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  1. JustAura

    Brand New Member :)

    @CuriousRobin Hello and Welcome to Shybi. I am new as well. But, this is a great site. I am glad I found it. The women that I have spoken to are all awesome and they are all very supportive, without judgement. So, get cozy, get your cup of coffee or cocktail, depending on when you read this LOL Cheers!
  2. JustAura

    Ask The Person Below You A Question????

    Oh crap, I guess I forgot to ask a question once I answered the other one LOL Sorry about that. I would love to have the superpower of teleportation. Q. If you could spend one week in the past, or one in the future which would you pick and why?
  3. So... random thoughts. I've been on medical leave from work since January 22nd. I am a Caregiver, home health aide. It is a very physical job. But, I have a hernia and spinal stenosis, so I worked light duty. But, I have a bad spell of sciatica and it happened around the same time last year. But, this episode has lasted months longer. It actually began in October. :(

    Anyway, no judgements, but I can't see how people can be confined to their home. Being a caregiver allows me to see people at their weakest. My empathetic true nature in me takes all of that in and sometimes it is too much, overwhelming. 

    I feel like now, at this point in my life, I need to make a career change but, I am afraid to make the change. I'm 53, not too old, but old enough. I have always wanted to work in the legal field. I went to community college while I was married to mistake #1, my kid's dad. I studied Criminal concepts and the administration of justice. I scored a 3.85gpa my first semester.

    I was thinking maybe do online paralegal studies...


    Any thoughts ??

    PS.. So glad again that I have found you Shybi <3 It's really love at first sight <3

    1. Delia


      Go for it!!! Follow your passion & don’t worry about your age. 

      I can totally relate to what you’re saying here on more than one level...

      Spent first part of my career in Health Care as a nurse & was Just forced into a leave from human services of sorts (counselor) after a car accident this summer. :( I also have stenosis (& herniated discs) (cervical)...  

      I can relate to the whole ‘caregiver/empathic overload.’ Sometimes I feel like the permeable membrane that needs to hide from absorbing everyone’s ick. Ha!

      I, too, am contemplating something different for when I’m all done healing ... hopefully some time this summer . In another life I would have gone to law school, so I think that sounds great. 


    2. JustAura


      Sorry to hear about your accident. Hoping everything is okay aside from you being at home healing. Yes, being a nurse I know you for sure understand what I was saying. I am in the thought phase of what is going to happen. 

      Thanks for replying ;)

    3. Delia


      Of course :)

  4. JustAura

    Sexy, sultry songs?

    Okay, this to me was an obvious choice... and....
  5. JustAura

    Where Would You Like To Be Right Now?

    I would love to be in the Western Caribbean somewhere... Sipping a cool drink with an umbrella, feeling the cool breeze on my face and the sweet smell of the ocean.
  6. JustAura

    What Was The Last Pic You Took With Your Phone?

    I took a picture of my high school diploma for a job.
  7. JustAura

    What Makes Women Beautiful?

    What makes a woman beautiful to me is her conscious sensibility. The curve of her neck. The ability to give life and to nurture. The true essence of a Goddess. And, I love a woman's lips... for example, Angelina Jolie ;)
  8. Another one (which there are too many to list) is.... So sexy....
  9. JustAura

    Anyone try Fetlife (app)?

    I actually installed the Her app and really, I couldn't find a way to communicate with anyone unless I pay for it, which I wouldn't. Shybi is exactly what I have always looked for. ;)
  10. And..... Really, anything from Madonna is a winner. I absolutely adore, cherish and love her. She is my favorite obsession <3
  11. JustAura

    What Is Your Sixth Sense?

    I am a true Empath, so this fits. Same!
  12. For weeks now... not everyday, but a lot... this song plays over and over in my head. I love this song though, so it's a good thing... Just want a different song. lol
  13. OMG, you play WoW?? Yay, I found a gamer. I have been playing since 2006. What about you?
  14. JustAura


    @MimiCaro Very true.