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  1. Wow! Thanks for this conversation! Currently do not know how to keep church ideas contained in my life these days. I say it was easier when I was married, and fit in that box. Husband passed, and I'm left to figure relationships into my new life. Still feel the pain of moving out of the church ideas, but struggle daily. Being sexuslly chaste makes no sense these days. Not like I'm a virgin anymore. I feel deeply connected to God still, but a lot of pain also. Look forward to reading this book!
  2. Hello pinklotus! Only in my wildest dreams!
  3. geewhiz31919

    Saying hi

    Hello there, dark blueink! Welcome.
  4. I was married 20 years, had desires to be completely open and loved while talking about my desires. Ended up not always being honest, felt unmet in many ways. My husband would have been on the same level as yours.
  5. geewhiz31919

    Is this it?

    Been struggling for many years with bi ideas. Was married for 20 years. Struggled with raising my 5 girls while trying to stay supportive for my declining spouse. He passed away 7 years ago. Had two short relationships with men in the last few years. Relatively unsatisfied. Just can't drop the ideas of loving a woman. Religious ideas keep me somewhat celibate, until I finally crack. Just want to be free! But have lived a mostly hindered life. Have had a few amazing girl crushes, but don't usually allow myself such luscious thoughts. The burning hatred for the self that can't get over these feelings come out in writhing pain at times. Just don't want to stay hindered forever!
  6. geewhiz31919

    Nervous and new

    Hey. Very sweet that you have fallen in love! I turned 50 recently, have tried to ignore my real feelings my whole life. Have had many crushes, but no love affairs with women. I hope you cherish your tender love.
  7. geewhiz31919

    Never touched a girl but I’m curious

    Never been with a woman! Wanted to for my whole life. I'm 50 and crazy* curious. Was married 20 years. Lost my spouse 7 years ago. Been afraid to be real. Never too late to start..
  8. I found with great surprise at about age 12! Took a while, but now can be more quick. First time with a man, my husband at age 22. Never been with a woman.