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  1. MimiCaro

    Ohio ladies

    Oh wow. I live 40 minutes from there.
  2. Ooh I didnt know about that one. I just liked watching the drama.
  3. @Rani well I started watching hindi in late 80s early 90s and fell in love with them. My first showing was first Umrao Jaan. Then Lagaan. After that it was whatever I could get my hands on
  4. Thank you about my movie selections
  5. MimiCaro

    Ask The Person Below You A Question????

    Totally one week in past. My ex lover and I were freaks. Sex could be an all day thing or once a week. I would go back to one of those all day every day weeks. We parted on bad terms but he knows I hope he finds the right girl. So far has been with 3 or 4 but found me online to ask why I could get him going so well. Going forward.. What is one piece of clothing that you always buy multiples of?
  6. Calligraphy and journaling an outlet. It is most definitely something artistic
  7. @riatheshortone Journaling can bring out a lot of emotion and insight. Even soothe as well as entice the dreamy state. So drawing and painting are kind of automatic inside of journaling
  8. MimiCaro

    Merry Meet~

    Welcome. I hope you do find information on here to help you
  9. So awesome that you found your own place in the art world. And I, too, would call your dad a mechanical genius. My paternal grandfather worked with his hands. He taught me leather working, basket weaving and wood carving. My father taught me wood burning. My maternal grandfather was a self taught aeronautical engineer and artist in drawing. My maternal grandmother was a wiz with formulas and numbers. She could as sing and play instruments. (Born in Kentucky) My mother could sing and draw. My sister who was deaf could sing low bars of songs, draw and was athletic. Then there is me. An art enthusiast who paints, draws, makes jewelry, enjoys formulas and numbers (but hates accounting).
  10. MimiCaro

    Ask The Person Below You A Question????

    I would totally go with wild. So you. What brings you to relaxation after a long day of work or trials?
  11. MimiCaro

    Sybian sex toy

    I know this is an older conversation but sybian is a total must on my list. I haven't had a ride yet but I have had friends that did. I just want to experience it for myself.
  12. MimiCaro

    Android Or Apple?

    I am a android Samsung galaxy girl. I have been hooked for a while. Yet I have worked with Apple too. The debate actually started a while back and when I was in graphic design it was a very HEATED debate. Apple is all about graphics, storage and apps. Android is about technical, pixels and color. Frankly what it boils down to.
  13. MimiCaro

    Board Games :)

    I think I am really old school. I love board games and card games. I don't own a gaming console nor have I since I was a preteen. (Gameboy 1989 style and Atari 1980s style) So the "board" or "card" games I love utmost are chess and gin rummy. But I have played many variations of board and card games. No offense to those who are gamers I just am not interested. And I have played games on Wii and Nintendo 360 but don't own for a reason - I love the outdoors.
  14. MimiCaro

    What American accent do you have?

    I have a midwestern sound but when I am relaxed I have the southern accent. I was raised by southern ladies so their vocals are in my words. Then living in the south for many years does not help.
  15. MimiCaro

    Ohio ladies

    Anyone in Ohio? I have seen lots of other states on here and am just curious. I just moved back to Ohio after many years of travelling the US. I just left North Carolina. Before that was South Carolina, Oregon, Washington and Georgia. I am in Northwestern Ohio in a small town outside of Toledo. Close to Bowling Green.