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  1. 7ElosaLeo7

    She likes my oral skills.

    @almocado Love it!
  2. 7ElosaLeo7

    New Here from South Africa

    @ShyZea Hi, I'm also new to this site. It may be that the hormones only, intensify underlying feelings, that were already present. I think are a lot of women who experience this, but won't say it. It's only natural to explore these parts of ourselves, and only human to have fun with them. ...In my humble opinion;)
  3. 7ElosaLeo7

    Never touched a girl but I’m curious

    @jarobin Yes! Thank you, for pointing that out! The role swapping, sometimes, back and forth... is a very fun thing, that I didn't expect!!
  4. 7ElosaLeo7

    Hello Ladies of Shybi

    @almocado I feel the same way! What a great place!
  5. 7ElosaLeo7


    Some of those, little things... really don't need to be focused on or "over-thinked". There's parts of it you won't know, ever, till you're in the heat of it, or even a month after. If you have your rules understood, including the 3rd party's preferences... At that point, let the Universe lead you three, in an adventure. Go in positive, stay positive. Worrying, never was very sexy ;) You will have so much fun, especially you!
  6. @teachrose00 Yes, most men do enjoy that thought or atleast talking about it. However, unexpected jealousy factors can occur, for him. So, be gentle. The male ego, no matter how, "manly", is very fagile. Make him KNOW, It's NOT that, he is not, enough... IT IS, that you want to share, ALL of yourself, with him. Express yourself. Kind, confident, and mature.
  7. 7ElosaLeo7


    I have done this once. You have to have clear "rules" or "guidelines" established before hand. All three of you. Your man, and lady must have the maturity to care and stand firmly in these rules with you. If all that is in place... trust me, once things heat up... HE will not feel deprived! It is fair. He will have the show of his life. He will be more attracted and closer to you, for sharing in front of him. You may or may not be the dominant one... make no mistake though, you have power in this! Shine! P.S. It is great that you have the go ahead to be with her first! It will go smoother if you girls get a little "familiar" first. Say, in a bubble bath.
  8. 7ElosaLeo7


    Sexting is fun, but can get awkward if you are new to it. That's why, I'm a fan of the random "sext" or semi-naughty pic, sent to your person, out of the blue. It plants the lovin's seeds in their head...
  9. 7ElosaLeo7


    Hi, new girl here. For me, it's not the matter of whether all of these stories are true, or have "exciting parts" added... Most are entertaining and all are informative, to the newbies (HITACHI WAND. I am lmao about the "Voyage" OMG! Hey, darn it, she was a "Voyager" that night! :)