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  1. MimiCaro

    Favorite Horror Or Vampire Flick

    Okay Vampire movie has to be Queen of the Damned for sure. Horror movie fave is Ghost of Mae Nak and Lady in White.
  2. MimiCaro

    Introduce yourself

    I have those too.
  3. MimiCaro

    Introduce yourself

    The best place to go is The Ring Lord. They have the best prices for rings. I order from them for my rings. Chainmaille fun times.
  4. MimiCaro

    Are You Ok With Being Single?

    My biggest thing is that love is definitely an overused word. There are 4 types of love and with that why people think it's a heart condition. Yes in a way it is but it is more than that. SO I will always be comfortable and feeling great about being single. I don't need to be with people long term. Just doing my line of work, I do not too much interaction. It really does not speak of loneliness or being alone which many mistaken what single is about. Also it does not cater to the notion of being overly confident or high maintenance. It all comes down to how can take care of yourself. If you need reassurances, maybe a companion is necessary or even a pet. But then again that is a sort of dependence. And it is actually good all the time.
  5. MimiCaro

    How do I label myself?

    I have tried dating women but it ends up being a woman who is married and just looking for her third for her husband. So majority I have just dated men. I know I love men.
  6. MimiCaro

    Ohio Bi Group

    I will be moving down towards Columbus next year. I will look for this. I hope they do. It would be nice to meet other women.
  7. MimiCaro

    How do I label myself?

    I don't even know how to label myself. Considering in my family I will be looked down upon, at least by the one side. I do know I have tendencies to like women more but I also know that I love men too. Equally. I claim to bi and was introduced to bisexuality as a child. Clearly by a force I didn't want. Also got introduced to bondage by the same people. SO in my case I am a sexual deviant for sure. I really say I am bisexual even lean towards the poly families more than anything. Yet even in that aspect single female and male couples seem to be what I really classify as wanting to be a part of. I am so confused.
  8. MimiCaro

    Soaking wet pussy

    Thanks so much for the laughs. Its been raining pussies and b*tches all week. I am ready for a bit of sunshine here
  9. Just stopping by to say hello :)

  10. MimiCaro

    Nipple Piercing

    I have a co worker who has her nipples done and loves them up until she was in a car accident and they didn't know she was nipple pieced. The machines ripped them out of her nipples. OUCH! She said she is waiting for healing and is thinking about getting them done again. SO I think I will refrain.
  11. MimiCaro

    Your Craving...

    In order to get same thickness try a wheat or soy vanilla or strawberry powder. If you are not allergic.
  12. MimiCaro

    Netflix Series

    I finally got to watch the 1st and 2nd season of Outlander (loved the books - so its strange to see it so drawn out). I also like Frontier, S.H.I.E.L.D and a few others. I tend to watch a lot of crime movies, bollywood films and documentaries.
  13. MimiCaro

    Your Craving...

    Plenty of ways to make a great milkshake without actually having dairy... almond or cashew "milk" is a great alternative or even coconut.
  14. MimiCaro

    Your all time fave brand of chocolate?

    I don't like to share mine either.. though sometimes my mom pulls a guilt trip and I give over one... But it is really hard to do that. Feel remorse after giving one to her.
  15. MimiCaro

    BDSM quiz

    Fetlife is world wide. It is definitely different but fun to explore. I have met people of all sorts. Being a switch means you like dominance but also don't mind being a sub. But not all of fetlife is about bdsm. It is also about finding people that have fetishes. I have been a hardcore person and I have been very vanilla. It just depends on the mood .