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  1. Hi Everyone! So I just found this site today, read through some posts and forums and thought this might be good for me! I am hoping to be able to open up more, find more like minded individuals, and find the support I'm needing to fulfill some internal desires. I am married with 2 kids. My husband and I just recently decided to open up our marriage. We've had a few threesomes with women before but they were somewhat awkward. The sex was good but I think because I didn't have a connection with the women like I would have liked, it wasn't as fulfilling for me to keep the sex going. All but two of the partners my husband found. We've been struggling to find the right fit girlfriend for us. And after having my kids ppd hit me hard and has put me in a funk which has been frustrating for my husband cause I know he longs for that connection with other people. I am constantly thinking about connecting, being, and having a relationship with another women. Finding a girlfriend who I can be intimate with, with or with out my husband. With is not necessary. How do I go about finding this person? and how would I explain to her my commitment to my husband but the openness of our relationship? I am so shy and nervous around those I'm attracted to but I know if I dont show what I'm feeling they wont respond or pursue me back. Anyone going through the same? Or are married with a girlfriend? How did yall meet and what bumps have you come across? Sorry this is so long... if you've read this far, thank you for reading. Hope this is okay because the link to the forum rules did not work for me. Thanks again! -Shell