That said, it'd be harder for me to engage in that sort of an arrangement cold versus dating a single woman.
  6. RadioMouse

    Skirt Party Near Me

    Oh man, I'm so jealous! I saw an article about them and have read through their stuff and I really want to go to one. If it's the same people I'm thinking of, it's a company called Skirt Club that runs them. They have a website that has all the info about their functions. Have fun if you go!
  7. RadioMouse

    Fanfiction: Who's Into It?

    I went on a massive Helen Parr/Evelyn Deavor fanfic kick as well as a Moira/Mercy fanfic kick. I tend to be a little selective though, but I've lucked out and found some great authors for both pairings. Plus the tumblr fanart tags for them are filled with some amazing art that's helped me find new artists to follow.
  8. RadioMouse


    I really quite enjoy it. I've only sexted with men before, but definitely a turn on - on the caveat that it's at least written with some effort to spelling and grammar. If I can't figure out what's being said, I can't enjoy it, ha ha! I've flirted heavily with women online before but never sexted. It'd be interesting to see what that'd be like.
  9. RadioMouse

    What Makes Women Beautiful?

    I'm a huge fan of sharp jawlines, cheekbones, and muscles. Not necessarily masculine looking, though that's fine too. Laugh lines and smile lines. Tight legs are nice as well, same with thin/bony wrists. Also I apparently have a thing for red heads. And arched brows. Non-physically, I'm attracted to throaty laughs, somewhat deep/melodic/raspy voices, and a sharp sense of humour.
  10. I'm honestly so confused on bi vs pan, mostly because I'm a bit afraid of offending someone. I classify myself as Bi. I'm attracted to the female form and the male form. Whatever gender that person identifies as, if any, doesn't play in as much part as who they are as a person. I know a few agender and genderfluid people and they're fun to be around, but I wouldn't date them because I'm not romantically attracted to them. I don't think I'd go out of my way to find a transexual (transgender?) person. But at the same time if I was dating a woman and she told me she'd been born a man, but I found her physically attractive in her female form and was romantically interested in her as a person, I don't think that I'd all of a sudden be scared away. That said, I don't know that I could stay with someone if they were going through a transition - esp if I began dating them when they were one gender and transitioned after we'd been dating. If they were *my* person, 100% i'mma marry them and stay with them kinda deal, then sure I'd definitely try hard to stay. But if it wasn't too serious, I'd probably want to leave the relationship. Still be friends and allies, but if I dated a woman half because I was excited by her being a woman, I feel it would change a lot. I dunno, I really don't know what I'm talking about here.
  11. RadioMouse

    An entire subreddit devoted to Tinder

    I like that sub most times. Definitely there's a few times where there's just tasteless bullshit, but I feel like that's just Reddit being Reddit. A lot of what I'm seeing on there are awesome (or horrifying) chats or just outlandish and/or cringey profiles with all the names edited out. They do have a profile rating thread but I haven't ever checked it out. I might when I start using it. I dunno, I find it amusing and it's neat to see sometimes there's other ladies posting their escapades and not just dudes. And disheartening to see how they seem to have the same failure:success ratio as the dudes, lmao.
  12. RadioMouse

    Travelling to Toronto

    Oh, I'm all the way out in Western Canada and haven't been to Toronto in years. That said, a gay guy friend of mine moved there namely for the much better LGBTQ+ scene than my hometown. I think the coolest place I found there was Young Street (Torontonians, help me out!) - full of neat, artsy and creative stuff. Toronto is also close to Niagara Falls, which is a nice sight. I haven't been though.
  13. RadioMouse

    Ask The Person Below You A Question????

    ... Ahhh, I'm boring. Money. I'd say height but I've become comfortable with my short stature. But money would free up my time, let me travel more, let me walk dogs all day long, let me pursue a business in creative endeavours. What's your favourite alcoholic beverage?
  14. @KayB Awww, I'm glad! That's awesome. :3 I just thought up of another quality/must have: hobbies. One of the biggest problems I ran into with my ex was that I had three big hobbies and all he did was sleep, eat, jerk off, work, come home and sit on his computer. I could talk for hours about things I was passionate about, difficulties at my hobbies, new stories from them, etc. He had nothing to contribute. Heck, if he'd been balls deep in a game and had a game that he loved, or loved gaming in general enough to be passionate about it, that'd be fine. He literally never played games for fun even. He just played them for the Steam achieves. Never even wrote reviews or formed opinions. So whoever I end up with? They'd better be as hobby laden as I am and able to keep up.
  15. RadioMouse

    Just acting

    I'm... Probably gonna have an unpopular opinion about this. I think that while it's certainly important to have representation - be it women, people of colour, LGBTQ, etc - in movies, that sometimes we have to realize we may not have characters of certain representations played by people in those communities. I think it'd be great if we had gay characters played by gay people, but I also think that it's important to realize that if an actor is the right actor for a role they may fit better. Like, take Rosa Diaz in Brooklyn 99. Fortunately she is bi irl as well as her character being bi. That works great. I also think she does a kick ass job of being the tough but sometimes goofy Rosa. Originally, Stephanie Beatriz had auditioned for the role of Amy. Straight Amy. Think about it - if Stephanie had been refused the role of Amy because she was bi and the character was straight, that would smack of discrimination. Likewise, if a straight actor is refused a bi role not because they aren't the best actor, but because of their sexuality, isn't that also wrong? Again, I'm not saying we shouldn't want representation. I just think that acting is like any other job - you need to pick the right person based on their qualifications. Not their sexuality. I agree that actors and writers do have to do their research and be as true to the actual experiences as they can, but I also think it's unreasonable to think they'll nail it for everyone. Everyone is different. Everyone has different experiences.