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    I like tall over 6,5 feet dark slim men with deep voices and good teeth oh and a short beard and I like the same in women minus the beard and deep voice Im attracted to feminine confident not arrogant women in my youth a gorgeous dark haired girl game onto me at a house party although flattered I turn her down also a similar type asked me to join her and an ex boyfriend of mine prior to her for a 3some which I declined because it would have been weird and I didn’t feel that way then when I think about it now I literally kick myself because these women were exactly my type in hindsight maybe they approached me because they knew I was bi curious before I did
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    What Makes Women Beautiful?

    Eyes and smile A good sense of humour and humility
  3. Hi I’m married to a wonderful man whom I love deeply however recently I’ve started noticing things like my new colleague blushing when we communicate I put this down to new job nerves then it dawned on me that she seems confident when speaking with others also every time I look up she’s staring at me intensely then looks away and blushes I think maybe she dislikes me and the blushing is anger or she’s crushing probably dislike maybe I’m looking into too much whatever it is im questioning my sexuality because I’m extremely flattered by this and I’ve starting noticing women and how ethereal they are their hair their lips it’s confusing the hell out of me Ive never felt this way before And it all started because me and a colleague can’t have a conversation without her blushing