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    nature photography
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    Did I mention boobs, boobs and more boobs. :P
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  1. No I don't need to display anything. I have never really been about labels. I don't label people so why would I do that to myself.
  2. MimiCaro

    Skirt Party Near Me

    That is a great idea. First thing is don't be scared of being outside my comfort zone
  3. I don't wear anything but I have found a few shirts I really like.
  4. I was pornhub and xhamster. Plus I have owned a few gg orgies fun stuff like that from Adam and Eve.
  5. Doggie and reverse cowgirl are my faves but also love the lotus and a few odd, flexible ways too.
  6. I have toys but I have found they are not always used. They are usually just for show now. I like using my hands. It is even better when someone else rubs for me. Alas hands are good fun.
  7. MimiCaro

    I’m tired

    Welcome you both.
  8. Old new phone. The only programs I got to keep were contacts, instagram and facebook. Everything else I lost thanks to a drop into deeper waters. LOL Sorry for all the no conversations. Been a long 2 days.

  9. MimiCaro

    Curious to know where you are all from!

    I loved Texas, Oregon and South Carolina the best. But outside the US I enjoyed Wales, Peru and France.
  10. Thank you for enjoying my post :)..I hope you enjoy it here.

  11. MimiCaro

    Bored? Want to Chat? See Here.

    Good idea
  12. No one really in my family knows. My ex hubs and lover knew. My best friend knows and supports me fully. And everyone here knows
  13. Whoop whoop. Frisky is AWESOME!
  14. MimiCaro


    I wondered about that - the pubes and if one person finished first. Thanks for answering that for me.
  15. MimiCaro

    Age and a little about yourself

    I am 43. I am single or divorced whichever you like to put it. I have 2 children, both grown. I was married for 15 years. I have been single for 10 years now. As for about me I am 5'6" ish and plus size (16). I have shoulder blade natural red hair, blue eyes, fair skin and lots of freckles. I wear glasses and I also wear 2 hearing aids. I do NOT know sign language. I can do finger spelling. I am an INFJ personality and an avid book reader. I am currently taking jewelry courses to finish my AJP certification and continue on to the Graduate Pearls and Gemologist programs. As for hobbies, I am a self taught abstract artist that does painting and line art. I work with mixed medias and acrylic paints. I paint on canvases, pottery and tiles. I also am always trying to learn something new. I make large gauge copper and bronze wire pendants with rough gemstones. I make chainmaille jewelry and head pieces. I write poetry and short stories. I love taking walks and finding great shots of nature. I also love vibrant colors. I collect sarees/saris and kurtas. I love bohemian clothes and decor. I love to watch foreign films and to eat chocolate. If you want to know more than this message me.