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  1. Chelle

    Coming out

    I need to start being braver about my sexuality. It’s such a scary thought to admit it to others. Not that I’m ashamed or anything, but I don’t want people to treat me differently x
  2. Chelle

    New here, hey all

    Welcome x
  3. @NancyG you’re not alone to have these feelings. Have a read through some of the topics in the forums. They’re full of stories from women, including myself, and their experiences and desires., and reading them may help. Are you truly bi or just bi curious? Only you can answer that. Yes it’s the norm for girls to like boys, but it doesn’t mean it’s abnormal if this isn’t the case. Each and every one of us is unique, and has our own preferences and feelings. These can equally change over time. I hope this helps, and by the way, I’m still confused as well.
  4. Chelle

    New and sayin hi

    Hi there. Well done for posting. It’s a big step
  5. Chelle

    Northwest UK?

    I’m from West Lancashire
  6. @Be you and since admitting my desire for women to myself, this is something I want more than ever before. It’s great to know there are other married women out there who want similar things, and single women who would be equally happy. I just don’t know where to start x
  7. @Janielou this sounds so much like my own story.
  8. Chelle


    Hi @Rach_78 hope you are getting back on track
  9. @myladylove gendered monogamy? Interesting.
  10. Chelle

    I'm cheating on my husband.

    @SecretLife only you can make your own happiness. You have to do what is right for you x
  11. I’m interested in this thread. Not really sure what I want at the moment, lol, but curious as to what people think.
  12. Chelle

    Saying hi

    Hi there x
  13. Chelle

    Can't believe I did it

    @Shyychick07 I’m so happy for you. X