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  1. geewhiz31919

    IF you had a do over

    If the people that I had crushes on wanted me back, by all means I would have at least loved them. But after age 21, I became very conservative, and fought those feelings off, at the expense of hating myself. Now that I am single, those feelings for women have come back. It is not enough to have two men in my life that I spend time with. I really want to explore a female relationship. Longing to be satisfied. My married life was wrought with distress. But it also had many pleasures. My children, some sexual satisfaction, and opportunity that I would never had done on my own like (@Active Life). But knowing the difficulties, I can't say I'd want that. It was exceedingly difficult. Not recommended.
  2. geewhiz31919

    new here feeling confused and guilty

    Hello! Ditto!
  3. @Rani always find it funny that most tourists see more sites than the homegrown people! As they say, no worries! Love the great southland! Lovely people.
  4. geewhiz31919


    Good for you. Congrats. I'm pretty new on here.
  5. I have to agree, it helps to admit the attraction. Otherwise, feelings of rejection are too hard to take.
  6. geewhiz31919

    What All Girls Think About Their Boobs

    When I was 21, my boobs were D cup. After having children, DD. Sometimes more than I want. But the men in my life love them! I kinda like them too.
  7. geewhiz31919

    Sexually Frustrated

    @ArtsyGirl love fried green tomatoes! One of my top five for sure! It's sure difficult being sexually inactive, especially since the desire is there! Definitely know the long hauls have been extremely difficult for myself.
  8. geewhiz31919

    Have You Ever Masturbated In Bed....

    Yes. Frequently! Didn't ever really when married. Sure do now! Sorry god!
  9. Went along coast above Sydney. Went Ayer's Rock. A few other places. Crazy how the scorpions and centipedes are all over the sidewalks in Alice Springs!
  10. @Rani I've been to Australia. Been more than 20 yrs. Love the people there. I live in California. I'm no help for the east coast honestly. California is surely worth a visit!
  11. geewhiz31919

    Over-weight and Struggling

    @FabulousMe love how you blame your car!
  12. geewhiz31919

    New and very curious in AZ

    Welcome! Hope you find it interesting!
  13. So sorry this happened! Thanks for sharing your story.