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  1. @brokengirl0407 wow! That’s an Awesome story. Sexy hot & super bold/confident of you to ask her up. I imagine u must have been getting some type of vibe. What a great ending!
  2. @Tuesday472 wow. You’ve addressed this topic so well and given me quite a bit to think about . As old as I am-lol-and as much as I conceptually of course knew that people do consent to open marriages , I have never considered the term polyamorous, and definitely not in the statistical sense ... 1/2 of all ‘polys are bi!’ :0 I crave a lot of sex and a lot of intimacy. I have been in a marriage for 22 years. My husband would not be open to anyone else being a part in any way. So I guess if i proceed I don’t get to label myself poly but rather a cheating slut. :( Boo And while I have slightly opened the door to the idea of being attracted to women (had my first & only kiss 12 yrs ago)... I have largely repressed this side of myself due to the way I was raised religiously and culturally... even tho it flew in the face of my personal views/logic. Anyway... I’m largely off topic (sorry) but am just waking up to the possibility that I mIght actually Be Bi-sexual as opposed to someone who just likes to masterbate to taboo thoughts of eating a woman’s pussy. Lmao I am still attracted to men, and still love my husband but find that this lust I have for women is off the charts recently. Not really sure what to do with any of this but So appreciate this site & the ladies on it ;)
  3. Delia

    I'd like to introduce myself..

    @Emmi210 Welcome back! I’m new here but so glad I found this forum. Just like u I still love men but boy does the idea of being with a woman make make me so hot.
  4. Delia

    Is this it?

    She is Beautiful. For me... it’s the way she carries herself... moves, laughs, her eyes , love legs ... dimples smile... passion, sass -lol
  5. So excited to have found this forum to explore... :) Don’t know what I’m doing or what will become of this but feeling so alive. :) 

  6. Delia

    I'd like to introduce myself..

    Welcome from a fellow newbie Everyone here is so friendly. Also feeling out bi-sexual vs. bi-curious but probably leaning towards bi-sexual ;) I’m from Western NY.
  7. Delia

    Is this it?

    @these-broken-wings(TBW) I know what u mean about a type & yet can’t put words to it... what mine is ...it’s so nuanced... and yet I find so many things intriguing and beautiful when I see them, that what I find attracts me physically might not sustain my attention and what actually might grab me/ make me weak ;) could be something so unexpected and ‘off-type.’ Willing to share what you gravitate towards?
  8. Delia

    Is this it?

    @these-broken-wings(TBW) I used to feel the same way about the below the belt. And then I progressed to an obsession with breasts . Ha! Including my own which I had done. Lmao. I used to think the lady parts would always be a no-go... like I appreciated what a vagina could do- bring forth life , give pleasure ... but at the same time it kinda grossed me out... was taboo, and definitely not to be looked at or talked about ... ha! But then I don’t know- like a switch was flipped or something and I’ve been liberated... Something changed and I’m so into it now. Every fantasy is me licking the perfect pussy. Haha haha... and I So now I accept (outside of my fantasies ) that the vagina is just so hot . And Amazing . And now I geneuinely think it’s beautiful. Ps- so far this has just been a fantasy :(
  9. Delia

    Is this it?

    @MidnightBabe I love your analogies. I have never thought of the mother/father, children comparison when conceptualizing the human heart’s capacity to deeply love more than one person (on the same plane/with the same intensity) (so to speak). This makes me feel better ...:) Like I’ve been having this serious sort of ‘cognitive dissonance’ with who I thought I was ... my values & such (loyal/faithful & honest for example) and both my desires over the last decade & (as a married woman) how I have behaved on occasions :/ I don’t want to use this as a convenient excuse for shitty behavior of course- lol (as I still shouldn’t cheat on my husband on any level- emotional or otherwise)... I guess I have just been feeling broken & needy ... wondering why I crave to give & receive so much... attention, affection, connection. I guess reading these words or using this analogy helps me feel more human-? (I have more than one child so of course it makes sense that I can love more than one ;) Thank You.
  10. @JustAura Yes... loveee Deep, Real conversation... learning intimate details about a person... what they think, what makes them tick, what they care about, how they see the world, their fears, embarrassments, dreams, silly quirks & funny private moments
  11. @Hiddenjewell13 (& @KeeKee80 & BirdLittle021 ... u are not alone ;)
  12. @riatheshortone I’m feeling the same way... my husband thinks I’m crazy-lol ... far as my sex drive goes ...& no way he is in to inviting anyone in to our bed. I think along with craving the physical aspect of being with a woman, there is definitely the emotional connection ... like I can already feel just reading so many posts here...it’s like shit resonates & people are speaking my language-.women are just so deep, sensual, introspective, intelligent..
  13. @AnniLee it’s like your words were written for me. Same. Same. Same. Ha!